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<p>Slide 1</p> <p></p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>NATUREXTREME.COMWe are an establishment pioneering into curation exceptional and experiential holidays both in local and international destinations..</p> <p>NATX is a dream venture initiated by a group of passionate travellers, scuba divers, trekkers and wide life explorers.</p> <p>Travel is more than seeing the sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>2</p> <p>We are a strong team of enthusiastic 15 people; a few are also come with a comprehensive and strong industry knowledge and experience.</p> <p>We are here to bring about a revolutionary change in the travel and tourism sector by involving online and digital forms of marketing and here by obtain clients and customers across globe.OUR StrengthThe abundance of exposure and knowledge of our founders leads to be our greatest strength. Their expertise enables us to create an extraordinary and enriching experience for our clients for every chosen destination mapped on globe.</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>3</p> <p>WHAT DO WE DO?We do bespoke tours and fixed Itineraries as well facilitating our clients choice. Travel holds a different opinion to everybody, for some it is a Romantic Getaway, Adventure Trials, Self Drives, Weekend Breaks, Wildlife Tours or soul searching experience. We help clients to create their own holiday with our range of holiday ideas and inspirations. And provide the flexibility to stay as long or as short at their dream destination.</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>How do we Market Ourselves?We all know, it is not only about the product but a equal share lies in Marketing it as well. So what do we do?</p> <p>Well, we use all forms of marketing in the industry. Few prominent ones among them are</p> <p>Social Media MarketingNetwork / Partner MarketingAffiliate Marketing</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>Social Media MarketingToday business is no more limited to a fixed location to market its services. Hence, we make ourselves visible through the immortal marketing method to be accessible by anyone and everyone on globe and render them our prized services. And Social Media Marketing makes this happen. We have a strong team of Social Media Strategists.</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>Network Marketing is the big wave of the future. And this being the trump card of marketing we are partners with more than 200+ tour operators across globe and hence qualifying B2B Networking form. We grow as a business and help other businesses to grow with us.Network Marketing</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>In this form of marketing we are in collaboration with few Businesses wherein, the business rewards their performing employees by presenting NATXs coupons for the desired amount purchased from us and haveit used by the employeesAffiliate Marketing</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>Through network marketing we intend to grow and help other business grow and profitable with us.Our aim is to be a one stop solution for all the pain points involved in travelling and eliminate the bottlenecks faced while travelling. We are here to create imprinted memories for our clients.</p> <p>Our Goals</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>Our association involves with the below mentioned industry players:</p> <p>Many More </p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>RaftingSea KayakingSightseeingSurfing</p> <p>MIGADA ADVENTURES</p> <p>Migada Adventures based in Tanzania creates an enriching experience of viewing wildlife. Along with the tried and tested safaris routes, they also organise tailor made, hassle free safaris. They are up to meeting every client need, whether the clients seek simple retreats, stylish bush lodges or spa hotels, adventure, group departures or privately guided safaris.</p> <p>Attractions</p> <p>ClimbingCombo TripsGlacier HikingHikingIce ClimbingMountain Biking</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>ARCTIC ADVENTURES</p> <p>Arctic Adventures is an Icelandic adventure and activity company with an emphasis on eco tourism and environmentally friendly trips in the amazing Icelandic nature. They arrange for customized ski trips, snowboard trips, hiking trips, trekking, kayaking, diving, rafting, climbing and alpine trips.</p> <p>ATV / QuadsCanoeingCavingClimbingCombo TripsDivingGlacier HikingHikingHorse RidingIce ClimbingMountain BikingNorthern LightsRaftingSea KayakingSightseeingSnorkelingSnow ScooterSuper JeepsSurfingTrekkingWhale WatchingWinter Daytrips</p> <p>Attractions</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>CROCOSAURUS COVE</p> <p>Crocosaurus Cove centred in Darwin, Australia- is known to have the largest display of the reptiles in the world including more than 200 crocodiles. The visitors can enjoy a swim with the crocodiles or they can hold baby crocodiles in their hands. There is a fishing platform, where the visitors can feed fish to the crocodiles. Other attractions include a Turtle Sanctuary and a 200,000 litre large Aquarium, show casing the biggest fishes of Australia such as Barramundi, Whip rays and Sawfish. There is a reptile house located in the park that displays more than 70 reptile species found in Australia.</p> <p>Swim With The CrocsHold a Baby CrocCage of DeathAquariumReptile EnclosureFishing for CrocsTurtle SanctuaryBig Croc FeedWorld of Crocs</p> <p>Attractions</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>13</p> <p>MOROCCO MOUNTAINS</p> <p>Morocco mountains conduct programs for those planning a trip to the High Atlas, from basic one day guided walks to full package treks, including transport to the region, accommodation, food, guides, mules, tents, cuisine, entertainment and much more.They also suggest itineraries to meet the requirements of the visitors based on the number of days available, number of group members (from sole travellers to large groups), difficultly of treks, level of food and accommodation required, etc.AttractionsMountain Climbing Trekking Camel Trek Bird Watching Cycling</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>Travel and tourism is no more limited to sight-seeing and relaxing experiences, today it has extended doors to attractions like exploring, wildlife knowledge, cultural interactions and also adventure trips. And in order to facilitate the same in every part of the globe, we extend our hand towards your business entity to join us in creating such unique experiences for our clients by providing hospitality, catering, adventure guides, and various other recreational amenities.What do we want</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>15</p> <p>What is in it for you?Opportunity to seek Global customers</p> <p>In this Era, businesses produce local and sell global. And hence we create a platform here for you to present and sell your tours and packages to the target audiences across globe.Assurance of timely and convenient payment procedure</p> <p>You provide clients with quality services leaving them with just blissful memories and no complaints and we ensure timely and convenient payments without glitches or hitches</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>16</p> <p>International RecognitionNo fees or Subscription charged</p> <p>List your services on our portal and gain the recognition across globe. </p> <p>We charge no penny from you to present your packages on world platform through our portal. The marketing on our portal for your service ranges are absolutely free.</p> <p>NatureXtreme India Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>CONTACT US:</p>