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A lot of good information for everyone who´s looking for a solid business with amazing products.

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    Text: Tomas Klnner

  • With the launch of its new topical skin product line known as GLIMPSE, XanGo is shifting into top gear so that the goal of paying distributors 1 billion in commissions will probably be broken in the near future. Glimpse uses exclusive ingredients from within the mangosteen on the largest human organ the skin. In combination with its juice, XanGo is addressing inside, outside health in a trend setting, holistic way that is a real selling point for its distributors and consumers.

  • In the few, short years since its 2002 launch, XanGo

    has expanded its operations all over the world. Un-

    til the fall of 2008, the overwhelming success of the

    company in the USA and all other countries was based

    exclusively on its flagship product XanGo Juice. This pre-

    mium mangosteen product has been found to have beneficial

    health properties, and as a result, XanGo Juice has become a

    global phenomenon and category creator. But in November

    2008, XanGo launched a wave which has reached the shores

    of Mexico, Australia and New Zealand and in the last month

    has arrived in Europe: Glimpse, Topical Skin Nutrition, an

    up-to-date holistic skin care range based on mangosteen,

    the ideal complement to mangosteen juice. Glimpse becomes

    the first skin care product created from the mangosteen fruit

    to enter the world market.

    Actually, the development of the Glimpse skin care range is a

    logical and consistent step by XanGo management, who are

    intimately aware of the traditions of Southeast Asian culture

    where the Queen of Fruits has always played a great role. We

    have known that, over the centuries, people have been using

    sun-dried mangosteen fruits to make a sort of pulp poultice

    to treat various skin conditions. In addition, weve heard the

    anecdotal stories about the fruits healing properties from the

    villagers, reports Beverly Hollister, Vice-President of XanGo,

    in an interview with OBTAINER: Glimpse is an ideal exam-

    ple of the possible convergence of innovative green technology

    with the historic wisdom of traditional cultures.

    Unlike many other skin care products, Glimpse is free of all

    toxic substances, adheres to ecological standards and follows

    the rules established by the Safe Cosmetics Campaign to avoid

    damage to both people and the environment. The innovative

    care range uses a complex called BioActive X3, which

    has been patented and consists of three exclusive ingredients

    which are all rich in powerful phytonutrients known as xan-

    thones. This BioActive X3 complex provides a higher antioxi-

    dant performance than vitamin C, resveratrol, catechins, the

    coenzyme Q10 or green tea, a fact proven by Japanese food

    research laboratories. In this process, the BioActive X3 com-

    plex is produced according to intentionally environmentally

    friendly standards. A cold processing method is used in or-

    der to retain an optimal level of the natural potency found in

    Glimpses nutrient rich ingredients. The ecological foot


    print, which indicates the negative effects of production on

    the environment, has been consistently minimized by XanGo.

    Another aspect of Glimpse worth mentioning is this: during

    the development of the product absolutely no animal experi-

    ments were carried out! Furthermore, the addition of artificial

    fragrances has been dispensed with. Instead Glimpse uses a

    large range of effective ingredients that supply the skin with

    important nutrients. For this reason Glimpse is suitable for

    women and men of all ages.

    Beverly Hollister, who was responsible for the recruitment of

    the experts and scientists who developed the Glimpse formu-

    las, explains: In addition to the mangosteen fruit, Glimpses

    proprietary formula contains micro-algae extracts, aloe vera,

    meadowfoam oil, vitamin B3, shea butter and other health

    promoting ingredients. Glimpse utilizes only natural, toxin-

    free ingredients since what we absorb through our skin affects

    our health just as much as what we consume into our bod-

    ies. In this sense, Glimpse is much more than just a skin care

    product; it nourishes and protects the skin from climatic and

    environmental influences and allows it to look much health-


    Research into environmental influences on the human body

    has indeed clearly shown how the numerous toxins contained

    in cosmetics and skin care products can have serious effects

    on the hormone balance and under certain circumstances can

    result in cancers. Glimpse can offer an effective but safe al-

    ternative, explains Beverly Hollister, who is herself one of the

    enthusiastic users of the new skin care line. This is no wonder,

    since she was among those who were able to test the proto-

    type. For a woman of my age, it is sensible to do everything

    you can for your body. Although luckily I have had the good

    fortune to be blessed with good skin, Glimpse has helped very

    much to make my skin smoother. Even when I come home

    exhausted from a meeting, I still have a radiant complexion.

