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  • 1. Financial ServicesMarketing Highlights Gregory CurranCreative Director/Marketing Strategist
  • 2. Print Citibank Diamond Preferred Card This campaign needed to create a buzz about a special double points promotion. The executions focused on how the Diamond Preferred card makes earning points fast and easy, so you can earn rewards that help you enjoy the things in life that matter most.
  • 3. Print Citibank Diamond Preferred Card
  • 4. Online Support Tool BlackRock We developed this tool to simplify and enhance a function that is key to BlackRocks success serving the needs of their advisor network. The intuitive, handsome and efficient slider tool allowed advisors to provide the feedback needed for BlackRock to then provide support materials that are more relevant and valuable.
  • 5. Online Support Tool BlackRock
  • 6. Branch Signage Fleet Bank Driven by changes in lifestyle and technological evolution, bank customers are visiting their local branches less and less frequently. Fleet addressed this trend by lengthening business hours so customers could visit when convenient and these posters were part of a campaign to publicize that new service enhancement.
  • 7. Branch Signage Fleet Bank
  • 8. Advisor Recruitment Campaign LPL Financial LPL was an uncontested category leader but their existing advertising failed to truly convey and capitalize on the firms superior offering to independent advisors. We created an integrated recruitment campaign that successfully repositioned LPL while exceeding performance goals by 300%.
  • 9. Advisor Recruitment Campaign LPL Financial
  • 10. Advisor Recruitment Campaign LPL Financial
  • 11. Advisor Recruitment Campaign LPL Financial
  • 12. Advisor Recruitment Campaign LPL Financial
  • 13. Collateral Fleet College Savings The college savings market was a top priority for the investment group at Fleet. This brochure was developed to be used as a sales tool by the investment staff and also as a mailer. The piece was carefully written and designed to deliver the desired dual focus on both Fleets investment expertise and their high level of service.
  • 14. Collateral Fleet College Savings
  • 15. E-commerce Splender.com Splender was an ecommerce start-up that introduced an innovative new model for consumer lending. Consumers leveraged their online spending power to obtain superior loan rates, enjoy a better customer experience, and earn points that were used to pay off their loans. To introduce this revolutionary idea, we built a beta website that reflected the brands core values: transparency, innovation and empowerment.
  • 16. E-commerce Splender.com
  • 17. Consumer E-Mail Chase The clients email acquisition for checking (created by another agency) was sucking wind. So Chase gave our team a chance to improve things. Our work crushed the email control by clarifying the offer and simplifying the call to action. Plus it was way more elegant and engaging than the other agencys stuff.
  • 18. Consumer E-Mail Chase
  • 19. Consumer Direct Mail PNC Bank Good creative teams are always in search of deep, rich emotional bonds to a product or service. Few subjects offer more potential than that of homeownership. These executions provide visual and copy cues that allow the audience to project themselves into the story of a young couple making their first house into a home. That connection helps form a valuable and genuine connection with PNCs home owner-directed offering.
  • 20. Consumer Direct Mail PNC Bank
  • 21. Consumer Promotion Fleet Life Goals Tour To support the clients overarching Smarter Decisions with Fleet theme, we created an integrated, nationwide program to engage consumers with that message. The program was built around a yearlong tour by a special branded bus and also included web-based and printed financial education tools, signage, premiums and a sweepstakes. Consumers (and the bank) loved the promotion, and it exceeded goals for increasing sales of Fleet savings and investment products.
  • 22. Consumer Promotion Fleet Life Goals Tour
  • 23. Marketing Strategy Citizens CustomerCentricity Initiative The creative team at Merkle helped Citizens crack the code on an important corporate initiative that they had long struggled to implement customer centricity. We digested the clients segmentation research and developed a recommendation that was instrumental in planning and implementing this initiative across the banks marketing spectrum.
  • 24. Marketing Strategy Citizens CustomerCentricity Initiative
  • 25. Marketing Strategy BBVA Preferred CustomerProgram In support of a program re-launch, I led the creation of a strategy and messaging blueprint for the BBVA Preferred Customer Program. Working closely with my partner in the strategic planning group, we identified key customer segments and developed messaging and branding guidelines to both acquire and retain customers deemed to be the most valuable by BBVA.
  • 26. Marketing Strategy BBVA Preferred CustomerProgram
  • 27. Marketing Strategy Citizens Social MediaLaunch The CMO at Citizens announced that establishing a social media presence was her highest priority. The words were barely out of her mouth when I began developing the strategic roadmap that helped the bank make their first marketing foray into the world of social networking. Our strategy helped turn a bank populated by nervous marketers into firm believers in the value of social media to engage customers with the Citizens brand.
  • 28. Marketing Strategy Citizens Social MediaLaunch
  • 29. Contact InformationGregory Curran576 Barrack Hill RoadRidgefield, CT 06877P - 203-438-3419C - 203-