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  • 1.How to Stop Herding Cats: Leading Project Teams Through the ChaosBill Fournet, President and CEO The Persimmon GroupPMI is a registered trade and service mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. 2009 Permission is granted to PMI for PMI Marketplace use only

2. Herding Cats 3. The Chaos TEAM PERFORMANCE CHALLENGES 4. THE CHANGING WORKFORCETodays LearnersCAN EXPECT TO HAVE BETWEEN10-14 JOBS BEFORE THEY TURN 38. (Dept. of Labor) 5. The number of employees voluntarily quitting their jobs surpassed the number being fired or laid off for the first time since October 2008.(U.S. Bureau of Labor, 2012) 6. THE CHANGING WORKFORCE 40% of Millennials think they should be promoted every two 7. So how far have we come? 8. 19942014 9. 19942014 10. The Emergence of Social Media 12001000 800 600 400 200 02008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 11. Trends Temporary job growth leaves other industries in the dust Military hiring comes front & center Returnships become popular 12. Trends Leadership standards, behavior, and values training Customized career paths Upsurge in flexible working Skills gap reach global proportions 13. Trends Organizations getting flatter More project schedules will move to cloud PM and business function synergies Big data gets bigger 14. 3 Techniques to HERDING THE CATS 15. Traditional (Command & Control)New Ways to LeadMicromanage, order-takers 16. Traditional (Command & Control)Micromanage, order-takersCollaborate and AttackSupport, self-directed, enable, hole fillers, cutters MV PC EPOT 17. Leaders Intent No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy's main strength. [no plan survives first contact] Field-Marshal Count Helmuth von Moltke 18. Elements of Leaders Intent The Leaders Intent is a concise statement in every order (plan) that communicates to the organization the operations/projects: Purpose: The why Method: A general scheme, framework, or approach; it is not a detailed how to End-state: What success looks like, feels like, acts like, and sounds like 19. SUCCESS to me looks like ________. 20. Example of Intent Statement 21. The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has occurred. -George Bernard Shaw 22. 5Cs: CONSISTENT, CONFIDENT, CONCISE, CLEAR, CONTEXTUAL 23. Baby BoomersGen XGen Y 24. POWER TECHNIQUE: THE BLUFBOTTOM LINE, UP FRONT BLUF: Need your answer by Tuesday March 31st at 3 PM BLUF: We have 2 options for a meeting date: Friday March 5th at 3:00 PM or Monday March 7th at 10 AM. Please respond with your preference by Tuesday March 1st at 3 PM. 25. principledleadership 26. Principled Leadership Values + Approach = The Way 27. Principled LeadershipEstablishes boundaries Enables innovation Engages the workforce 28. Examples of Guiding Principles Before taking an action, imagine yourself as the customer. Contribute to the mission Today! Dont just keep your chair warm. Dont bring issues without options. 29. Defining the Principles Best PracticesPrinciples are accessible by anyone within the organization Would you be willing to fire someone for not adhering to the principlesPrinciples should evoke an emotional or visual reaction 30. Are you prepared to HERD CATS? 31. Successful Cat Herding CultureLeveraging Generational & Cultural Differences Managing to Objectives & Effects Recognizes that Innovation Requires Risk Teaching over Telling Discussing the Boundaries Talks it. Walks it. Lives it. 32. Thank You!Bill