    Since the launch of the product, Hollister has received hun-

    dreds of positive testimonials from satisfied users. Many of

  • them suffered from skin conditions such as acne, aging spots

    or rosacea. While Hollister emphasizes that Glimpse is not a

    medicine, she is, of course, delighted with the positive feed-

    back. So too with that of Dr. Paveena Posang, a general practi-

    tioner practicing in Charlotte and Lexington, North Carolina,

    who has become a real fan of Glimpse. Since the beginning of

    2009 the doctor has been using the care products within the

    framework of a special anti-aging-program she offers in her

    clinic in Charlotte. I had problems myself with impurities in

    my skin, she explains. It was difficult for me to find a suit-

    able care line. Even when I used popular brands, I had great

    problems. In contrast, Glimpse felt very soft on my skin and

    helped to stem my inflammations. Since then I have been us-

    ing the complete range the cleansing cream, the facial tonic,

    the serum and the moisturizer twice a day.

    Dr. Posang, who spent her own childhood in Asia, has been

    familiar with the mangosteen fruit since an early age. My

    grandfather used to squeeze the rind and use it on the skin,

    reports the doctor: In Thailand, where I am from, they say

    that the fruit has healing properties and helps the cells to re-

    generate. I have also met doctors from Japan who have start-

    ed researching the mangosteen. Theyve told me that the fruit

    can also help babies and children with eczemas and skin al-


    From its inception, adherence to ethical standards has been

    one of XanGos basic principles. Beverly Hollister explains

    this as follows: While we dont compromise on our products

    performance, our commitment to producing green, toxin-free

    products has been one of the keys to Glimpses success. As

    a socially responsible company, we have made the commit-

    ment that no component of Glimpse will damage the earth.

    Our packaging is biodegradable and we also observe the re-

    quirements of the European Union by using green, non-toxic

    ingredients. Although this commitment costs us more in the

    production of Glimpse products, we believe it is the right step

    toward a better future.

    From its beginnings, XanGos products have been based on

    a deep appreciation of natural plants and health, primarily

    due to the companys six founders experience in the indus-

    try. Gordon and Joe Morton, only to mention two of them,

    came by this orientation naturally since they were raised by a

    father who managed the Canadian branch of a global natural

    products company and a mother who had her own health food

    store. So they were already familiar with natural products

    long before these became mainstream. Years later Joe Morton

    worked as director of a global company in Malaysia. There, he

    tasted the mangosteen fruit for the first time and heard the

    stories the local people told about the Queen of Fruits. Al-

    though mangosteen has a long history of traditional use, Joe,

    and his brothers Gordon and David, were also impressed by

    the substantial amount of modern research that existed re-

    lated to Garcinia mangostana, the Latin name of the man-

    gosteen. A few years later, after they had signed an agreement

    with a world-famous drinks producer from Germany, they

    created their product XanGo Juice. The rest is history,


  • they say today. For more than five years it was the companys

    only product. It simply tastes good, says Beverly Hollister:

    A bit like grape, strawberry, apple and pear. The white man-

    gosteen flesh is wonderfully sweet. The rind of the fruit, which

    has a color similar to a merlot grape or a pomegranate, is the

    source of the important antioxidants. For this reason we pu-

    re the complete fruit and then add some natural fruit juices

    to sweeten the flavor.

    A market demand for healthy drinks rich in powerful phyto-

    nutrients led to the development of XanGo Juice. Now, seven

    years after its introduction, XanGo has developed into a glob-

    al phenomenon and raised the awareness of the mangosteen

    fruit to a point where it has become a well-known ingredient

    for health-conscious consumers in the highly industrialized

    countries. The mangosteen fruit, which was recently charac-

    terized in the USA by the National Restaurant Association

    as one of the Top 10 ingredients, is now continuing its trium-

    phal march on a still higher level bringing the extraordi-

    nary effects of the mangosteen to topical skin care. XanGo

    distributors are riding a new phase of success and wealth as

    they promote XanGo Juice and Glimpse together. We are

    talking about a product that consumers value and therefore

    purchase again month after month, reports Jeff Chandler,

    XanGos company spokesman, who has had personal expe-

    rience with Glimpse. As a man, I had never used skin care

    products before the introduction of Glimpse. But when I be-

    gan using Glimpse, I saw and felt the difference and so now,

    like many men, I am improving my skin each day through the

    use of this system. The serum feels very soothing on the skin,

    and thanks to the moisturizing lotion, I have experienced a

    noticeable tautening of my skin.

    Now, with its second major product introduction, XanGo is

    on the verge of a second worldwide wave of growth. In Eu-

    rope the markets in France, Portugal and Spain have just been

    opened officially, which is good news not only for distribution

    partners eager for success but also for charitable organiza-

    tions. From its inception XanGo has donated time, money

    and other resources to many different charitable institutions.

    This is part of the company philosophy. All XanGo distribu-

    tion partners can participate in this in various ways and every

    member of the XanGo Family is proud of improving the lives

    of others through the social commitment of XanGo Goodness


    When we began to imagine the success we might achieve, we

    knew that we wanted to be active on the humanitarian front,

    explains Gordon Morton, Founder and Director of XanGo:

    In addition to our dynamic business idea and our health-

    promoting range of products, we wanted to use our global

    network and our resources to change and save lives. Seven

    years, millions of dollars and thousands of voluntary working

    hours later XanGo Goodness is active all over the world and

    in the process does more than simply write a check. Compa-

    ny partners, distributors, employees and consumers support

    the projects which provide sustainable help to needy children,

    families and communities, often through their personal input

    on the ground.

    In the last year XanGo Goodness has twice financed Opera-

    tion Smile missions to Mexico, and each of these campaigns

    was supported by more than 40 XanGo Mexican Distribu-

    tors as well as XanGo founders and executives. More than

    200 Mexican children received the possibility of a new life

    through corrective operations for cleft lip and palate. XanGo

    employees and Distributors spent hours each day during the

    two-week project to, among other things, distribute XanGo

    Juice to the young patients and their families, translate for

    medical volunteers, provide moral support to the patients and

    their families and play with the children before and after the


    In 2008, XanGo was the title sponsor of the XanGo Wish-

    maker Parade, a national fund-raising program in Canada,

    which strives to fulfill the heartfelt desires of children suffer-

    ing from life-threatening diseases. In more than 100 commu-

    nities across Canada employees and partners of XanGo par-

    ticipated in this parade, contributing heavily to the more than

    $ 1.46 million raised to fulfill the wishes of fatally ill children.

    In Germany XanGo supports an SOS Kinderdorf childrens

    village in Schleswig-Holstein. SOS Kinderdorf villages pro-

    vide a permanent home to children who cannot grow up with

    their biological parents. In Japan, XanGo helped to finance

    the building of the Yokohama Family House, a place where



    the parents of seriously ill children can live temporarily while

    their children are being treated in a nearby hospital. In the

    Philippines, hundreds of orphaned street children have se-

    cured a roof over their heads and a school education through

    XanGos contribution to the Tuloy Foundation. In Taiwan

    the company promotes music therapies for disabled and deaf

    children through the Childrens Charity Foundation.

    Meanwhile, XanGos commitment to the Barekuma villages in

    Ghana is now in its fifth year. Since the beginning of this proj-

    ect, XanGo has partnered with the University of Utah to create

    a sustainable development model to address the prevention of

    malaria and AIDS, the establishment of clean drinking water

    and toilet facilities and to develop educational and recreational

    facilities that contribute to the overall well being of children

    and their families. The success of this program has attracted

    the attention of the governments of China, India and a number

    of Latin American countries, which are now asking for similar

    aid for their regions. And finally, XanGo distributors donations

    have led to nearly 650,000 meals which have been provided

    to undernourished people on the verge of starvation in Africa,

    Latin America and Asia. This project is continuing to expand

    and address hunger in various locations around the world.

    As a result of our industrious distribution partners, we have

    been able to have an extraordinary effect on the well-being

    of our fellow humans all over the world, says Gordon Mor-

    ton: It is very satisfying to know that somebody we will never

    meet or get to know personally is being helped by us and can

    live with dignity because our distribution partners in Brussels,

    Taipei, Mexico City, Paris, New York, Rome or somewhere

    else have built up a XanGo business.


    XanGo Goodness actively supports

    numerous philanthropic causes worldwide.

