Literacy in the 21st century- Digital Production using Apps

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1. Supporting and Inspiring Literacy Learners in the 21st Century Digital Production for Literacy Learning Alyssa Bornheimer Connect on Twitter @aabornheimer Resources: 2. The iPad/Literacy Journey 3. Stand up when one of the following applies to you. Sit down if one of the following does not apply to you. I ate breakfast this morning I have laughed at least once today I have learned something new at MACUL15 I have a smartphone I have a classroom computer for student use I have used a cloud storage space like Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud I have one mobile device available in my classroom Stand Up/Sit Down 4. I have uploaded a video to YouTube I have taken a screenshot on an ipad, iPhone, or similar device I have a classroom website I have had students create something using an iPad I have more than one mobile device available in my classroom I share a cart (or something similar) in my school with devices enough for each child to use when its in my room I have one device for each student in my classroom all day, everyday (1 to 1) I have used technology (laptops, computers, tablets, iPads) with students Stand Up/Sit Down 5. Have you ever 6. Pondered how students viewed technology use? 7. Wondered how you could move students from saying- We play games to a more meaningful response when asked about tech use? 8. Struggled to fit technology in in a world of crammed schedules and accountability for standards? 9. Considered how students could be motivated readers/writers using technology? 10. Thought about how technology could support and advance the literacy skills of even your lowest performing students? 11. 12. Creation/Production vs. Consumption of Technology Consumption Absorb technology Play games Watch videos Benefit from what others have created Creation Produce or discover something new Create videos or projects Share work with others to benefit others and share information/learning 13. Literacy motivation while using digital platforms to support the components of reading/writing: Comprehension Vocabulary Word Study/Phonics/Spelling Fluency Writing All while Meet standards, authentic engagement, real world application/ assessment Support Literacy 14. Use small group iPads during small group reading/guided reading 1 Group a week creates a reading product Each month each group would have the opportunity to work digitally A set of iPads as a station or center Change out which station has the digital learning activity each week Station or Center possibilities: Read to Self, Word Work, Reading Response, Vocabulary How to Building into your routine 15. Classroom website or blog Weebly, Wix and Blogger make it very easy Kidblog to involve student content sharing- each student has a blog connected to a teachers Kidblog To share classroom created content Serve as a hub for student projects and activities How to Share 16. iPads/devices fill quickly when students are creating content!! Classroom YouTube account Limitless storage for videos! Easily make videos private or public for safety Classroom cloud space: To store and share files with and among students Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive How to Storage Space 17. Classroom Cloud storage Sign all iPads into the cloud storage and set so that pictures/videos upload to that service. Log-in to that account on a classroom or personal computer to access content (to print, put on website etc.) Apps that allow saving outside that app Classroom Accounts Create classroom accounts for apps requiring an account/log-in for student iPad usage All iPads on one account How to Accounts 18. Set the background on iPads to personalize each Have students use the same iPad each time So they always know where their content is Decide how youll use them with students Suggestions: Small Group reading groups for guided/small group reading activities and lessons As a center or work station in your rotation How to Plan for student use 19. Personal Disclaimer! Download an app Try it, play with it- see if itll work Think about extensions for your classroom, content uses How can it be used for classroom creation? Finding and Trying Apps 20. You may have a classroom library, but iPads offer a plethora of content beyond what you may already have available. More choice on students part=motivation E-Books are appealing to some children Offer note taking and highlighting options Audio Books or digital books that read to students Digital Text Sources 21. Epic App is free, offers free subscription for educators! Great selection of popular trade books tors/ Digital Text Sources: Epic 22. FarFaria has a library of e-books Subscription monthly or 1 book free per day Sorted by genre Books read aloud to students Digital Text Sources: FarFaria 23. is a free library of reading comprehension passages (many information!) Save a PDF of the passage you want students to read Post this PDF on a Padlet wall Students access the Padlet to read the passage Leave a comment right next to the text! Pairing digital text with comprehension and discussion around text Digital Text Sources Readworks/Padlet 24. Padlet One Padlet Two 25. Using Padlet 26. You may find a digital story online (YouTube etc) Make a QR Code to the story and have students scan to easily get there ( Digital Text Sources Accessing 27. Sharing books with others = motivation Make reading a social activity - sharing about books Take paper and pencil strategies and transform them into digital strategies Students demonstrate their understand of the story or a specific skill related to reading Examples: Setting Characters/ character traits Summary Information facts learned Reading Comprehension 28. Each student has their own blog Connected to classroom blog App for iPads as well as web access Great for students to post their own projects Reading Comprehension usage: Reading Log: Summarize 1 book theyve read per week Book Talks- share about books students have read Book Recommendation posts Reading Comprehension: Kidblog 29. Reading Comprehension: Padlet daily/digital/post/engage/2014/08/08/creating- collaborative-spaces-using-padlet Make Padlet walls for students to comment and work with text or response questions 30. Found Poetry/Word Splash Apps to use: Poetics ($1.99) or Word Mover (free!) Either before or after reading, students brainstorm what they know or learned about a topic. Arrange the words poeticly to make a found poem or word splash. Reading Comprehension 31. Students take a picture of the book cover or a character in the book Brainstorm character traits that describe the character Reading Comprehension: Pic-Collage 32. Students find certain features in books- information text features for example Take photos Arrange the photos in a collage Reading Comprehension: Pic-Collage 33. Students take a picture of the book cover, a character, the setting etc. Create a Talking picture that tells about the book Book Talks or summaries Reading Comprehension: ChatterPix 34. Reading Comprehension: Popplet 35. Possible Projects: Students use a drawing app to draw a picture of the setting OR take a screen shot in Google earth OR draw with pencil and crayon on paper and take a picture Create a Tellagami to tell about an element of the story Possibilities Talk about the setting Take a picture of the cover and summarize what Happened in the Story (like a newscast) Reading Comprehension: Tellagami 36. Have students use and work with words as much as possible Use words that already in your content- science, math, social studies, reading stories Exposure and repeated practice= knowing the words When the practice is hands on and multimodal, students are more likely to engage Vocabulary 37. Students draw pictures that illustrate vocab words Use the pictures and words to write a short script Directors Pass (Puppet Pals, in app purchase) allows for using own pictures to create puppets Vocabulary: Puppet Pals or Sock Puppets 38. Vocabulary Videos: Puppet Pals Vocabulary Word: stall 39. Aurasma Vocab Word Wall Students create a picture on vocab words that acts as a trigger image Make your vocab words come to life! augmented-reality-via-aurasma-in.html Vocabulary 40. Students use words being learned in your classroom Practice spelling and reading them Not just playing a game with sight words but creating and demonstrating their mastery of the words Word Study/Phonics/Spelling 41. Audio Boom- App and Web tool Account automatically uploads And creates an iTunes podcast- Parents can subscribe! Can download recordings in iTunes Embed in classroom Weebly/website Readers Theater, Radio Shows, Weekly Poetry selections When students are recording themselves= motivation for repeated reading practice! Fluency: AudioBoom 42. In small groups, give sight word assessment Students spell the words and take screenshot of the pictures Later on they use a recording app to read the words for additional practice Spelling: Magentic ABC, Draw Sand 43. Canva is a web tool but recently an app Graphic Design tool- posters etc. Make letter books Collages or posters of pictures/words for different letters/sounds Word Study Phonics: Canva 44. Word Sort: Popplet Students can sort words ahead of time or Students can create their own words to fit sort categories Wor