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Worktop Finishes 2014 - TeamMate K2013 Matte 58 Fiesta K3210 Matte 58 Levante F4161 Matte 58 Terracotta F2833 Matte 58 Sandstone F2962 Matte 58 Clementine F2824 Matte 58 Blaze Red

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Text of Worktop Finishes 2014 - TeamMate K2013 Matte 58 Fiesta K3210 Matte 58 Levante F4161 Matte 58...

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  • Formica Collection Directory 1

    Formica Collectionin your pocket

    New colours, new designs, new textures, new choices. Formica Group has opted for innovation and differentiation.

    Versatility and exclusivity are the Collections main features. Contemporary colours, unique finishes, a complete resource, full of inspiration.

    The Formica Collection is now within your reach. A practical, relevant resource to help you create outstanding environments. Take a look.

    Formica Group is committed to making sustainable principles and practices a part of everything we do. We strive to adhere to the highest ethical standards as we advance in our efforts to protect vital resources for future needs.

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    ColorCore is available in decors selected from Formica Colors range. Due to the special characteristics of ColorCore, exact matches between ColorCore and Formica Colors may not always be possible. We recommend the comparison of actual samples prior to specification or fabrication.

    Formica High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is manufactured through fusing multiple layers of impregnated paper under high pressure and temperature to create a hard wearing, durable and hygienic surfacing material. The Formica Colors, Patterns and Woods ranges are high pressure laminates which are available in horizontal grade postforming (HGP) as standard. Flame retardant HPL (VFP grade) is also available on request.

    Formica Compact is a high pressure structural laminate, built up from multiple layers of kraft paper to produce a laminate in thicknesses from 2mm to 20mm. It has a decorative face on both sides and is ideal for interior use in washroom cubicles or locker doors, wall panels or laboratory furniture. It is particularly suited to use in high humidity, high impact areas. With a density of 14 kg/m2 (for 10mm thickness), Compact is impressively strong and damage resistant and has remarkable structural stability, requiring no substrate support in thicknesses over 6mm. Formica Compact is certified by the CE Mark to meet or exceed conformity with European consumer safety, health and environmental requirements.

    ColorCore by Formica Group is a dramatic and exciting surfacing material, in 1.3mm thickness, that features the high performance characteristics of Formica decorative laminates with the added dimension of solid through colour. This homogeneous colour obviates the dark line sometimes associated with laminate edges and permits decorative effects to be created by engraving and sandblasting. ColorCore in Matte 58 texture increases levels of wearability and reduces the visual impact of chips and scratches. ColorCore is ideal for applications such as counter tops, point-of-sale units, doors and work surfaces.

    AR Plus by Formica Group in Colors and Woods offers a hassle-free, durable high gloss laminate with twice the surface performance of standard gloss laminate. The AR Plus technology delivers a gloss surface that is highly resistant to scuffs and mar abrasions, extending the gloss laminate life cycle. AR Plus high gloss laminates are 1.2mm thickness postforming grade. Due to the increased thickness of this material a minimum radius of 15mm is recommended. Flame retardant AR Plus laminate (FAR grade) is also available on request.

    DecoMetal by Formica Group high pressure laminate is created using real metal foils over a laminate core to create stunning metallic laminates that are durable but very light compared to sheet metal. Textures and patterns are applied to some metallic laminates to create outstanding effects. A complete range of striking colours, patterns and finishes is available. Nominal thickness varies depending upon metallic foil and texture.

    DecoMetal laminates meet the requirements of EN438:2005 Grade MTF with IMO/MED and USCG fire requirements approval. Please request specific details.

