1953 Summer Session

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Pacific Lutheran College Catalog

Text of 1953 Summer Session


    Pacific Lutheran College Bulletin


    Parkland, Washington

    1:; JUI 17 I I R \. I I 'I 2( l G. 1

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  • SL\HmR SESSIO:-.l BliLLETI ,.


    Pacific Lutheran College, the only senior Lutheran colle e on the entire PaeiiJc coast , is situated in Pa rklanrl , vVasllington, a suburb of Tacoma, The C,lm]lnS is abont eight mile,; south of Tacoma city center, jnst off the Mt. Rainier high,,-ay, The ('ollege occupies a campus of approximately 125 acres. The main campus ineludes the Main building, Library, Science Ball, Student t nion building, Chapel-Music-Speech building, the Art and Classroom buildings" and Holly Hall, WOl1lenlS dormitory annex, On the lower eampus to the south are lo('ated the GYlUnHsium, Vetel'ans' HOllsing, and tIle Athletic fiel d with ils baseball diamond, football practice field, rnnning track, tennis courts Hnd nine-hole golt' course, The s lI rrounojng area is noted for the beauty of its evergreen forests and the grandeur of i ts mountain scenery ,

    A ccredi ta tion Pacific Lutheran Co!!ege is in!!y accredited by the l':ortlmest. Asso, ciation of Secondary and Higher Schools as a [our-year liberal arts college, It is a(:crec1 itec! by the State Boanl of }


    Registration f'il'St Term:

    8:00 a.m., Monday, June 16. Students Jiving within commuting distance of the college are urged to register the week of June H. First classes will begin at 7: f)5 a.m., Tuesday, June 17. Classes will be held on Saturday, June 21, in order to indude t.he necessary instruetional days ill the (irst term.

    Second Term: Friday and Saturday, July 17, 1X. First dasses will begin Monday, July 20.

    Note: Students planning to attend the entil'e .ummer session must eomplete registration for both terms at the time or the initial registration.

    Change of Registration, Withdrawals 1. Any addition or withdr-a.wal from a


    rul .s that apply for any seme st er. Students who have done work in another accredited rollege will be granted advanced standing for previous wOlk. SUl'h crecl.its will be accepted toward a degree insofar as work taken ig equivalent to the curriculum in which the student wishes t.o graduat e. Transcripts of work from other institutions should be sent to the Regi. trar'8 office, where an evaluation of credits will be made on jequegt.

    Transient Students Transient students who enroll [or the summer session only, without intention of working toward a degree from this institution or for a teaching certificate, will not be required to t'ile transcrips 'from othel' institution attendee\. They may el1l'oll in any conrse for which they have the necessary plereqllisites.

    VETERANS' INFORMATION To Initiate Educational Benefits Under Public Laws 346 & 16

    Veterans discharged after July 25, 1947, may initiate training within tour years aft.er date ot discha.rge. For these veterans, the deadline for beginning of training WOUld, therefore, be after July 25 ,1951.

    Training- Must Be Continuous All training program lUust be continuous once initiated, ex cept in the ease o[ pmployed teaehers who are considered in continuous training by attending consecutive summer essions of at lea.st 5 weeks attendanee in pursHit of a course leading to a graduate degree.

    Ruling- for Teachers Teachers now teaching, who attended scbool the summer of 1952 must eontinue training for 5 weeks in the summer session of 1953 if they wish to make use of their entitlement. Students now


    qui red to apply [01' graduate training benefits on a date previous to their date of graduation. Undergraduates 1I0W in attenflance need not attend summer sessions. They are considered in continuous training by attending consecutive fall and spring semesters each g(:hool year. HO\\'ever, if th Y attend a summer session, inte\'l'uption of sueh training would cause them to lose their G. 1. benefi ts.

    Requirements for Subsistence Veterans eligible for benefits undel' Public Laws 346 and 16 may use these benefits for Summer Session work. To be eligible for full subistence benefits, the student must carry a minimum of 5 semester hours tor the first term 11.11(1 5 semester hours [or the second term, or 5 hOUl'S for anyone tel'lll. Graduate >'tudents are requi!'ed to carry 4 semester hours pel' term for full subsistence. Caution: Training Must Be Continuous.

