How to design a powerful Linkedin Profile and leverage Linkedin to advanced your career

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  1. 1. Picture where you want to be and let LinkedIn help you get there! It takes work to make dreams become a reality. Donna Gilliland
  2. 2. Designing and Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile Donna Gilliland, Founder of MOSTraining Social Business Speaker and Educator
  3. 3. Profile: optimize for exposure Connections: strategies and tips Social Proof: Recommendations & Endorsements Linked in AGENDA Tools: Job Search, LinkedIn Publisher Groups: strategies and tips
  4. 4. Picture where you want to be and let LinkedIn help you get there! It takes work to make dreams become a reality. Donna Gilliland
  5. 5. Largest professional network on the Internet. Founded in 2003. 364+ million members worldwide. Executives from every Fortune 500 company. LinkedIn Facts
  6. 6. Profile Facts Profile Photo Results in more views. Summary 40 words or more increases your chances of appearing in search results. Groups Group activity can result in 5x more views of your profile.
  7. 7. 78% U.S. Recruiters surveyed use a search engine Online Reputation research study commissioned by Microsoft Perform a Google search on your name
  8. 8. 85%U.S. HR professionals say online reputation influences their hiring decisions. Online Reputation research study commissioned by Microsoft Online Reputation Research Study
  9. 9. Connect to opportunity
  10. 10. Do you know why you want to be on LinkedIn?
  11. 11. Linked Write down your goals for being on LinkedIn
  12. 12. Gather all your data Linked Job History Certifications Specialized skills Memberships Videos Presentations
  13. 13. Professional Headline 120 characters Who are you? What do you offer? Your Headliner TIP: your headline travels with you when you comment and post. Professional photo
  14. 14. 3 Web sites Call to Action headings Custom URL Adding website links to your profile
  15. 15. Your background photo should visually represent something about you.
  16. 16. Example: Nicole Williams
  17. 17. Status Updates Tip: Plan status updates to coincide with your LinkedIn goals. Goal Examples Gain visibility Subject matter expert Share information Attract new clients
  18. 18. SUMMARY 2000 characters of space Write your Summary section in a Word document so you can spell check. Where applicable include a link to a video, document or presentation. Think keyword strategic as you craft your Summary section.
  19. 19. Article: What to say in your Linkedin Summary Article Link:
  20. 20. Skills & Expertise
  21. 21. Groups strategic choices Choose based upon your industry and/or interest. Contribute to your Groups. Groups appear on your Profile. Reach out and connect.
  22. 22. LinkedIn Publisher show what you know.
  23. 23. LinkedIn iPhone Job Search App
  24. 24. Grow Your Network Business colleagues People your meet at events Connect with customers Use LinkedIns Advanced search
  25. 25. Social Proof Recommendations & Endorsements
  26. 26. Recommendations reach out and recommend Be genuine and ethical. Recommend people who you truly know their work. Dont ask anyone to recommend your work if they dont know your work.
  27. 27. Endorsements - the mini recommendation Up to 50 skills can be placed on your Profile. Reach out and thank those who endorse you. Dont endorse the skills of people you dont know. Dont ask people to endorse you if they have not witnessed your work.
  28. 28. Follow LinkedIn Company Pages Stay on top of what your competitors are doing. Great source of information for a possible interview. See your degrees of separation. Follow your customers pages. Follow your vendors pages.
  29. 29. Lets stay connected LinkedIn: Follow on Twitter: Facebook: Subscribe to my YouTube channel: