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  • 1. ENBE Project OneExperiencing Nature

2. EcosystemA community of living organisms and their relationship with their physical environmentWe choose a siteon the hillThe riverAltitudedecreasesHabitatcharacteristic:1. Dry2. Has moreperennial trees3. Cooler 3. We measuredthe trees andsmall plantsOur siteI found my plant-bamboo hereI found my animal caterpillar hereBig treesSmall plantsand bushesFallen treetrunk 4. Trail where peoplewalk has no trees orsmall plantLower groundRain washed away thesoil because there areno trees to hold it.110cm120cm130cm130cm80cm57cmThe plants in thelower ground isshorter becausethey receive lesssunlightAverage growth of smallplant (height): 104.5cm 5. 148cm 147cm103.5cm69cm160cm57cm 124cm47cmAverage growth oftrees (circumference):106.9cmThe perennial treesleaves fall to theground and becomenutrient forthemselves andother plantsThe perennialtrees are surroundby small plants 6. Description ofsoil typeSection ofour siteDifferent type ofsoil growdifferent type ofplant 7. Five Senses Experience 8. Day 1River water Caterpillar Bamboo MushroomTaste Slightly salty - Tasteless -Smell -Smell of chickenfarm- Like rain waterHearFlowing watersound-Sound of a hollowtube when knocked-See ClearBright orange andblackA lot of leavesA cluster of mushroomon a dead rootFeel Sandy and cold Soft and fragile Smooth like marbleLike carpet and slightlymoist 9. Day 2Lake water Dead leaves Flower Soil Tree barkTasteFiber drinkstasteHard to chew Sweet Slightly salty Slightly bitterSmell - Decay smellShampoosmellSmell of rainwaterSmell of woodHear -Broom sweepingsound when stepped- -Sound of cicadaon the treesSeeCloudy andbrown in colourBrown and in piecesColourful anda lot of antson itBright orangeBrown andcovered withwrinklesFeelMuddy at thebottomDry and crunchySoft andturgidGranular anddryRough andcrunchy 10. My AnimalCaterpillar 11. My Animal - CaterpillarThere are 2100species ofcaterpillar around the worldBiological classification ofliving organismsKingdom : AnimaliaPhylum : ArthrpodaClass : InsectaOrder : LepidopteraFamily : PapilionnidaeCommonly known asSwallowtail Caterpillar 12. My Animal Life CycleLifecycleEggCaterpillarPupaButterflyCaterpillar is the larvaeform of butterflyButterfly lays eggs on the leaveof a plant that only thecaterpillar eatsA hard protective casing forcaterpillar to undergometamorphosis into butterflyThe whole cycleusually takes up 4-8 weeksSwallowtail pupaare typicallyattached to asubstrate by silk 13. Caterpillar isaninsect, thus ithas only 3pairs of truelegsAnal clasperand prolegsact like suckerand help thecaterpillar toclimbHeadTrue legsProlegsMy Animal - AnatomyAnal clasperAbdominal segment Thoracic segmentCaterpillar has4000muscleswhile human only have629 muscles.248 muscles in thehead 14. My Animal - Strategy of SurvivalOsmeteriumA bright-coloured flesh that evert on thecaterpillar head when threathened. It emitsfoul smell to ward off predators.It is a signature defense mechanism ofSwallowtail caterpillarAppearanceStartling appearance and brightcolour as warning to predatorthat they may be poisonous.MovementThrash aroundwhen captured toattempt an escapefrom predatorsSwallowtail CaterpillarEat up to 27000times of its ownweight and increasebody mass by1000times. 15. My Animal Strategy of SurvivalOther Caterpillar 16. 1. CamouflageCaterpillar resemble thesurrounding environment to avoidbeing spot by predatorsCaterpillar of Comma Butterflyresemble bird dropping to avoidbeing prey by birds 17. 2. PoisonousThe caterpillar extracts the toxinfrom their host plant (the plant theyeat)and process it into their own venom.Lonomia obliqua and Lonomia achelous arecaterpillars in Brazil that produce toxin that can causesevere internal hemorrhage and death in human after24 hours.The death rate caused by these caterpillars is 2.5%. 18. 3. BehaviorAmorpha juglandis makes high pitchedwhistles ranging from 9 kHz to 22 kHz toscare away predatorsThe whistle last for 44 to 2060 ms andcomprise of 1 to 8 whistles. 19. Psychidae caterpillar or commonly known as Bagworms construct casesfrom natural materials such as twigs to hide in.4. Protective Case 20. My PlantBamboo 21. My Plant - BambooKingdom : PlantaePhylum : MagnoliophytaClass : LiliopsidaOrder : PoalesFamily : PoaceaeBamboo is a grass, not a tree.There are 1000species ofbamboo in the world. 22. My Plant - AnatomyStemCulmNodeBamboo is hollow on theinside.Each section or culm isdivided by nodes. 23. My Plant - AnatomyRootRunner roots have been documented totravel over20 feet (6.096 meter)in a single season underground.Bamboo root is a rhizome root. It can becategorized as running roots andclumipng root. 24. My Plant - AnatomyLeavesThe leaves are hard to chewand not delicious to preventherbivores from consumingthem. 25. My Plant Strategy of Survival 26. 1. Mass SeedingBamboo of the same stockaround the world flowers atthe same time and die.Flowering of bamboo occursonce every 20 to 120 years. Itis a rare occurrence. 27. 2. Strong StructureStrong root tosupport theplant andprevent it fromcollapsingHigh tensilestrength of28000 kg/inchesand steel has23000 kg/inches 28. 3. Fast Growing255.3 cm 300cmBamboo can growup to39 inches(100cm)in 24 hours.I measured thebamboo height inmy site 29. Site VisitRiverstone Eco Resort 30. Day 1 Late departure due to some problem. Bought breakfast for those who want it at the roadside Arrived at the Riverstone Eco Resort Loading luggages 31. SelectingSiteExploringSiteCollectingDataExplore the whole areaList out suitable site hill and lakesideTakes photos and videosMore detailed photosCollect samplesChoose individual plantand animal speciesPlan out videostoryboardExplorationDid not manage to dobecause1. Wrongunderstanding ofbrief2. Wasted too muchtimeMy animal - caterpillar 32. Leisure TimeFree Activity Playing CardsCreating group logo 33. Day 2BreakfastSkip Rempuh Halangan ActivityTake photos and videos of the siteRakit Buluh Activity 34. Final Site ObservationCollect DataMeasure trees and small plantsTake introduction and conclusion videoRecorded 5 senses experienceDrew sketches 35. My Groups Infographic Poster 36. My part of theinfographic poster 37. ReferencePhoto byTan Shing YeouJ-sern Phuacaterpillar. (2013). In Encyclopdia Britannica. Retrievedfrom http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/99429/caterpillar. Accessed 18 May 2013swallowtail butterfly. (2013). In Encyclopdia Britannica. 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