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Description of the house style on NME magazines covers. The presentation shows the similarities and differences between the magazine covers.

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  • 1. Magazine Analysis House Style Ben Murphy
  • 2. NME House style
  • 3. Similar Features The masthead on every NME magazine is exactly the same, with their distinctive red and white, with bold outline colouring. The NME masthead that is on every one of their magazines acts as a logo, so that people can quickly recognise their magazines. NMEs, magazines always look full and cramped packed of information about the latest music. They show this by the image they use on every magazine cover they produce. For example the cove on the shows a band who can hardly fit in the front cover. It is like this on most of NMEs magazine covers.
  • 4. Layout The layout on most of NMEs magazines is the same, in the way that they all looked jam packed almost as if they cannot fit everything they wanted to into the magazine. They have some how managed to fit seven people onto the front of the magazine cover. NME masthead is always in the same place.