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NANYANG EXECUTIVE MBAGlobal Leadership for the Asian Century


Nanyang Executive MBA...One for the CenturyAsia is a rare gem at the pinnacle of its economic brilliance. And for companies and executives who desire global success, Asias competitively intense, culturally diverse and exasperatingly complex marketplace is a prime ground to harness wisdom, prowess and agility to be a cut above the rest. The Nanyang Executive MBA (EMBA) programme prepares you to meet the challenges and rigors of this Asian Century. Gain powerful insights into this economic powerhouse of the 21st century. Get an in-depth understanding of the complexities of doing business and succeeding in Asia. Discover how Asia interacts with the world. Empower yourself with what it takes to steer your business towards success in the Asian Century. The Nanyang EMBA also offers you a truly global experience. Selected courses can be taken in China, India, Europe and USA. Stand to gain first-hand exposure to local markets and a chance to interact with the local business community and government officials. Expand your opportunities, networks and confidence as you participate in these global segments.

Designed for aspiring CEOs, the Nanyang EMBA equips executives with essential senior management skills and analytical capabilities.

The Nanyang EMBA with multiple tracks provide unique opportunities for high potential business leaders to integrate Asian insights with the best global practices. The courses conducted at various worldwide locations allow you to share your experiences and broaden your perspectives with global thought leaders and diverse network of successful executives. The flexible course structure is designed for experienced working professionals and helps you to explore significant changes in your organisation. We welcome you to join us and empower yourself to be a global leader for the Asian Century. Nilanjan Sen, PhD, CFA Associate Dean, Nanyang Executive Education Programme Director, Nanyang Executive MBA & Nanyang Fellows Programmes


Nanyang EMBA The EMBA for the Asian Century. As Asia is the new centre of economic gravity, understanding how to do business and succeed in Asia is the key to global success for any company.

Nanyang Business SchoolOne of Asias Best*Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is renowned for research excellence and industry relevance. One of Asias leading universities, NTU has 29,000 students and 1,500 world-class faculty. A comprehensive university, NTU offers wide-ranging programmes including Engineering, Humanities, Arts, Sciences and Business. Nanyang Business School (NBS) is the first business school in Singapore to be awarded both EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) and AACSB (Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditations. One of the largest in Asia, NBS is home to more than 4,500 students and 170 full-time faculty members and offers many distinctive and highly-regarded undergraduate and graduate programmes that focus on Asia.

Nanyang Auditorium, NTU

The Schools flagship MBA programme is ranked #1 in Singapore and #27 worldwide in the 2010 Financial Times ranking of Top 100 MBA Programmes.


BI Norwegian School of Management(Norway)

Carnegie Mellon(USA)



Shanghai Jiao Tong

NTUUC Berkeley(USA)


Singapore Centre of Golden CircleNTU is based in Singapore, one of the most vibrant and dynamic economies in the world, located at the centre of the Golden Circle which includes China, India and Southeast Asia.

Ivey Business School(Canada)


IFP School(France)

St Gallen(Switzerland)

Our Academic Partners


Nanyang EMBA: The Key to Success in the Asian CenturyThe Asian Century will require executives who can grasp the pivotal role of Asia in every companys global success. The Nanyang EMBA programme is designed to expose participants to the challenges of competition, survival and success in the Asian Century. Duration: 18 months, in 6 x 2-week segments With special consideration for the working executive, courses are held every quarter to minimise time away from work. A typical day will be scheduled from 0830hrs to 2145hrs, incorporating seminar sessions, meals and tea breaks, networking sessions and supervised group discussions. The fifth day of each course is devoted for consultation with the professor, self-study and assessment. Each segment comprises three courses. All 18 courses may be undertaken in Singapore, but participants can also enjoy the rich immersion experience of completing courses in China, India, USA and Europe. Linked to the Berkeley-Nanyang Advanced Management Programme (BNAMP), the EMBA participant can earn credits towards his Nanyang EMBA degree. Comprehensive and In-depth The courses are developed to meet the needs of senior executives competing in the Asian Century. They offer an ideal balance of theory and practice in an interactive environment. Some of the courses include: Strategies to Grow Markets in Asia Economic Issues in Asia Corporate Finance for Strategic Decision-Making Crisis Management and Scenario Planning Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Corporate Financial Risk Management Managing Human Capital Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Mergers and Acquisitions

