10 types of foodies!

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10 Types of Foodies

10 Different types of FOODies! - Which one are you?

The Depressed One!I Am Sad! Today I Am Allowed To Eat Chocolates, Ice Creams, Pizzas, Cheese and moreeeeeeee!!! 3.The Romantic Foodie! The Romantic One!

If You Want To Impress Me Or Ask Me Outjust Get Me Some Irresistible, Delicious Yummy Food!The Mid-night One!

If no one sees you eat it, it has no calories!Eat it all !

The Snobbish One!

I Think This Sauce Is Not Fully CookedummmIt Also Lacks Aroma And Flavour!

The Safe Eater One! Where ever I Go out to eat, I Only Trust One DishMy Pizzaaaass!

The Non - Cooperative One!

Yes, I Know This Is Too Much For MeBut I Am Not Ready To Share!

The Do It Yourself One!


Pasta 650Lasagna 700Rissoto 650Pizza 700If I Am Paying So Much For This Chicken, It Better Sing And Dance For Me HOME Was A Better Option ..Huh!!

The Food Blogger One!

Where is my camera?Pics before eating & after eating is the sole purpose of my life!The Fast Foodie One!

Be It Any Time Of The Day,All I Need Is Junk Food!

Be it any time of the day , all they need is Junk food !!The International One!

Cheers!!! To The Wine Imported From Spain & The Cheese Fingers From France!

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