Archiving your LinkedIn connections

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Finding the RIGHT connections and turn into potential customer

Archiving your


Summary of your LinkedIn connections

Step 1: Go to your profile tab and click on Privacy & Settings.

Summary of your LinkedIn connections

Step 2: Scroll and click on Getting an achieve of your data.

Summary of your LinkedIn connectionsStep 3: Select any one of the options and Click on Request Achieve to download.

Summary of your LinkedIn connectionsStep 4: You may check your email to download the data OR simple go back to your Privacy & Settings and Click Download to download you data.

The first touch!Personalize your message to its relevancy. Keep it short & sweet.Dont hard sell but demonstrate VALUE.

Do a short research from the email address first to study your connection doings before connecting / sending a message.

Its all about the subject lineBe honest in your subject line and make sure it reflects whats inside. State a clear benefit that makes the recipient open your message. Only messages that seem relevant and offer value will be opened.

Step 1: Start with a Specific TitleHowdo I know this person, andwhyam I reaching out to him or her? Is this someone you know and need advice from? Someone you share a contact with and want to know more about? A stranger with whom youre hoping to connect for the first time?Example:Ive got in touched with you through one of our mutual connection of [name].Following up from yesterdays event.Crafting a short email

Step 2: Introduce YourselfUsually with a one sentence background.Example:Im Ellainewe met at the _______ event Im Ellaine, and I what am very much interested in the blog that you wrote on / shared about the article on _______ .My name is Ellaine and I am a Marketer in REDtone.Crafting a short email

Step 3: Get to Why Youre Writingand FastThe shorter the better.Why do you want to be connected? Do you love this persons updates or products? Do you want to book him to speak at an event or invite her to guest post on your site? Do you want to ask this person questions about her company or background?Example: Im reaching out because I need advice. Im in the midst of _______ and have some questions about ______.I noticed that you are into _______ and I may have the solution for you.

Crafting a short email

Step 4: Wrap it Up and Say Thank YouExample: All this to say, might you have time to [provide feedback, write a recommendation, make an introduction, whatever]? I greatly appreciate your time and expertise.Thanks! Looking forward to great interaction and networking! Access this link, _______ to rethink on your business solutions and let guide you through solutions that I could best provide you.

Crafting a short email

Thank you