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Analysis of Digi pack

Analysis of Digi packCheryl Cole &Taylor Swift

The colours which have been used consist of quite dark and negative colours, I believe Cheryl has chosen this as her songs from this album aren't so jumpy and exciting and are instead more slow and meaningful. The outside picture is what sells the album and also presents her own emotions towards her album. I also feel that it makes the album look more mature which therefore appeals to a different much older audience compared to her normal teenage girls target.I think that Cheryl has chosen to use a mid shot of her upper body and head to create the impression of a self portrait. This makes the album become a lot more personal to the buyer as it could come across that they are purchasing an aspect of her life. Also her choice of net Vail/hat could be seen as a sort of funeral hat which obviously give a depressive atmosphere.The colouring of the disk makes it look like its a shard of glass which could make it look like it was a part of Cheryl which has broken off, also it follows along from the main album cover showing a writing font which looks like Cheryl has signed it off herself. The writing is the main part of this disk so it stands out compared to the album cover where it is written in very small font at the bottom so that the image is the main focal point of the album.The way which Cheryl's eyes are looking straight into the camera is what will grab the buyers attention. Also the flowers are quite symbolic to either a funeral or wedding. Cheryl looks to be standing out from the background as well it looks like there is smeared paint all behind her which brings the image more forward to the viewer.

This is the inside of the pack, it consists of the name of each of the songs situated on the disk. Cheryl has wrote about her opinion and why she produced this track under each name. she has carried on with the same font from the front of the album. It is still in black and white to carry out with the theme. I feel Cheryl has chosen to write these comments as it shows more contact with the viewer and also adds more of a personal aspect to the songs. There still hasnt been a sign of a brighter colour. I think she could have made the pack look a little more exciting as at the moment it dosent look very appealing as it is just a chunk of writing. And this wouldnt especially appeal to a young teenage audience in my opinion. I also feel that the writing is quite difficult to read. It also features some quotes of the lyrics of each song so this flows along with the whole album and sums it up with the music.This is the last photo in the pack. I feel this photo summarises the whole album as it is the only page which includes colour. This could give the impression that the album has told her story and this is her new start. By this I mean she has moved on changed her style and is a lot more happier and she has done this by adding lots more brighter colours and more exciting poses.The bright colour of her lips could represent the emotion of a new love or her love for her music. Another colour aspect could be her bright brown eyes being lit up meaning that Cheryl is back. In this photo looks a lot more done up and like a true pop star. This relates back to her young audience. She also looks quite doll like which is also how a lot of teens try to influence their styles with( Barbie ) she has used a over sized prop which could relate back to the album cover where she uses over sized flowers and head piece.

Taylor looks really young in this photograph of her. The way which she is posing makes her look really choreographed. The way her hair is flowing back also looks very unnatural along with her use of lots of make up. Her pose is again looking straight into the camera which could be seen as dominance or to get the viewers attention. She looks as if she is being blown backwards into the wall.Again the writing looks as if Taylor has signed it off herself to make it look more personal.The background has used a shallow depth of field to make Taylor stand out against the busy background. There has been a change in font for the title of the album to make it look more serious compared to her name. although the font for her name has used a more bolder effect which could represent that she is trying to sell her name more rather than her album.The white colour in my opinion wasnt the best choice as almost blends in with her skin tone.If she were too do it again I feel she should have thought more about her composition and framing.Here we can see again Taylor has chosen to use her own personal font so it looks like she wrote her name herself across the disk. Also the colour which she has chosen to cover the disk is a dark brown which could signify maybe a mud or dust? Which is a connotation of the country which also mixes in with her genre of ( country pop ) . I feel her chosen white font stand in well against this colour back ground compared to the album cover.The picture which she has added to the disk its quite cute and relates to her younger audience very well.This hand signal is very common for this young aged target audience to do. Also I feel the skin colour collides well with the brown back ground.The centre of the heart could also represent that the music is a whole huge part of Taylors life. Even though its not clear who's hand are being used in this image.

Here we can see one of the pages of the digi pack.It shows Taylor looking very glammed up and not at all country! But it does show her relating to her audience by using the word our which shows that she is trying to show as relationship between her and the audience. Also she looks to be looking straight at the words which could be a key for you reading them. I dont agree that the colour of the coat going across the screen was at all a good choice as it looks quite masculine and out of place. The photo again looks quite posed and set up.In this image we can see the writing looks quite chunked out. Its heading is wrote in a font that makes it look a lot more child like which also fits in with the light purple coloured background which flows with the rest of the colouring of the album. Also the music notes signs could signify music has always been a key part to her life.We can see a very old photo in the centre of the page which is clearly Taylors own photo which she has taken herself in the past. She looks very young and is hanging with her friend. We know this is form the past as they are both wearing Christmas hats which has nothing to do with the album. Also the writing around the picture looks as if she is annotating it herself. When really it is just facts, quotes and lyrics. I get the impression that the frame of the image was inspired by the ( friends TV show ) which she could also relate to like many other teenagers.