    Bob Freeze (above right), VP of Corporate Communications, at an

    Operation Smile mission last year in Guadalajara, Mexico. Young

    girl receives critical Vitamin A tablets in Indai, thanks to XanGos

    support of Vitamin Angels charity work (above left). XanGo actively

    supports international childrens charity SOS-Kinderdorf through

    a specific donation to help fund activities in the Schleswig-Holstein

    village in Germany (below left). Howard Schiffer (right), founder

    of Vitamin Angels, holding two children in India. Since 2008 XanGo

    is the title sponsor of the Vitamin Angels India program, which will

    serve Vitamin A to 3.5 million children who otherwise would be at

    risk for childhood blindness and other diseases caused by Vitamin

    A deficiency.


    As author of XanGos market-

    ing plan What was the concept

    behind it?

    Before founding XanGo I was a suc-

    cessful distribution partner in another

    company. This experience helped me

    to author XanGos compensation plan

    with the belief that anyone who joins

    XanGo can be successful and achieve

    success. My experience as a distribu-

    tor provides confidence to those who

    choose to become XanGo distributors.

    What is the philosophy behind

    a marketing plan like XanGos?

    What ensures that it will work

    for the distributors?

    Too many companies have binary

    plans, have breakaways or change

    their plan every few months in the

    final analysis to the benefit of the com-

    pany. Our plan was created with the

    idea of a genuine 50-50 partnership.

    We didnt want a situation where only

    the top distribution partners really

    earn money. XanGos compensation

    plan makes it possible for everyone to

    earn money at all levels of business,

    even while you are building it up. With

    proper development and hard work

    anything is possible.

    Are you happy with the results

    of your commission plan? Does

    it work as you wanted it to?

    Im very proud of this plan, as are the

    other five founders. This plan stands

    for our promise to the distribution

    partners: What you invest in our com-

    pany will also be given back to you by

    the company. XanGo is just as much

    the property of the independent dis-

    tributors as it is mine. We built up this

    company for them and with them in

    mind. Only if our distribution partners

    are successful, will we be successful.

    Looking back on the last seven

    years What immediately

    comes to mind for you?

    Above all Im proud that weve re-

    mained true to our principles and are

    really a different kind of company.

    An organization with a genuine brand

    that has a high recognition value.

    A company that takes care of the

    individual distribution partner and

    of children in need as well. We have

    created a place where it is again safe

    to dream. In a market with a growing

    number of competitors with extremely

    bold claims, XanGo remains an amaz-

    ingly successful company with great

    products, a great business opportunity

    and great people.


  • Glimpse is available in two different ranges: one for normal

    and one for particularly dry skin. The four-stage care program

    consists of a cleanser, a toner, a serum and a moisturizing

    cream. The Glimpse system was developed to decelerate

    the aging of the skin and to make the skin look younger and

    healthier. Glimpse reinforces the natural regeneration of the

    skin and stimulates the skin cells to assist in the production of

    natural collagen. Clinical studies have proven that Glimpse in-

    creases the firmness and elasticity of the skin and can reduce

    redness and inflammation.

    Glimpse is most effective when it is used as a complete sys-

    tem and twice a day. Here XanGo advises users to experiment

    with the products in order to find out the combination that

    works best for them. The normal use of the four-stage care

    program is simple and begins with washing the face with the

    cleansing or moisturizing gel. In the next step the toner is ap-

    plied, followed by the serum, which relieves the skin of the

    stress caused by climatic and environmental influences. The

    final step is the use of the moisturizing cream or lotion, which

    hydrates and refreshes the skin.

    If you would like to find out more about Glimpse Skin Care,

    visit the Website




  • Already early on Friday afternoon the company in-

    vited all managers to a special training marathon.

    Many international top earners, among them

    Sharon Sharrif and Sherman Unker, offered the

    participants their experiences and their know-how. But all

    participants were agreed that it was Estella Salina, who had

    come from Mexico, that touched the audience most. Estella

    Salina is considered in the XanGo Family as the new super-

    star. The Mexican holds the only position anywhere outside

    the USA that has qualified as a 500 K Premier. Her upline,

    Anton Garrity brother of the XanGo founder Aaron Garrity

    is rightly very proud of his most successful manager.

    At the end of the first day there was also a first surprise for

    those attending. They got to know Beverly Hollister. One

    participant summed it up briefly: Beverly cam, saw and con-

    quered! Indeed, you got the impression that the American

    superwoman and wife of XanGo founder is a personified em-

    bodiment of GLIMPSE. Her talk sparkled with enthusiasm

    and you saw her deep conviction with regard to the quality of

    the new product. On the next day GLIMPSE was also official-

    ly launched by her onto the European market. In a personal

    discussion with Beverly she also left it in no doubt who the

    market would belong to in future. It really was the ultimate

    in leadership training. In conclusion the charismatic founders

    Kent Wood and Aaron Garrity also revealed the official an-

    nouncements of the next day.

