Technology IDEAS for the FL Classroom

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Technology IDEAS for the FL Classroom. Sandra Seiler, Foreign Language Teacher The John Carroll School. One Note. One Note can be used to: organize lesson plans create resource files collect images store links - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Technology in the FL Classroom

Technology IDEAS for the FL ClassroomSandra Seiler, Foreign Language Teacher sseiler@johncarroll.orgThe John Carroll School

One NoteOne Note can be used to:organize lesson plans create resource files collect images store linkscreate audio and video files

Shared One Note notebooks can be used to: make your plans available to your studentscreate group projectscheck on students progress

Power PointPower Point can be used to:Deliver contentPractice vocabulary Assess students speaking skillsCreate review games

QUIASubscription-based website for educators to create and share customized online activities.

Ideas for using QUIA in the FL classroom include:Warm-up activitiesHomework assignments and practice activitiesReview gamesGraded quizzes

Download a free 30-day QUIA subscription at:

AudacityFree, open source recording and editing software.

Ideas for using Audacity in the FL classroom include:Audio files of vocabulary listsListening comprehension activitiesPodcastsSpeaking assessments

Download Audacity at:

Hot PotatoesFreeware which can be used to create interactive exercises.

Ideas for using Hot Potatoes in the FL classroom include:crossword puzzles

Download Hot Potatoes at:

Other Useful LinksBBC Languages Homepage Tube: World Languages Homepage Language & Culture http://www.worldandischool.comWordReference Online