    Regulations For Veterans Under Public Law 550 Applications for training under PubliC' Law 550 must be made at your nearest Veterans' Administration office. Do not wait until school starts. Publie Law 550 Veterans do not mal,e original applications at the college. Subsistence payments FIre made from date of application [or training 01' date of entrance int.o school, whichever is t!1e latter. After applica tion to Veterans' Administration bring YOUI' 71993, Certificate for Edu cation and Training 0 L. O. Eklund, Veterans' Adviser at the college. All Public Law 550 Veterans are required to report to the Veterans' Adviser, Mr. Eklund, in Room 106, Main Building (PLC), the first Monday of ever)' monU!. This is necessary for making out reports for subsistence.

    EXPENSES Tuition, pel' eredit. hour......... .. ...................................... $14.00 Matriculation Fee.................. . . . . .................. .................................... ................... 5.00 Audit Fee, pel' credit hour.................... ............. ...... ............................... 6.00 Diploma and Graduat.ion Fee for eaeh degree.... . . ................. 10.00 Private instruction in piano or instrument, pel' % hour lesson............ 2.50 Rent fee for piano, per term (1 hour per day)...... . . ...................... 2.50 Board and Room, pel' term (2 ill room) .............................. ..................... 67.50 Board and Room, vel' term (1 in 1'00111) ...... ..... . . . . . . . .............. . . . .................... 75.00 Special .I, mattress eovers, blankets, sheets, pillOW cases, towels, rugs and curtains, and ot.her furnishings to their own taste. Occupants are held l'esponsible for breakage 01' damage to the room 01' its furnishings.

  • 8{ M1VlER SESSION B LLETli'\ 7

    Women's Dormitory Four floors in the Old Main building have been set aside for women students. About 225 women may be housed in the dormitory. Most of the rool11s ac("olllmodate two students. The dormitory has two attractive lounges for the girls, a fudge kitehen, and a. laundry equipped with aut.omatic washers and dryers.

    Men's Dormitory Housing for men is pl"Ovided in two dormit.ories. Two men may share each dormitory room. Hooms [or men are provided wit.h beds, mattresses, chairs, tables and dressers.

    Housing for Married Students At. the present time the College maintains 18 apartments on the camVUS for married students. Ot.her apartments al'e available in Parkland a.nd Tacoma. The College cannot. guarantee housing for its married students; however, every eftort will be made to have suf fident housing available. Students desiring housing should write to the Dean of Men.

    Boarding Club All siugle students living in the college dormitories are normally required to eat in tile college dining hall. Exceptions ma.y be made during the summer seflsion in which (Case a rair adjustment will be made on the cost of board and rOOlll per term. No meals will be served on Saturdays or Sundays. Cafetel'ia meal tickets are available.

    Recreation The Pacific Lutheran College eamllus enjoys the geographical advantage of being in the center of a large recreation area. The College is just two blocks off the main highway to Mt. Rainier, internationally kuown mountain resort. Ski areas, salt or fresh water swimming, picnic grounds, and outdoor athletie raeilitie are accessible. Special trips to Mt. Hainiel' and to lhe ON'an Ilea



    Qualifying Certificates may be issued only to those teachers who have been teaching under an emerg ney (;ertif'icat . (This i. true Oil eit.her the elementary or secondary level).

    Three-year Elementary and Secondary Certificates may be secured by th teacher holding a qualifying certificate w hen he has eompleted the requirements necessary for a B.A. Degree in EdueatiOll_

    A Continuing Elementary Certificate may be issued to the holders of a six-year elementary certificate who complete thirty semester hours in addition to the requirements (or the original three-year certificate in conformity with standards approved for supervision of the fifth college year in the program fOl' the general certificate. This certificate will be valid as long as the bolder remains in teaching service for a period o[ five years thereafter.

    Continuing Secondary Certificates may be issued to holders of the sixyear secondary without any additional college credits and to holders oC the three-year secondary who have met the experience I'equirement of two years of suecessful teaching necessary for conversion to a six-year cel'tificate. This certificate will be valid as long as the holder remains in teaching service and for a period of five years thereafter.

    A Provisional General Certificate is issued to those students who al'e reeommended 1'01' it upon completion or the B.A. Degree in Education. This ('ertiflcate is valit! for only rour years and is not renewable.

    The Standard General Certificate, which is valid for as long as the holdel' remains in teaehing serviee plus rive yeal'S thereafter, may be issued to:

    -I. Persons who al'e holden; of a three-year 01' a six-year elementary AND a six-year seeondary eerti1'i(;llte or their e