    After a short break the VIP buses were already waiting for

    qualified Top Leaders (from the position 20K) to transport

    them to a VIP dinner. Michael Sander, OBTAINER Founder

    & President, was also invited by the XanGo founders and was

    able to report: Once again XanGo performed brilliantly. The

    location for the dinner alone was incredible. And also as al-

    ways everything was perfectly kitted out la XanGo.

    The next day the meeting began at 9 oclock sharp. Although

    many teams were still enjoying the nightlife of Brussels, the

    Expocenter in Brussels at the foot of the Atomium was

    already well filled. All in all there were probably between 800

    and 1,000 participants present when Aaron Garrity officially

    announced to rapturous applause that France, Portugal and


  • Spain were opened from that day! The next country in Europe

    is intended to be Italy and that should follow within the next

    three months.

    The program was taken up again by many successful con-

    sultants from Europe and around the world. Whether from

    Norway, Italy, Belgium, Holland, France, England, Ireland,

    Mexico, Portugal or many other countries. Saturday offered

    an exciting program right up to the last minute. In all 5 top

    consultants with a position of 500K and 5 top consultants

    with a position of 200K had come extra from all over the

    world to Brussels in order to share their know-how with the


    Beverly Hollister has already given all the visitors a taste of

    what will happen in Europe in the next months when she trav-

    els throughout Europe on tour with GLIMPSE.

    The second day also had its emotional peaks. The Chairman of

    the Board and XanGo founder Aaron Garrity sang live and, of

    course, earned standing ovations for his artistic contribution.

    But the organizers also had a cliffhanger on offer. Because

    right at the end there was another video message from the

    XanGo CEO Robert Conlee: Already at the Worldwide Annual

    Convention in October XanGos consultants will have more

    surprises. The company, which is considered to be the clear

    market leader in the field of mangosteen products, will be

    bringing a new product onto the market in the Fall. Of course,

    here again the superfruit from Asia will again form the ba-

    sis. If the OBTAINER founder and President Michael Sander

    wanted to reveal more, nevertheless he was forced to promise

    not to publish anything about it. So things remain exciting.

    So XanGo is developing itself further and further. Many con-

    sultants in Germany who had already turned their backs on

    the company are looking at the American company again. Af-

    ter a gigantic start XanGo was unable particularly in Germany

    and Austria to resist the massive attempts at poaching carried

    out systematically and with military precision by former con-

    sultants. The more so as the company had to do its own home-

    work in some fields again. But that is all now water under the

    bridge. XanGo has now been on the market for six years and

    in this period it has produced over 63 income millionaires.

    1.2 million consultants work with XanGo part-time and/or

    full-time! But the company is still right at the beginning of its

    still young success story above all in Europe and in Germany

    an incredible market potential is lying at their feet with the

    product GLIMPSE.


    Exhibiting a strong passion about everything she did,

    Mugette Fiat of Langon, France approached her 60th

    birthday a little more than a year ago with some unex-

    pected health challenges, including shoulder pain, oral

    abscesses and insomnia. Determined not to let these challenges

    slow her down or give up her personal goals, she searched for a so-

    lution, a product that could help her regain her well-being. When

    a friend introduced Mugette to XanGo, she determined to inves-

    tigate the product of that company for herself. After a thorough

    research in the world wide web that provided positive information

    about the company and XanGo Juice, she decided to give it a try.



    XanGo, France


    When I first heard about XanGo, I thought to

    myself that this was too good to be true that this

    kind of product could not really help me with my

    health concerns, says Mugette. Fortunately, my

    research resolved some of my concerns and then I

    took the product and experienced its amazing ben-

    efits; this experience changed the course of my life.

    A convert to the unique health benefits of XanGo

    Juice, Mugette set out to share the product with

    those within her circle of influence, many of

    whom were also looking for a natural ap-

    proach toward improved health and

    wellness. As she saw others strength-

    ened by the product and excited

    about the company, she, too, began

    to realize the great business oppor-

    tunity available through XanGo.