Utilising an interactive and action-learning approach, rather than merely lecturing, the programme focuses on leadership and business practices in Asia as well as strategic planning and management for the new global marketplace.

Nanyang EMBA participants also take the following courses in the BNAMP course list: Customer-Centric Growth Strategies Innovation and Entrepreneurship Asian Leadership Cultural Intelligence & the Globalised Workplace

"The EMBA programme was very helpful in enabling a professional to gain meaningful insight into various aspects of business (such as marketing, finance, strategy, HR, operations etc). In addition, I was fortunate to be in the excellent company of many successful entrepreneurs, professors and fellow professionals, who were always eager to explore, share application of what we learnt. I believe I completed the Nanyang EMBA programme armed with more knowledge, more friends and most importantly a burning desire to continue learning." Tan Siang Ling Manager, Regional Finance Projects Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific EMBA Alumni, Class of AY2007/08


EMBA Students enrolled in the following tracks: Shipping, Offshore & Finance Energy will be awarded with degrees from both BI and NTU upon successful completion of the programme.

Special Focus on Shipping, Offshore & Finance Energy Small & Medium EnterprisesMultiple - Track Curriculum This is the only EMBA programme in Singapore that offers special focus on: Shipping, Offshore & Finance Energy Small & Medium Enterprises

EMBA (SHIPPING, OFFSHORE & FINANCE) The EMBA in Shipping, Offshore & Finance is offered and designed in collaboration with BI Norwegian School of Management in Oslo, Norway. This is a global programme intended for participants who are familiar with the shipping industry as well as for persons with no experience in the field but who intend to work in this sector. By combining the latest research and theory in a practical-oriented "hands-on" approach, participants will gain an understanding of the key drivers, management challenges and different strategies in the shipping and offshore industry. For qualifying candidates funding support of the tuition fee is available from SPRING Singapore and/or MPA Singapore."We welcome all senior management participants and leaders in the shipping, offshore & finance industry to participate in this rigorous and enriching programme to gain added insights into the challenges and dynamics of this important industry which is taught by highly qualified faculty at Nanyang Business School and the BI Norwegian School of Management. The expertise and industry connectivity provided by the faculty and world-class industry leaders in Singapore and Norway provides a unique global learning experience for the participants." Fock Siew Tong, PhD Associate Dean (External Relations) Associate Professor of Banking and Finance Track Chair, EMBA (Shipping, Offshore & Finance) Track Chair, EMBA (for SMEs)

BI Norwegian School of Management, Norway

EMBA (ENERGY) The EMBA in Energy is offered in partnership with BI Norwegian School of Management in Oslo, Norway, and the IFP School in Paris, France. The programme is designed to expose participants to the energy issues that are currently on top of the global political agenda. It focuses on the traditional energy industries such as oil, gas and coal, as well as new and alternative energy technologies and sources developed as a result of political frameworks and regulations. Participants are also given the opportunity to develop their skills in leadership and management in the areas of economics, finance and strategy among other topics.IFP School, France


EMBA for SMEs The EMBA for SMEs was designed in close collaboration with SPRING Singapore. The customised courses are developed to address the needs and concerns of the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) business owners and senior management. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of business management concepts as well as relevant, practical skills that they can apply at work. They will gain maximum benefit from shared experiences and will be able to benchmark their progress and exchange best practices. More importantly, participants will gain the necessary knowledge and have access to the best resources available to help them overcome the challenges in order to compete and succeed in