NRF Social Shopping 2014

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<ul><li>1.Social Shopping in 2014</li></ul> <p>2. Embrace the platforms your audience is using, not the ones youre comfortable with. - Scott Monty, Fords Global Head of Social Media 3. Social Commerce in 2014 DONT Attempt to recreate popular social networks on your .com Take a one size fits all approach Be creepyDO Create engagements on social networks that are grounded in common user behaviors Integrate user generated content from social networks into your .com experiences Offer a strong value proposition 4. Social Data Collection DELIVER Personal ExperienceINVITE Data SharingEARN Consumer TrustLearn more about her to customize experiences. 5. Real-Time Content Experiences Kohls, The Voice Live TweetingBe where she is, when she is there. 6. Surprise &amp; DelightVictorias Secret Angels tweet with super engaged fans. Kohls wins over beauty lovers with free productRewards come in all shapes and sizes. 7. User Generated ContentLet her social content drive purchase. 8. Thank you. Amanda Williams Resource Associate Director, Social Strategy @_amandawill </p>