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  • 1. Muse CoverThis is the cover of the muse album Resistance and I have chosen this cover to analyse and base my cover around because I thought it was a new and interesting that looks bright an attractive enough to attract customers to buy it. Also the name of this album The Resistance is a similar concept to the song that I have chosen for my video which is Rise up and both words have the same connotations which means that it could give me inspiration for my digi-pack cover. To enable me to create my digi-pack, which will be a 6 panelled case, I am going to look at other digi-packs and CD cases that will give me a good idea of the layout and the type of artwork that will look appropriate for my own digi-pack.DesignFor my digi-pack inspiration I have chosen to base it around the artist Pablo Picasso and the angled shapes shown on this cover are similar to some of the styles hat Picasso uses in his paintings like the painting below called The Weeping Woman and as you can see in this painting like the muse colour the bright colours and straight angled shapes. These straight angled shapes also make up the outline the shape of a stereo speaker which connotations lead to music in general or loud music which in this case could relate to the bands genre and due to the various bright colours it could show tht the band have alternative music genre like alternative rock because rock bands stereotypically included edgy and dark images to portray that genre.-895350-890270Digi-Pack analysis Research
    TextThe text on this cover is different from most covers because on other covers the bands has their name and the album name large and bold so that it stands out more than anything on the rest of the cover. The EarthAlso on this cover it shows the earth placed in the centre which could relate to the name of the album resistance and its concepts, so by looking at this cover it shows that the man in the middle is that same size as the earth and therefore could be portrayed as more overpowering or as standing up to the earth. Also the road that is shown leading to the earth on the cover could be a reference to the yellow brick road from the Wizard of OZ story which lead in the story to the wizard ruler of the OZ which in this case is the earth, it also adds bright colour to the cover which will make it eye-catching and attractive for the viewer. The earth revolves around music could also be another connotation from this cover because the speaker outlined from the brightly coloured shapes is placed just around the edges with the earth in the centre which again makes the whole cover look like a speaker from a stereo.For this cover having all of these connotations and images it means that the cover will be interesting and different from any other cover that will be placed on the shelf which therefore means that it will again be more eye-catching for a possibly buyer and will also create an image for the band because when people see this image they will instantly know its from Muse.-895350-1111885