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    Formica Collection

    Colors 4-11

    Premium Colors

    RigatoTM 12-13

    MicroDotTM 14

    SculptedTM 15

    AR Plus 16-17

    ColorCore 18-19

    Patterns 20-23

    Woods 24-31

    DecoMetal 32-33

    Numerical listing & availability programme 34-55

    Alphabetical listing 56-59

    Product grades 60

    Surface finishes 62-65

    Environments 66-67

    Contact details 68

  • F3091 Matte 58CrystalWhite

    K2010 Matte 58Malibu

    F7927 Matte 58Folkestone

    F7961 Matte 58Fog

    F7928 Matte 58Mouse

    F7837 Matte 58Graphite

    F2255 Matte 58PolarWhite

    K2001 Matte 58Baikal

    K1994 Matte 58Fox

    K2020 Matte 58Tornado

    F7912 Matte 58Storm

    F2253 Matte 58DiamondBlack

    F2696 Matte 58SuperWhite

    F7938 Matte 58Glacier

    F1484 Matte 58Steel

    K2081 Matte58Sparta

    F7924 Matte 58Lead

    F2297 Matte 58Terril

    4 Formica Collection Directory

  • Formica Collection Directory 5


    F2274 Matte 58BlancPolaire

    F7923 Matte 58Surf

    K1093 Matte 58Aries

    F7902 Matte 58Iron

    F2770 Matte 58SarumGrey

    K1097 Matte 58Citadel

    F7949 Matte 58SoftWhite

    F7934 Matte 58Pearl

    F2791 Matte 58Silver

    F7858 Matte 58Pumice

    K3202 Matte 58Otter

    F5342 Matte 58Earth

    K1040 Matte 58Alpino

    F2774 Matte 58NewMagnolia

    F3050 Matte 58Cygnet

    F8751 Matte 58Mojave

    F7913 Matte 58IndianSmoke

    K1834 Matte 58Kashmir

  • 6 Formica Collection Directory

    K1962 Matte 58Magnolia

    K1181 Matte 58IrishCream

    F7929 Matte 58OysterGrey

    F8757 Matte 58Choco

    F2200 Matte 58DarkChocolate

    F2296 Matte 58SnoWhite

    K1192 Matte 58Porcelana

    K1031 Matte 58Papyrus

    K1902 Matte 58Eldorado

    K1903 Matte 58Cafe

    F7882 Matte 58PaleGold

    F7024 Matte 58Saffron

    K2022 Matte 58Tenere

    F1485 Matte 58ChromeYellow

    F7940 Matte 58SpectrumYellow

    Please note that colour systems and their notations represent the closest colour available in the particular colour system and are provided for guidance only.