    Though XanGo had not yet official-

    ly opened for business in France,

    she was determined to get more in-

    volved and decided to take a deep-

    er look into the benefits of being

    a XanGo independent distributor.

    Mugette agreed to have the product

    shipped from Belgium at her own

    expense in order to pursue her goals.

    Full of energy and being a strong tes-

    timonial about the product, Mugette

    began to grow her downline, and as

    a result of her focus and hard work,

    she earned a plane ticket to Salt Lake

    City, Utah as a Glimpse Topical

    Skin Nutrition All-Star for XanGos

    Overdrive Convention 2008. That was

    when the next phase of her life began.

    Excitement was in the air and huge

    crowds were on hand for the launch

    of XanGos next category-creating

    product to complement XanGo Juice.

    Mugette gathered first-hand experi-

    ence with Glimpse Topical Skin

    Nutrition and got the opportu-

    nity to meet the brands architect,

    XanGo Senior Vice President and

    20-year veteran of the natural

    products and network marketing































    be forever grateful for the act of charity theyve received

    because of XanGo and the products we sell.

    Leaving Salt Lake City with an increased desire to

    expand her XanGo business and make a difference

    in her part of the world, Mugette determined to put

    Glimpse skin care to the test. Her positive experi-

    ence with XanGo Juice had given her faith in the

    company and its products, and now she would let her

    own face be the laboratory. Using Glimpse on only

    one half of her face, Mugette began her challenge.

    Within a few short weeks, the results appeared. She

    and others around her began to notice the gradual re-

    duction of wrinkles as well as the improved tone and

    glow of her skin. Convinced of the products quality

    and with an unbeatable marketing tactic her face

    Mugette set out to share her story with anyone who

    would listen. As she began to take her business more

    seriously, Mugette invested time with her upline lead-

    industries, Beverly Hollister. The more time Mugette spent

    interacting with other XanGo distributors and hearing from

    company founders and executives, the more she began to un-

    derstand what made XanGo different from other companies.

    What impressed me more than anything was the humanity

    of XanGo that is evident in every encounter with its execu-

    tives and employees, says Mugette. At XanGo, the business

    is set up for us to make money at every level in the organiza-

    tion, and, we all want to improve our quality of life. However,

    as we grow our business and make money, the company is

    also interested in the individual distributor and customer

    finding opportunities for growth and personal development.

    We improve ourselves through products that promote health

    and wellness, a great business opportunity and giving what

    we have to others. Mugette continues: The companys motto

    is that it is safe to dream again, and that we can all make a

    difference. This includes helping children in remote regions

    of the world who might never know our name, but who will




    crowds from all over Europe to Brussels, Belgium. As a ris-

    ing star at XanGo, Mugette is ready for the next level of suc-

    cess. I am very passionate about life and have always put

    forth my best effort in everything Ive done, says Mugette.

    XanGo and Glimpse, and the amazing business opportu-

    nity before me have made that passion 10 times stronger.

    Mugette continues, I would like to thank the six founders

    of XanGo and all involved who make this wonderful compa-

    ny what it is. With a bright future ahead in a newly opened

    market for XanGo, Mugette is jumping in with both feet.

    Im going to quit my job next month to pursue my dreams

    and work my XanGo business full-time.

    ers, Lilian Hinque and Beatrice Doyer, to learn the best

    ways to leverage the amazing XanGo business opportunity.

    I have a great upline at XanGo, and they have really helped

    me learn the business, says Mugette. I am extremely grate-

    ful for the care they have shown me. After having received

    training and having participated in joint meetings with her

    upline, she began to hold regular meetings herself. With each

    gathering, her business began to grow and expand. In just a

    few months, well over a hundred people had joined her or-

    ganization. Her success has not gone unnoticed and just last

    month Mugette was recognized by Beverly Hollister on stage

    at XanGos European Regional, which drew enthusiastic




    XanGo, LLC, and Major

    League Soccers Real Salt

    Lake (RSL) announced a

    three-year renewal of the

    clubs historic title jersey-front spon-

    sorship on July 8; the financial terms of

    the deal were not disclosed. The original

    contract, announced in October 2006,

    made history for being the first jersey-

    front sponsorship in U.S. professional

    sports. Since that time, several other Ma-

    jor League Soccer clubs have announced

    similar partnerships with major global

    brands. As a global company that

    prides itself in innovation, XanGo is very

    pleased to have joined Real Salt Lake in

    this partnership as the first jersey-front

    sponsors in U.S. professional sports, and

    we are happy to see other major brands

    follow our lead and support soccer in

    North America, said XanGo Founder/

    Board Member Gordon Morton. This

    partnership is ideal for XanGo and our

    global brand in the sense that our brand

    goes wherever the team plays and that

    soccer is the worlds game. We promise

    that XanGo and its more than one mil-

    lion distributors worldwide will continue

    to support Real Salt Lake both at home

    and abroad.

