Electronic Practice Assessment: Meeting regulatory requirements

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<p>Meeting Regulatory Requirements</p> <p>Meeting Regulatory RequirementsJacqui Gibson Course Leader Midwifery University of Central Lancashire</p> <p>Baby Friendly Initiative - midwives Infant feeding clinical workbook</p> <p>CONDITIONS OF USE FORM</p> <p>ADVANTAGES</p> <p> Can be use Online or Offline no problem with trust firewalls that restricts use of blackboard/pebble pad Not only provides evidence for students but can also help Mentors collate evidence for their appraisals- Maintains a link with students provides Individual student support by Remote support but gives Timely feedbackStudent can easily see their progress what they have completed what the still need to doMentors can easily see , check, monitor student progress etcreduces paper storage requirements on completion of course Evidence not lost students submit all clinical evidence on line as they are done so CADS, PADS etc not lost no delay in submission at end of a placement </p> <p>10</p>


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