  • Formica Collection Directory 7


    F2273 Matte 58Seringa

    K1301 Matte 58Gobi

    K3209 Matte 58Sol

    F4155 Matte 58Sun

    F4156 Matte 58Caramel

    F7932 Matte 58AntiqueWhite

    F2288 Matte 58Peach

    K2013 Matte 58Fiesta

    K3210 Matte 58Levante

    F4161 Matte 58Terracotta

    F2833 Matte 58Sandstone

    F2962 Matte 58Clementine

    F2824 Matte 58BlazeRed

    F6902 Matte 58Grenadine

    K2005 Matte 58Paprika

  • 8 Formica Collection Directory

    F5348 Matte 58Energy

    K1238 Matte 58Carnaval

    F7845 Matte 58SpectrumRed

    K2046 Matte 58Beaujolais

    F7966 Matte 58NewBurgundy

    F5491 Matte 58CameoPink

    F7865 Matte 58AlmondBlossom

    F0232 Matte 58JuicyPink

    F7026 Matte 58Boysenberry

    F5345 Matte 58Viola

    F2582 Matte 58Lilac

    F0233 Matte 58Heather

    F5346 Matte 58Orchid

    F6907 Matte 58Amarena

    F6903 Matte 58Cassis

  • Formica Collection Directory 9


    F0231 Matte 58PeacefulBlue

    K2156 Matte 58Olympia

    K1997 Matte 58Oceano

    F2479 Matte 58Delphinium

    F2483 Matte 58Ultramarine

    K1194 Matte 58Iris

    K1019 Matte 58Azur

    F4168 Matte 58Campanula

    F7851 Matte 58SpectrumBlue

    F7969 Matte 58NavyBlue

    F5493 Matte 58ArcticBlue

    F7880 Matte 58Thistle

    F7884 Matte 58ChinaBlue

    F2828 Matte 58TropicalBlue

    K1394 Matte 58Tahiti

  • 10 Formica Collection Directory

    F6905 Matte 58Sheer

    K1871 Matte 58Monaco

    F4171 Matte 58Electric

    K1998 Matte 58Oslo

    F7914 Matte 58MarineBlue

    K2007 Matte 58Dali

    F5347 Matte 58Maui

    F4172 Matte 58Caribbean

    F2478 Matte 58Bermuda

    F7846 Matte 58Grotto

    K1850 Matte 58Fontana

    F7433 Matte 58Marina

    F7879 Matte 58DustyJade

    K1326 Matte 58Capri

    K1336 Matte 58DeepMarina

  • Formica Collection Directory 11


    F5494 Matte 58Aquamarine

    F2966 Matte 58Opal

    F5349 Matte 58Fossil

    F7897 Matte 58SpectrumGreen

    F7967 Matte 58HunterGreen

    K3236 Matte 58Avocado

    F4177 Matte 58Lime

    F8755 Matte 58Lemon

    F6901 Matte 58VibrantGreen

    F7853 Matte 58OceanGrey

    F2302 Matte 58Doeskin

    F5344 Matte 58Seed

    F5341 Matte 58Wasabi

    F3007 Matte 58PaleOlive

    F5343 Matte 58Possum

  • 12 Formica Collection Directory

    F2255 RIGPolarWhite

    F5344 RIGSeed

    F2791 RIGSilver

    Printed samples are shown at approximately 1:1 scale

  • Formica Collection Directory 13

    Premium Colors

    F5342 RIGEarth

    F5349 RIGFossil

    F7837 RIGGraphite

    Registered Community Design no. 001128656-0001

  • 14 Formica Collection Directory

    F2255 MICPolarWhite

    F2200 MICDarkChocolate

    F2253 MICDiamondBlack

    F0231 MICPeacefulBlue

    F1484 MICSteel

    F6901 MICVibrantGreen

    K3209 MICSol

    F0232 MICJuicyPink

    F6907 MICAmarena

    F2828 MICTropicalBlue

    F4172 MICCaribbean

    F4177 MICLime

    K2013 MICFiesta

    K1238 MICCarnaval

    F6903 MICCassis

  • Formica Collection Directory 15

    Premium Colors

    F2255 SCUPolarWhite

    F7927 SCUFolkestone

    K1834 SCUKashmir

    F2200 SCUDarkChocolate

    F7912 SCUStorm

    F2253 SCUDiamondBlack

    F2828 SCUTropicalBlue

    F4172 SCUCaribbean

    F4177 SCULime

    K3210 SCULevante

    K1238 SCUCarnaval

    F6903 SCUCassis

    Registered Community Design no. 000991310-0001

    Printed samples are shown at approximately 1:1 scale

    Matching edgebanding references are available at formica.com

  • 16 Formica Collection Directory

    F2696 AB SuperWhite

    F7927 AB Folkestone

    F1485 ABChromeYellow

    K3210 AB Levante

    F2962 ABClementine

    F6907 AB Amarena

    F6903 AB Cassis

    F5345 AB Viola

    F6901 AB VibrantGreen

    K1192 AB Porcelana

    F4177 ABLime

    K1040 ABAlpino

    F7932 AB AntiqueWhite

    F7934 ABPearl

    F3091 AB CrystalWhite

    Matching edgebanding references are available at formica.com

  • Formica Collection Directory 17

    Premium Colors

    K2081 AB Sparta

    F7912 AB Storm

    F2253* AB DiamondBlack

    K1238 ABCarnaval

    F7966 AB NewBurgundy

    F0232 AB JuicyPink

    F5347 AB Maui

    F2828 ABTropicalBlue

    F7851 AB SpectrumBlue

    F7914 AB MarineBlue

    F5341 AB Wasabi

    F8755 AB Lemon

    F7858 AB Pumice

    K1834 ABKashmir

    F2200 ABDarkChocolate

    * Diamond Black AR Plus will more readily show signs of wear than lighter AR Plus colours.

