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2. Konumaclar Alapala Assets at a Glance


3. Overview of Alapala Machine History ALAPALA MACHINE INDUSTRY & TRADE INC a member of ALAPALA GROUP OF COMPANIES was found in 1954. Now Alapala is run by third generation.Alapala started to manufacture milling equipment from the woods. Through the years demands and habits changed. Alapala as well has begun producing metal made machine and equipment. Alapala made its first reputation by manufacturing quadro plansifters in late fifties and in very short time become very well known specially in the Mid-East, South Europe.Today, ALAPALA exports 95 % its production and establish turn- key flour mills and related systems. 4. Objective Alapala Machine is a leading manufacturing company in Turkey. In addition, Alapala is the one of the first third well-known company operating in developed Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. Now Alapala is seeking a position as the first leading company in the World. Competitive Strategy Italian know-how and its Research & Development department is located in Padova, Italy and Corum, Turkey. Alapala does not compete with other Turkish companies, Alapalas main rivals are Swiss and Italian producers with its price and promotion strategy. Furthermore, it can be seen with its scores in the tenders. 5.

  • Areas of Focus
  • Milling
  • Solutions
  • 1-Wheat milling
      • -Bio Ethanol plants
      • -Drum mills
      • -Soft wheat mills -Bakeries
      • 2-Corn milling
      • 3-Rice processing systems
      • 4-Feed milling
      • 5-Barley milling
      • 6-Oat milling
      • 7-Rhy milling
      • Services
      • 1-Automation systems
      • 2-Technology consulting & engineering
      • 3-Training
      • 4-Milling diagram

