Maximize LinkedIn: Creating Connections, Business and Results

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Maximize LinkedIn: Creating Connections, Business and Results

Dr. Nancy RichmondSpeaker | Professor | Social Media Consultant#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond



49,000+3,500 +4,000 +4,000 +

- Dr. Nancy RichmondBuilding connections takes time and is mandatory for getting ahead in your career#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond


Goals Today! Maximize LinkedIn



Part 1.10 Steps to Creating a Professional Brand#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond

Who Are You?#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond


Creating a Professional BrandDo you know how to communicate to the world why it is special to do business with you?



Defining Your Professional BrandWhat is your goal or mission? What are your strengths?What makes you unique?What do clients or colleagues already think about you?What qualities do you want them to associate with you?


Defining your brand is like a journey of business self-discovery. It can be difficult, time-consuming and uncomfortable.


(Granovetter, 1973)The Strength of Weak Ties #SMWMiami@NancyRichmond

Poll: What makes you unique?(This could be a trait, interest, skill or value) #SMWMiami@NancyRichmond

Power of a Professional BrandRewarding partnershipsGreater credibilitySharing of information#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond

Leadership opportunitiesHigher perceived valueRecognition and prestige

1. Engage & Actively Seek Out Connections#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond

Just as sales people are moving into the future, buyers are already ahead of us. - @kokasexton


2. Every Connection Matters#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond

Your LinkedIn profile should be customer facing Viveka von Rosen @LinkedInExpert

3. Schedule, Automate & Make it Simpler



4. Be Interesting & Relevant#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond


6. Help Others"Help the people in your network. And let them help you." - @reidhoffman


7. Engage, Ask Questions & Listen#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond

8. Innovate & Stay Motivated#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond

9. Dress the Part, Smile and Pose#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond

10. Create Interesting Visuals#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond

Why would you hire someone who doesnt take the time to market themselves? - @Nancy Richmond #SMWMiami#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond

Part 2. Your 10 Point Check List for a Savvy LinkedIn Profile#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond

What are your top 3 Skills, Strengths or Talents?

1. Settings

2. Professional HeadlineShould Tell The WorldWho You AreWhat You Have to OfferWhere You Want to Be Next

3.Professional Photo

Dont Do This!

LinkedIn Profile with a photo is 11X more likely viewed

4. Customize Your LinkedIn Url & Websites

5. SummaryTop 3 Things StrengthsIf your favorite customer, boss or client were to describe you what would they say?What makes your experience different or unique?Call to Action Who is your customer or your target audience?Specialties: Keywords Most Used Keyword in 2015 MotivatedTop Searched Skills 2015 Data Mining & Statistical AnalysisContact Info


100 % CompleteLinkedIn Profile6. Sections/Experience 7. Skills & Endorsements 8. Recommendations9. Groups

10. Active Updates,Research, Engagement & Connecting

Updates with links result in 45% higher engagement

Social selling is finding the right connections and becoming a magnet for different prospects - @kokasexton


Your 10 Point Check List for 10 Point Check List for a Savvy LinkedIn Profile

SettingsProfessional HeadlineProfessional PhotoCustomize LinkedIn Url & WebsitesSummarySections & Experience

6. Sections/Experience 7. Skills & Endorsements 8. Recommendations9. Groups10. Active Research, Updates & Connecting

Part 3. Advanced LinkedIn: Analytics & Tips#SMWMiami@NancyRichmond

Job Search


Media Links

Visual Header


Go BIG or go home!


Connections matter!Go BIG or go home - @Nancy Richmond #SMWMiami