  • 20 Formica Collection Directory

    F5286 Matte 58MaxiModeFolkestoneonWhite

    F5288 Matte 58MidiModeWhiteonFolkestone

    F5290 Matte 58MidiModeBlazeRedonClementine

    F5287 Matte 58MiniModeWhiteonFolkestone

    F5293 Matte 58MaxiModeElectriconVibrantGreen

    F5284 Matte 58MiniModeFolkestoneonWhite

    F5292 Matte 58MidiModeCaribbeanonOceano

    F5285 Matte 58MidiModeFolkestoneonWhite

    F5289 Matte 58MaxiModeWhiteonFolkestone

    F5291 Matte 58MiniModeWhiteonAmarena

    Premium Patterns




  • Formica Collection Directory 21


    K1330 Matte 58CalciumNew

    F1787 QRYGreyDust

    F7517 Matte 58AlmondGrafix

    F7503 Matte 58StoneGrafix

    K5593 Matte 58SilverMetal

    K5818 Matte 58MildSteel

    F1936 QRYLavaDust

    F1782 QRYStardust

    F7507 Matte 58FolkestoneGrafix

    F7508 Matte 58MouseGrafix

    K3737 Matte 58Xenon

    K5583 Matte 58SteelMetal

    F1941 QRYLilacDust

    F1762 QRYMidnightDust

    F7522 Matte 58BlueSilkGrafix

    F7018 Matte 58NavyGrafix

    K3735 Matte 58Krypton

    K3734 Matte 58Radon

    Printed samples are shown at approximately 1:1 scale

  • 22 Formica Collection Directory

    F5274 Matte 58GeoFossil

    F5270 Matte 58GeoWhite

    F5272 Matte 58GeoFolkestone

    F5275 Matte 58GeoWasabi

    F5276 Matte 58GeoMaui

    F5273 Matte 58GeoCitadel

    F5281 Matte 58DogboneWhite

    F5280 Matte 58DogboneGrey

    F5278 Matte 58DogboneEarth

    F5279 Matte 58DogboneOtter

    F5282 Matte 58DogboneBlack

    F5283 Matte 58DogboneStorm

    F6305 Matte 58LimedStrand

    F6213 Matte 58CherryStrand

    F6307 Matte 58BurntStrand

    F6306 Matte 58WengeStrand

  • Formica Collection Directory 23


    F0202 Matte 58LightGauze

    F7505 Matte 58DustyJadeGrafix

    F7708 Matte 58FlaxGauze

    K5827 Matte 58Berry

    F5087 QRYGraphiteTuff

    F7251 Matte 58SakkaraCharcoal

    F2658 Matte 58SakkaraKalahari

    F2650 Matte 58SakkaraTenere

    F2654 Matte 58SakkaraSteppe

    F6945 Matte 58VirrVarrBlack

    F6943 Matte 58VirrVarrWhite

    F1329 Matte 58MultifleckNew

    K5832 SMTTofu

    F6942 Matte 58CharcoalBoomerang

    F7515 Matte 58GraphiteGrafix

    Printed samples are shown at approximately 1:1 scale

  • 24 Formica Collection Directory

    F1143 Matte 58FrenchSycamore

    F6931 NATLatteWalnut

    F2958 Matte 58CrystalBeech

    F5371 NATAccentMaple

    F9012 NATEbony

    F3188 GLSAlmondOak

    F1079 NATNaturalOak

    F6926 NATSmokyWalnutWoodline

    F6210 Matte 58CoutureWood

    F6210 AB (AR Plus) CoutureWood

    F5489 NATEspressoPear

    F6932 NATMacchiatoWalnut

    F6209 Matte 58PrestigeWalnut

    F5370 Matte 58IvoryOakCross

    Surface finish noted under each scan may differ dependent on sheet size. Check surface finish availability programme on pages 34-55.

    Matching edgebanding references for woodgrains finishes are available at formica.com

  • Formica Collection Directory 25


    K7016 Matte 58FinnBeech

    F6935 NATCinnamonCherry

    K7605 Matte 58Apple

    F5167 Matte 58CopperBeechNew

    F5487 Matte 58OiledWalnut

    F5374 NATElegantOak

    F1062 NATSmokedOak

    F5373 Matte 58NocturneWood

    F5372 Matte 58VintageWood

    F5488 NATSmokyBrownPear

    F5477 Matte 58EbonyOakCross

    F6308 Matte 58VogueWood

    F6308 AB (AR Plus) VogueWood

    F5150 Matte 58AmericanWalnut

    Woodgrain structure depictions are available on pages 28-29.