    We are very pleased to continue our

    partnership with XanGo, and to repre-

    sent their brand on our jersey through the

    2013 season, said Real Salt Lake Presi-

    dent Bill Manning. XanGo is a great as-

    XanGoSoccer Team Renew Jersey Sponsorship

    set to the Utah business community and

    we appreciate their continued support of

    our organization. XanGos multi-year

    deal with Real Salt Lake includes signage

    and promotional opportunities at the

    teams sports and entertainment venue,

    Rio Tinto Stadium, in Sandy, Utah. Ad-

    ditionally, XanGo and RSL will continue

    the annual tradition of the XanGo Cup,

    which pairs RSL and an international

    soccer powerhouse in a friendly match.

    This years XanGo Cup, the fourth an-

    nual, will feature Clb Amrica, Mexicos

    premier soccer club. The game will kick

    off at 6 p.m. on Saturday, July 11 at Rio

    Tinto Stadium. Select adidas/RSL train-

    ing and off-field gear will also promote

    the XanGo/RSL partnership.


  • 1ZWS\b(F/cPZWQObW]\(=0B/7

    Frederic Specht runs a Lifestyle-Network with XanGo

    Lifestyle has become an important part of the personality today. Despite the hard times currently

    life today cannot be compared with that in earlier

    periods. Today everybody with the right attitude can be

    successful independently of their social status. Network

    marketing is virtually predestined for uniting profession

    and lifestyle.

    For this reason Frederic Specht is also a full-time

    networker today. The native of Bavaria loves life

    and is convinced that life is too short to waste all

    his energy on holding down a normal job and be-

    ing paid too little for doing it. Already when he was 18 he left

    his loving family home in Allgu in order to live in Munich. Al-

    though even today he considers Munich to be his hometown,

    the whole wide world has meanwhile become his second living

    room. He has already been able to get to know Europe includ-

    ing all the islands, the USA, Egypt, Turkey, the Seychelles,

    Mauritius and Cuba. And thanks to XanGo further countries

    like Australia, Japan and Canada and many more will certain-

    ly join them in future. That was something that he could not

    even imagine after his training as a dental technician and he

    says today: Dental technology is a profession that I really en-

    joyed it at the beginning. Only the pressure of deadlines under

    which you have to constantly work coupled with the lot of dust

    and poisonous fumes that you breathe in every day... so I did

    it for almost 20 years but eventually it starts you thinking.

    The health service reforms and sinking salary structures did


    Frederic Specht

    Tel.: +49 711 3415852

    Cell: +49 172 5265716

    Skype: xlution

    Email: [email protected]

    Web: www.XLution.com


    the rest. Thus Frederics thirst for change grew bigger and

    bigger. In short: My goal was clear; I have to do something


    As long ago as 1991 Frederic was invited by an acquaintance

    to a meeting organized by Herbalife and he was fascinated by

    the income possibilities of MLM. Losing weight wasnt rel-

    evant for me, he says with a laugh, because even today that is

    something that the sports fan still does not have to do. Here

    Frederic succeed in reaching the executive level within 18

    months. In 1996 Frederic met his present wife and started a

    family. He withdrew to devote himself fully to his son. Only in

    2000 did he concern himself more closely with the industry

    and then he looked around for five more years for the right

    company. Wen he eventually joined XanGo he was the first

    person in Germany: When I laid the cornerstone for XanGo

    in Germany in 2005 by registering with my friend Danny

    Wanzeele in Belgium, my work started with me spending

    many nights translating material into German. At Zero Hour

    there were documents in German. Those were the beginnings

    that characterize the work of a pioneer. The fact that from this

    works all of Germany benefited in part, and not just my team,

    is something that I consider to be a contribution for us all.

