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New FLVR series released in collaboration with Benjamin Artola.

Text of Catalogue FLVR "le progrès"

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    Inspired by the creative energy of Berlin, FLVR Series is borned with the will to experiment through skateboard and art.

  • New FLVR board series by Benjamin Artola,Presented at Bonobolabo skateshop/art gallery in Ravenna, Italia.

    The series realized by Benjamin Artola is a tribute to Jorge Campos. Mythical goalkeeper of the , J. Campos designed his own shirts and was a fabulous rush goalie.

    Thanks to the colors he used for his shirts, he could blind his opponents and was looking like a freeelectron in action, comparable to an exotic and smart fish. What he produced on the field

    The Campos graphic is accompanied with two painting boards representing fantasized aquatic

    Gaztelugaxte is an island situated in the province of Biscay, in the spanish Bask Country. On itssummit, San Juan s Hermitage was replaced by a ramp. The famous Colombian goalkeeper Higuita

    The third board is a pictured scene from a football field, where an ecosystem is represented

    Gaztugatxe 8.0 / 8.125 / 8.375

    Campos 7.87 / 8.0 / 8.5

    Canyon 7.87 / 8.0 / 8.25

    is riding it wearing one of Jorge Campos shirt.

    levitating around the sea and gaps and trying to escape the fishing net.

    allowed him a great renown in the popular Soccer game.scenes.

    90 s,


  • FLVR / Benjamin ArtolaLimited edition


  • T-shirts - frontprint Crewneck - frontprint / backprint

    Grey/blueprint Navy/whiteprint Black/whiteprint S/M/L/XL S/M/L/XL S/M/L/XL

  • Pierre Subra: Fs Wallride Photo: David Lestrade Represent: Guest skateshop/Toulouse

  • Adiran Chicouard: Crook Photo: Jean Dolhats Represent: Woodies skateshop/Limoges

  • Etienne Gros: Fs Boardslide Photo: Julien Sola Represent: Zion Riders / La Seyne sur Mer

  • Lucky Holeby M. Jacquin8.0 / 8.125

    T-shirt Y.FS/M/L/XL

    T-shirt P.BS/M/L/XL

  • Peacockby Y. Fernandez8.0 / 8.25

    Chant d amour by P. Biszcarguenaga 8.0 / 8.25

    Lucky Holeby M. Jacquin8.0 / 8.125

    T-shirt Y.FS/M/L/XL

    T-shirt P.BS/M/L/XL

  • FLVR series/Benjamin Artola

    instagram: @flvr_collective

    exhibition photos: Clement Chouleurcover: Paul Bizcarguenaga

    catalog design: Youri Fernandezwith the participation of Tho Belot

    Sales & Inquiries: Xavier Staal