    Printed samples are shown at approximately 1:2 scale

  • 26 Formica Collection Directory

    K7555 Matte 58ManitobaMaple

    F2731 NDFSandMaple

    F5161 Matte 58GoldenBirch

    F5486 Matte 58ClassicWalnut

    F9011 NATZebrano

    F2726 Matte 58NaturalBeech

    K7024 Matte 58Birch

    K7603 Matte 58Bio-Oak

    K6149 Matte 58LightOak

    F1139 Matte 58CountryCherry

    F3855 Matte 58ClearMaple

    F6930 NATNaturalCane

    F1297 NDFAmericanMaple

    F3699 NATRattanCane

    F5481 AB (AR Plus) OiledOlivewood

    F5147 Matte 58SombreWalnutWoodgrain structure depictions are available on pages 30-31.

    Surface finish noted under each scan may differ dependent on sheet size. Check surface finish availability programme on pages 34-55.

    Matching edgebanding references for woodgrains finishes are available at formica.com

  • Formica Collection Directory 27


    F6925 NATMapleWoodline

    K7520 Matte 58SaxonOak

    K7561 Matte 58Alder

    F7284 Matte 58FiguredAnnigre

    F1293 NDFRedwood

    F7008 Matte 58AcajouMahogany

    F6211 AB (AR Plus) ElegantRosewood

    F1614 Matte 58PungaPungaWood

    K7604 Matte 58BlondBeech

    F2510 MGNGoldenMorningOak

    F2985 NDFErableWhisky

    F1118 GLSAmberBurl

    F7759 Matte 58SelectCherry

    F1147 NDFBoxMaple

    F2887 Matte 58SavoyBeech

    F2884 Matte 58VosgesPear

    K7021 Matte 58VividCherry

    F6928 NATCherryWoodcut

    Printed samples are shown at approximately 1:2 scale

  • 60 Formica Collection Directory

    Product gradesThis Collection incorporates the following grades of decorative laminate each with its own performance characteristics.These grades conform to EN438:2005.

    Formica LaminateGrade HPL/EN 438-3 HGP Horizontal, General Purpose, Postforming high pressure

    decorative laminate. (0.7mm nominal thickness).Grade HPL/EN 438-3 HGS Horizontal, General Purpose, Standard high pressure

    decorative laminate. (0.7mm nominal thickness).Grade HPL/EN 438-3 VFP Vertical, Flame retardant, Postforming high pressure

    decorative laminate. (0.7mm nominal thickness).

    AR Plus by Formica GroupGrade PAR Abrasion-resistant, High-gloss, Postforming high pres-

    sure decorative laminate.Grade FAR Flame retardant, High-gloss, Standard high pressure

    decorative laminate.

    PAR and FAR do not appear in the EN 438 grade classification system.

    ColorCore by Formica GroupGrade HPL/EN 438-9 BTS Coloured core, Standard Grade, Thin high pressure

    decorative laminate.

    Formica CompactGrade HPL/EN 438-4 CGS Compact, General Purpose, Standard high pressure

    decorative laminate. EN 13501 Euroclass C-s2,d0

    Grade HPL/EN 438-4 CGF Compact, General Purpose, Flame Retardant high pressure decorative laminate.EN 13501 Euroclass 6 mm B-s1,d0

    < 6 mm B-s2,d0

    DecoMetal by Formica GroupGrade HPL/EN 438-8 MTF Metal, Flame retardant, Thin high pressure decorative

    laminate. Grade HPL/EN 438-8 MTP Metal, Postforming, Thin high pressure decorative


    MTF & MTP grades are recommended for vertical applications.

    DecoMetal laminates meet the requirements of EN438:2005 Grade MTF with IMO/MED and USCG fire requirements approval.

    Please request specific details.


  • Formica Collection Directory 61

    The Company retains the right to change specifications at any time without prior notification. Patterns given in this publication have been matched as closely as printing conditions allow. We do recommend, however, that you order samples before final specification, fabrication or installation.

    The information given in this brochure is correct at the time of publication. However, as we have a policy of constant product development and improvement, product details may change in the future.

    Formica Group is committed to making sustainable principles and practices a part of everything we do. We strive to adhere to the highest ethical standards as we advance in our efforts to protect vital resources for future needs.

    Formica Group are FSC certified and comply with the requirements of FSC. Net-work of participating European Formica Group sites is shown on certificate number TTCOC-003588.

    Formica, the Formica Anvil Device, ColorCore, DecoMetal, AR Plus, VIVIX and Chemtop are registered trademarks of The Diller Corporation.

    2013 The Diller Corporation

    All trademarks and copyrights are owned by The Diller Corporation.