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4 days, 17 sessions, 70+ tweets, dozens of individual talks. The UXPA2014 conference helped me to get a clear view on my "calling" and to feel the enormous variety of today's international UX community


<ul><li> UXPA 2014 ^ 21-24 July 2014, Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London </li> <li> ^ 10 takeaways by @UXtf </li> <li> #1 ^ Leverage the power of research thx @kathstraub </li> <li> #2 ^ Design for emotions thx @CaliforniaKara </li> <li> #3 ^ thx @MatiasDuarte "If product is the body, UX is the soul." </li> <li> #4 ^ thx @elizallen_ Code redundantly </li> <li> #5 ^ thx Bill Gribbons Evangelize Product Management </li> <li> #6 ^ thx Rolf Molich Make yourself "useful" </li> <li> #7 ^ thx to all ;) Consider the 2nd screen during presentations </li> <li> #8 ^ thx @carlmyhill Promote (e)Bikes as fashion objects </li> <li> #9 ^ thx @johnwhalen Make prototypes, wireframes, and styleguides "the specs" </li> <li> #10 ^ thx @annakirah BuildWITH people, not FOR them </li> <li> 17 sessions taken ^ thx @uxpa_int MO Research in Practise | Findings UX Professionals should know about Immersion: Using Emotional Design to Create Awesome Customer Experiences ! DI Opening Keynote: Matias Duarte,VP Design,Android Red Herrings: Debunking the Pop Psychology of Color Experience Inspired Innovation:The Fourth Wave of User Centered Design The Future of UX Are you a Super Hero or a SuperVillain? Using design psychology for good (and evil) Inside the UX Studio with 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Rolf Molich ! MI Music and Mimosas. Improvisation &amp; Innovation Music Lessons for Designers How to understand and prioritise user needs:A marriage of UX research and business strategy methods Bridging the Physical-Digital Divide Beyond design: Using workshops to unlock innovation and creative thinking ! DO Leapfrogging the Dutch! Getting more people motivated to ride bicycles by making them easier to use Maximising the impact of UX in an agile environment: Mixing Agile and Lean UX Design for Fingers,Thumbs, and People: Real World Data and Tactics for Designing Touchscreen Interfaces Get Uncomfortable: Breaking out of a Creative Rut Closing Keynote:Anna Kirah, CXO at Making Waves </li> <li> See you June 2015, Loews Coronado Bay San Diego </li> </ul>