6. Areas of Focus Handling & Conveying Systems Tramco USA by Alapala 1-Ship loading and unloading 2-Cement plants 3-Mining plants 4-Coal mining 5-Food handling Storage SystemsSolution Partner Westeel Canada Construction Steel Construction for Flour & Feed Mills 7. Organizational Structure 8. Profile Long and established track record management with a corporate structure with the ability to support strong and knowledgeable decision making to support growth of the group. Business Approach Ability to operate in difficult geography with strong know-how while taking calculated risks and profitability to justify the risk profile.Alapala Group Management Growth Strategy Expand the business lines through both by representativesand itself to establish projects and even to sell single machines all over the world. 9. Milestones in Alapala History 1954 Alapala founded by Mehmet Alapala commences its first wooden plansifter manufacturing facilities. 1967 1969 1981 1986 1989 1990 1991 1993 1994 1995-2003 1995 2004 2007 2008 2001 The plants starts activities to manufacture other machinery used in flour and feed mills by utilization of new technologies. It starts installation of turn-key flour mills. Alapala Machine becomes a joint-stock company. Alapala makes its first exports (Yugoslavia). Alapala makes its first turn-key flour mill installation abroad (Jordan and Italy) Alapala establishes its first turn-key feed mill abroad. Alapala establishes its research and development department. Alapala moves to its new plants on a covered 16,000 m2 where the latest technologies and newest machinery and equipment are employed. Alapala sets up its in-house automation unit. Alapala starts manufacturing of new-generation roller mill. Alapala establishes a new company named Mill Service S.P.A. in Padova, Italy. Alapala sales and marketing department moves to Istanbul. Alapalas new generation roller mill Similago enters the market after R&D works conducted within 2 years. Installation of mills at a capacity of 500 ton/ 24 day and over and performance of new-generation machinery manufacturing facilities. It grants representation rights and opens liaison offices.A license agreement is enteredinto with American Tramco Inc. for obtaining a license for to manufacture of high-capacity carrying, loading and unloading equipment needed for oil, flour and cement mills, mines and ports. 10. 11. Mill Service S.P.A. Founded in 2001, Mill Service is created by group of experts in Italy and Alapala. Mill Service SPA is a project, marketing and installation company for bio-ethonol plants, flour and feed mills. Annual sales volume of Mill Service is nearly 25 Million Euro. Biggest shareholder of Mill Service is Alapala Group.Tramco USA by Alapala In 2006 Alapala signed alliance agreement and created the name of Tramco by Alapala. The world leader manufacturing company of advanced conveying and handling system for cement, oil, flour plants and unloading and loading systems for ports. 12. High Standards of Operations 13. Certificates 14. Projects Alapala has established hundreds of flour mills worldwide from USA to Indonesia. Recently have concentrated more in developed European Countries such as Italy, France, Belgium and North America.Alapala is capable to establish mills at any required capacities at its most advanced manufacturing plant. Alapala designs, manufactures, installs, starts up and gives after sales services. As today Alapala successfully established turnkey flour mills in more than 46 countries and exports individual machine and equipment more than 60 countries. 15. Some of Our References FRANCE Turn-Key ProjectLes Molulins de Levre 200 TONS per 24 H soft wheatTurn-Key ProjectMinoteri Planchot 150 TONS per 24 H soft wheat Machines & EquipmentsSCARA Grands Moulins/ DArcis-Sur-Aube Machines & EquipmentsCl eme nt Equipments/ MarseilleMachines & EquipmentsProvence c eral es Machines Machines & EquipmentsMonoterie Souchard/ Mont ei mardMachines & EquipmentsSopral/ PlechatelMachines & EquipmentsLes Grands Moulins de Paris BELGIUM Turn-Key ProjectBiowanze S.A. 2160 Tons per 24 H S.W. 16. Some of Our References ITALY Turn-Key ProjectChirico Molini e Pastifici500 TONS per 24 H soft wheat Turn-Key ProjectMolino f.lli Braga120 TONS per 24 H soft wheat Turn-Key ProjectPERTEGHELLA S.R.L./ Montova - 150 TONS per 24H Soft wheat Machines & EquipmentsSedamyl S.P.A . / SaluzoMachines & EquipmentsMegavit S.r.l/ CremonaMachines & EquipmentsS.M.A. Srl/ AstiMachines & EquipmentsSircen Spa/ Salerno Holland Some machines Cargill 17. Some of Our References CYPRUS Turn-Key ProjectBaspinar/ Lefkosia - 300 T/24 H soft wheat USATurn-Key ProjectKeynes Brother Flour Mill/ Ohio 200 TONS per 24 H Machines & EquipmentsKRAFT FOODS HoustonBOSNA HERZEGOVINA Turn-Key ProjectEuro Trans Gradacac/ Sehitluci 100 TONS per 24 H soft wheat Turn-Key ProjectKlass DD/ Sarajevo - 450 T/24 H soft wheat RUSSIA Turn-Key ProjectMangnitogorsk CSI/ Zao - 150 TONS per 24H soft wheat OAO Kliucevskoj Elevator/ Kliuci - machines & equipments Turn-Key ProjectBluegroup Holdings Corp./ Voronezh - 22 TONS per 24H soft wheat 18. Some of Our References CUBA Turn-Key ProjectProyecto Antilla- Halguin - 120 TONS per 24H corn. DUBAI Machines & EquipmentsAl Ghurair Foods EGYPT Turn-Key ProjectKafra Hamza Flour Mill/ Cairo- 200 TONS per 24H soft wheat Turn-Key ProjectAbou Elghait Flour Mill/ Kalyobia - 200 TONS per 24 H soft wheat & 40 TONS per 24 H Corn Turn-Key ProjectEl Fattam Flour Mill/ Cairo- 120 TONS per 24H softTurn-Key ProjectEl Obour Flour Mill/ Cairo - 150 TONS per 24H soft wheat & 40 TONS per 24H Corn Machines & EquipmentsUpper Egypt Flour Mill/ SohagMachines & EquipmentsSouth Cairo Flour Mill/ Cairo 19. Some of Our References GERMANY Turn-Key ProjectAmmerdorfer Mhle Ammerdorfer 80 TONS per 24H soft wheat LIBYA Turn-Key ProjectAl Zad Etaib Benghazi 600 TONS per 24H soft wheat TURKEYTurn-Key ProjectBarillaMaceroni Bolu 300 TONS per 24H soft wheat Turn-Key ProjectHas Un / Bandrma - 350 TONS per 24 H soft wheat mill Turn-Key ProjectOkyaylar Un/ Biga - 350 TONS per 24 H soft wheat mill Turn-Key ProjectCa ndarolu Derya Un/ Balya - 300 TONS per 24 H soft wheat mill Turn-Key ProjectOmeroglu Un San Tic. Ltd. ti/ Mardin - 300 TONS per 24 H soft wheat mill Turn-Key ProjectHamitoglu Un San Tic. Ltd. ti/ Mardin - 300 TONS per 24 H soft wheat mill 20. Some of Our References Turn-Key ProjectMiriolu Un San Tic. Ltd. ti/ Hatay - 300 TONS per 24 H soft wheat mill Turn-Key ProjectFatolu Un-Giresun- 180 TONS per 24 H soft wheat mill Machines & EquipmentsKrtzlar Un Ltd. ti. / AnkaraMachines & EquipmentsOsmanl Un A.. / SamsunMachines & EquipmentsHediye Un Ltd. ti. / KonyaMACEDONIA Turn-Key ProjectAgromechanica/ Tetova - 150 TONS per 24H soft wheat Turn-Key ProjectBereqeti/ Tetova - 100 TONS per 24H soft wheat Machines & EquipmentsZito Polo/ TetovaMachines & EquipmentsP.P.S. IVO/ StrumicaMONTE NEGRO Turn-Key ProjectMill Sajo/ Spuz - 100 Tons per 24H Soft wheat 21. SOME VIEWS FROM ALAPALAS PROJECTS Italy France Belgium Germany Austria England 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27.

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