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  • Enterprise Excellence Reduce Temp Management Equipment Repair and Scrap Expense Define TollgateKarla MackProject ManagerNovember 24, 2014


  • AgendaProject CharterProject Plan & RACICommunication PlanVOB & VOCSIPOCRisk AssessmentTollgate Review ScheduleNext Steps: Measure Phase



  • DMAIC Road MapFirm answers to these questions are required for every DMAIC project=Tollgate Approval*






    1. What is the problem and how do we know it's a problem?

    2. What is the basic process today and what are the boundaries?

    3. What do we measure, what is the goal and is it reasonable?

    4. Who is involved in solving the problem?

    5. Have we properly planned for the project?

    1. What does the current process look like?

    2. How can we measure the problem?

    3. Can we trust the data?

    4. How has the current process performed historically?

    5. How do the problem areas compare at a high level?

    6. Is there anything we can fix now?

    1. What are the possible causes of the problem?

    2. How do we test or prove these are the causes?

    3. Does the list of root causes seem reasonable?

    4. Which are the biggest or most important causes?

    1. How do we run our processes at their highest level of efficiency and confirm that we've found the root causes?

    2. How do we generate possible solutions to the root causes and prioritize them according to their potential?

    3. What does the proposed new process look like and how should it be documented?

    4. Will the proposed solution meet the improvement goal?

    1. How do we implement the improvement?

    2. How do we make sure the problem stays fixed?

    3. What are the realized savings?

    Questions to Answer


  • Project Charter*Problem/Goal StatementCore TeamTollgate Review ScheduleBusiness Impact Belinda CordinaProject Sponsor/Process OwnerCatherine StemperDeployment LeaderKarla Mack Green BeltBob PahlBlack BeltTeam members, role, % contribution, LSS trainingJim Fisher, MFG One, 10 %, CIIP TrainedAshley Lucci-Vaughn, MFG One, 10%, CIIP TrainedDave Rawlings, Marketing, 10%, CIIP TrainedJason Price, Finance, 10%, CIIP TrainedLaticia Wilson, Finance, 5%, CIIP TrainedDebbie Nicolas, GSC HC Finance, 5%, CIIP TrainedBecky Hudgins, GSC HC Finance, 5%, CIIP TrainedErion Lanier, Quality, 10%, CIIP TrainedTia Rice ,Quality, 10%, CIIP Trained

    Problem: The total spend of repairing and scraping Temp Management equipment has increased 19% over the past 12 mos. with no clear reason as to why.In Scope: The cost related to the repair and scrap process for Loaned Equipment: Warmer, Intratemp, Auto Slush, and Purchased Equipment: Hush Slush; North America Scrap & Repair Expense; All cost related to repair and scrap process (including approval process); Definition of criteria for scrapping and repairing equipment

    Out of Scope: All other Ecolab Temp Management equipment processes upstream or downstream from the repair process; Chillbuster Equipment produced in Columbus, MS; Changes to our existing contract with MFG OneGoal:Reduce total spend of repair and scrap expenseReview, and possibly revise, criteria for scrap and repair

    TollgateScheduledRevised CompletedDefine11/24/14--11/24/14Measure01/26/15XX/XX/15XX/XX/15Analyze02/23/15XX/XX/15XX/XX/15Improve03/23/15XX/XX/15XX/XX/15Control04/27/15XX/XX/15XX/XX/15

    Review high-level schedule milestones Define Gate Complete

    Estimated Type 1 OI Benefits:$50-$100 K (10%-20%) reduction in total spend on repairs and scrap from 2014 to 2015Estimated Type 2 OI Benefits:% reduction in FTE time (Opportunities to work on value-add activities)

  • Project Plan & RACI

  • Communication Plan*

  • Customer contacts CSR or Sales Rep to report return of equipment or Sales Rep returns equipment from personal storageEquipment is returned to MFG One & a replacement unit is provided to the customer from either Sales Rep or MFG One when applicable MFG One performs diagnostics on returned equipment & determines if the customers complaint is valid & if the equipment will be repaired or requested to be scrapMFG One performs repairs on units, restocks them and requests approval to scrap the non-repaired machinesScrap Approval ProcessUnits are scrapedEnd of the month Finance receives invoice for monthly repairs and a summary of all units scrappedFinance approves & processes payment for repairs and records net value of scrapped units as expensed

    SuppliersInputsProcessOutputsCustomersCustomerEcolab Surgical Customer ServiceSales RepEquip FailureContact/Message of ReturnEquip No longer in useRMAReturn Material Authorization (RMA)Daily Email generated of IssuesPacking list is provided to Ecolab and Sales Force is updatedLoc to Loc Move in PTMNEcolab Surgical Customer ServiceMFG One Service DeptMFG One ShippingMFG One Receiving DeptMFG One Repair DeptRequest to ship unit is made to MFG One via email to Shipping Dept. (Sales Force)Returned UnitService Response FormService Response Form is generated at MFG One & Sent to service dpt.Sales Rep or MFG One provides replacement unit to CustomerORS Product Receipt FormService Response Form is updated with decision to repair or scrapScrap request is generatedService Response Form Completed with parts, repairs and items service or scrapedMFG One Service DeptCustomerEcolab Surgical Customer ServiceMFG One Mfg. DeptVP of Sales Temp MgmtMFG One Mfg. DeptMFG One AccountingParts and Component Service Response Form Completed with parts, repairs and items serviceSales Force Updated w/ repair infoPoint.Man is inventory updatedSigned Service Response FormScrap Ticket is createdInvoice for scrap & repairsService Response Form signed that scrap has been completed with in guidelinesEcolab Surgical Customer ServiceMFG One ShippingEcolab Surgical Customer Service (incl. Quality)Ecolab FinanceVP of Sales Temp MgmtEcolab FinanceSigned Service Response FormInvoice for scrap & repairsRequest sign off on scrap and repairsPoint.Man is inventory updatedRequest sign off on scrap and repairsApproved InvoicePayment to MFG OneEcolab FinanceEcolab Accounts PayableMFG One Accounts Receivable


  • Voice of the Business/Customer*Voice of the Business (VOB)Voice of the Customer (VOC)

    StakeholderVoice of BusinessCritical Business RequirementGSC Healthcare ManagementWe send a lot of money repairing and scraping equipment and we don't know whyReduce total expense for repairing and scrapingIncrease Ecolab's visibility in the scrap & repair process

    StakeholderVoice of CustomerCritical Customer RequirementMFG OneThe current repair process is smooth, but be careful no to introduce a lot of time into the processRepair & Scrap Turnaround time (TAT)Ecolab FinanceNot a clear criteria for scrap/repair decisionsEcolab should have more visibility into the nature of the repair & scrapDefined process and owner for the monthly repair invoicesThere is not defined cadence on when Finance receives information (access to would help)Adherence to criteria (%)Adherence to Invoice Approval ProcessSurgical Customer Service Clear criteria for scrap/repair decisionsWe would like to know root cause of damage when it is able to be determinedAdherence to criteria (%)

  • Next StepsPlan for Measure PhaseKey Actions

    Create Measure Phase work plan by December 5th Planned Tool Use

    Swim Lane Flow ChartData Collection PlanMeasure System AnalysisControl ChartProcess Capability AnalysisAssess Kaizen FeasibilityMeasure Tollgate Review on January 26th