Cellular Respiration What is Cellular Respiration? Respiration is the process by which cells obtain energy from glucose. Cells break down simple food.

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  • Cellular Respiration

  • What is Cellular Respiration?Respiration is the process by which cells obtain energy from glucose.Cells break down simple food molecules (sugar) and release the energy they contain.Cellular Respiration is very different than the life process called Respiration, which breathing.

  • Two Types Of Cellular RespirationAnaerobic: does NOT require OxygenTakes place in the cytoplasm of cellsNot very efficient, glucose only partially broken downMakes only 4 ATPExamples: Alcohol Fermentation and Lactic Acid FermentationTakes place in certain anaerobic bacteria

  • Two Types Of Cellular RespirationAerobic Respiration:Takes place in the Mitochondria of cellsEfficient, glucose is completely broken downMakes 36 ATPTakes place 24/7 in most organisms

  • How Does Cellular Respiration Work?CR takes place in 2 stages.The first stage takes place in the cytoplasm, and molecules of glucose are broken down (anaerobic-no oxygen used).The second stage occurs in the Mitochondria, and there, small molecules are broken down into even smaller molecules (aerobic- needs oxygen).Energy is released at both stages.

  • What is the Equation for Cellular Respiration?C6H12O6 + O2-----> CO2 + H2O + Energy(ATP)Glucose+Oxygen -----> Carbon Dioxide+Water+Energy

  • What is Fermentation?Some cells are able to obtain energy from food w/o using energy.These organisms (single-celled, dont need oxygen) obtain their energy through the process of Fermentation.Fermentation does not give off as much energy as Cellular Respiration.

  • Equation for Anaerobic Cellular RespirationGlucose Alcohol + Carbon Dioxide + ATP

    Glucose Lactic Acid + ATP

    Only 4 ATP are produced during anaerobic respiration

  • Uses for Anaerobic Cellular RespirationFound in muscle cells during high intensity exercises (Lactic Acid)

    Used to make alcohol (beer, wine, whiskey), bread, yogurt and pickles

    Used during digestion in animals

  • Photosynthesis vs. Cellular RespirationBoth involve the same chemical compounds, but are the reverse processes.CR produces CO2, while Photosynthesis uses up CO2 in the atmosphere.CR uses O2, but Photosynthesis produces it.Photosynthesis requires energy from the sun, Cellular respiration gets energy from breaking down the chemical bonds in sugar molecules.

  • Photosynthesis vs. Cellular Respiration


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