Creating Your Own Ning

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A Ning provides an excellent space to host your own social network. You may belong to a few, but how do you create your own? In this session we will go over the basics of creating a Ning, how to customize a Ning as well as best practices in facilitating Nings. NCTIES 2010 presentation

Text of Creating Your Own Ning

  • 1.Ning
    Create your own Social Network

2. Why Ning?
3. Walled Garden
4. Example Nings
5. Deconstructing a Ning
6. Features
7. Members
8. Profile Page
9. Photos
10. Forums
11. Groups
12. Creating a Ning - Ease of use
13. Management
14. Customization
15. CSS
16. URLS to unblock
17. Tips & Tricks
18. Make Ning Public, but groups private
19. Keep tabs on your Ning with RSS
20. Change your welcome message
21. Profile Questions
22. 23. What do Premium Services add?
24. Transforming your community of learners
to a community of practice.
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26. Bethany Smith