    But despite the hard work at the beginning of a networking

    career, Frederic discovered with time the superb range of ad-

    vantages of this industry. On of the nicest factors is the time

    that Frederic can spend with his son while other fathers have

    to follow their 8-to-6 vocation. Frederic Specht is a connois-

    seur of life. With XanGo he lives a lifestyle that many only

    dream of. To it belong fashionable sports like diving, golf or

    roller-blading, good food, good red wine, nice holidays, well-

    ness and, of course, XanGo. With XanGo I have found ex-

    actly what I was looking for. XanGo embodies lifestyle, he

    says with conviction and adds: You form wonderful friend-

    ships that really last a lifetime. That is often worth more than

    many other things. Thanks to my knowledge of languages

    English, French, Spanish and Italian its easy for me to

    do so also in international circles. I find it particularly worth

    mentioning that precisely with XanGo the most varied social

    classes harmonize together wonderfully. Everybody benefits

    from everybody else. For me that is something very positive.

    Negative aspects are unfortunately those networkers who can-

    not stuff their mouths fast enough and do so at the cost of oth-

    ers. However, he is quite relaxed about it: In the final analysis

    there are characters like that in every industry and so in the

    end experiences are the measure of success and not only in


    A move to another networking company does not come into

    question for Frederic, but he also understands that all net-

    workers considers their networking company to be the best,

    the biggest and the nicest. But the decision for XanGo was

    solely the impulse for security and the XanGo Convention

    in 2005 in Salt Lake City/USA with more than 10,000 dis-

    tribution partners from all over the world. At the Conven-

    tion of Friendship, as Frederic also calls it, he got to know all

    six founders of XanGo personally and got a look behind the

    scenes of this excellently managed company.

    Since that time some things have happened at XanGo. If at the

    beginning of work in the German-speaking markets there was

    only one product and hardly any training or advertising ma-

    terials were available except in English, XanGo is now thanks


    to Frederic Specht also an option for success for all those who

    are interested. In addition to the star product XanGo Juice

    today there is also Xalo Juice and the brand-new product cat-

    egory glimpse with cosmetic, health and wellness products.

    The glimpse Europe Tour in September 2009 will definitely

    be a great milestone for XanGos success story in Europe. The

    time to join could therefore not be better.

    Also the fact that by Frederics estimate the proportion of

    end customers is about 70% is an argument for joining the

    XanGo Community. Because registered end customers can

    order their products quite comfortably and for a bargain price

    online or toll-free by phone, which means that the distribu-

    tion partner is freed from costly storage and dispatch. The

    training sessions, seminars, comprehensive online informa-

    tion, printed matter. The Go Magazine and mentoring make

    it quite simple even for a complete networking rookie to get

    to know the ropes of the business.

    In addition I have, for example, built up a team space in the

    four languages, English, French, Spanish and German, where

    all team partners can download the information they need for

    themselves 24 hours a day. Here a big thank you to all the

    team partners who untiringly help and have helped with the

    translation. Anybody who works their way through our first

    training unit will discover that XanGo is an absolutely bril-

    liant opportunity. XanGo captivates through simplicity and is

    easy to duplicate with enthusiasm. That is after all the appeal

    of a home-based business. At the moment Im working on an

    IWM plan and Im quite certain that it will inspire everybody.

    More I dont want to reveal yet, says Frederic with a secretive


    It is precisely the mixture of online and offline networking

    that makes XanGo so strong. City meetings with managers

    and training sessions where top-class networkers reveal their

    secrets of success have made XanGo into one of the best com-

    panies as far as networking training is concerned. The fact

    that enough sponsoring tools are available makes the work

    today significantly easier than it was when Frederic started in

    2005: All the things we provide are more than enough. In

    the final analysis we arent tool producers but earn our money

    with XanGo, says Frederic Specht today after being to a great

    extent successful in building up the company. In a constantly

    growing MLM market where more and more companies rec-

    ognize the power of networking and want to use it Frederic

    sees a danger. With the variety of opportunities on offer it will

    become more and more difficult for laypeople to separate the

    wheat from the chaff or the bitter lemon juice from the tasty

    mangosteen nectar.

    This summer Frederic will mainly be on the road for his busi-

    ness in Spain and France and he is looking forward to finally

    getting to know many of his team partners personally. In only

    four years Frederic Specht has achieved more than many

    people will ever achieve in their whole professional careers: a

    lifestyle of happiness in a genuine lifestyle network.

    Not bad, Mr. Specht!