Factors influencing birth rate, death rate and net migration

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Factors influencing Birth rate, Death rate and Net migration ____________________________

Factors influencingBirth rate, Death rate and Net migration____________________________

Factors influencing birth ratesAn increase or decrease in birth rate is due to:Religion - prohibits the use of contraceptivesTradition - many children is a sign of wealthChildren are needed to work on the land/labourGirls marry at an early ageWomen have limited education on family planningGovernment policies - some governments encouragepeople to have many childrenAfter the war 'baby-boom'Advancement in technologies can reduce infertilityCountries with a stable political and economy will have a higher birth rate

Factors influencing Death ratesAn increase in Death rates is due to:

Poor medical facilities e.g. hospitals, clinics etc.Poor sanitationNatural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, drought, floods etc.Limited educationWarDiseases e.g. AIDSFamine/Severe droughtPoor hygiene and lack of clean water

A decrease in Death rate is due to:

Better medical care/Better improvement in medical careImprovement in sanitation - reduce risk of spreading diseaseImproved food supply - improved farming methods/techniques increases better food distributionImproved access to educationBetter living conditionsImproved hygiene and clean drinking water

Factors influencing net migration

People will normally migrate because of a combination of push and pull factors.So what do we mean when we talk about push and pull factors?Push Factor: Things that are driving you from the location that you live e.g. crime and pollution.

Pull Factor: Things that are attracting you to a new location e.g. better job and nice weather.

Pull FactorsBetter employment opportunitiesMild climatesBetter hospitals, schools, entertainment etc.Fertile soilsAbsence of natural disastersBetter housingPeaceful conditions in a countryBetter living conditionsPush FactorsUnemploymentVery harsh climates like too cold or too hot areasNatural disastersPolitical unstable countries e.g. warNot enough facilities e.g. schools, hospitals, entertainmentetc.Crop failureLand is unproductiveOvercrowdingMechanisation - where machines replace the farm worker


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