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Office of Research Data Driven Basic Science (interim 20130916)

Data Driven Basic Science (interim 20130916)

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Data Driven Basic Science (interim 20130916). Data Driven Basic Science. Problem sets (see next) Short - term Disseminate; data, tools, expertise. Data platform Data in the curriculum Long-term Discovery, cognitive tools, policy/ ethics, abduction! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Data Driven Basic Science (interim 20130916)

Office of ResearchData Driven Basic Science

http://www.apsnet.org/edcenter/instcomm/TeachingArticles/Article%20Images/TPDD_fig01.jpgProblem sets (see next)Short-termDisseminate; data, tools, expertise.Data platformData in the curriculum Long-termDiscovery, cognitive tools, policy/ ethics, abduction!Intelligent Data Infrastructure: all campuses

Office of ResearchEnable inter-disciplinary science discovery in key research areasGetting data really into the loop - the loop is based on a variety of models and is iterative (must be convergent)Rensselaer Data PlatformPull concepts from Digital Rensselaer, data.rpi.edu, othersAdopt RDA ratified standards, practices (and others)Initiate robust data policy and data economics-related projectsPlace data in the curriculum (DATUM, CDS, others)Digital Society and Digital meets RealityAdvance data-intensive computing (Blue Gene/Q++, software applications, visual platforms, others)Inverse problems (using multi-modal data), scale variation, dealing with sample bias as a resultState of complexity as we traverse scales (perhaps gene/cell/tissue/organ/organism)Complex systems with incomplete data (sparse)Adjoint/ variational data-assimilation approaches in highly non-linear, heterogeneous, stiff systemsBig parameter spaces (~100 dim) change the game in Bayesian analysis. Huge computational undertakingStrategies for putting together data (adapting structure)Open-world uncertainty quantificationVisual analytics (new tools)New ways of organizing data (for Data Discovery)

Themes and Key challenges/approaches

Data Computing (addition to Academic Computing and Research Computing)

Opening up the data culture at RPI

Integrating with existing data facilities on campus

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