Firefighting System Dated

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  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    ANNEXURE - 2


    On behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, BHU, sealed item rate tenders from manufactures or their !authori"ed#

    dealers b$ submittin% letters&certificates, in ori%inal, from the manufacturers that the$ ha'e been authori"ed to (uote in

    res)onse to this N*+ of the folloin% items are in'ited.

    Sl. No. Tender no. Specificaion! " #$ani% of &e ie' E!i'aed co!

    . //H&013 A&c1& 33-


    *nstallation of 0ire 0i%htin% /$stem in the 554

    Bedded 6 0loor 785 *ndoor Buildin% of /1/1

    Hos)ital, BHU1

    *.** +ac!


    +he +ender 9ocuments for items ill be on to-Bid /$stem consistin% of +echnical Bid and :rice Bid1 +he

    +ender 9ocuments ill be submitted item-ise in to se)arate sealed co'ers clearl$ mentionin% on the en'elo)e the

    details of items for hich bid is submitted1 An$ firm ma$ bid for an$ number of items a%ainst the )urchase of +ender 

    9ocument but each offer must be item-ise in to bid co'er enclosin% item-ise E;9 ith +echnical Bid1

    +he +ender 9ocument non-transferable alon%ith detailed s)ecifications, terms and conditions ma$ be

     )urchased b$ the interested su))lier on submission of a ritten a))lication to the undersi%ned alon%ith )a$ment of 

    non-refundable +ender fee as mentioned belo1 +he +ender fee ma$ be )aid in the form of Ban- Draf in fao$r of 

    T&e Re/i!rar0 Banara! Hind$ Unier!i% )a$able at Varanasi1 +he +ender document can be donloaded from the

    Uni'ersit$#s ebsite

  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated





    IN S.S. HOS7ITA+0 BHU.

    B*9 RE0ERENCE //H&013A&c12433-32&4

    9A+E O0 CO;;ENCE;EN+ O0/A=E O0 B*99*N7 9OCU;EN+


    =A/+ 9A+E AN9 +*;E 0OR RECE*:+ O0

    B*9/ 3*.*.3*3 $po 9.** 76


    /ir /underlal Hos)ital

    Banaras Hindu Uni'ersit$

    Varanasi -223445 U1:1

    Tele !o. 0+,2-/03++ /03+ 23033

    Fa !o. 0+,2-2311+ 


    *nterested firms are re(uested to submit their offers in a sealed en'elo)e on terms and

    conditions %i'en in the )rescribed +ender form.- 

     Name of the or? Earnest ;one$ in

    the form of account

     )a$ee 99 in fa'our 

    of +he Re%istrar-

    BHU, )a$able at


    Bid :rocessin% 0ee in

    the form of 99 in

    fa'our of the


     )a$able at Varanasi

    +ender 0ee in the

    form of 99 in

    fa'our of +he

    Re%istrar < BHU,

     )a$able at Varanasi

    In!allaion of :ire:i/&in/ S%!e' (4cope o# 

    5or&)  a! per enclo!ed

    Anne,$re ;(A) :ir!

    p&a!e " Anne,$re (B)

    Second p&a!e







    Conditional tenders shall not be considered and shall be re@ected1

     !ote6 Tender #ee on downloaded #or #ro the we"site www." 7"  is

    also +00.00 (!on-re#unda"le) and will have to "e rendered at the tie o# su"ission o# the


     !ote6 (i) 10% o# total cost involved in the wor& will "e deposited as 8an& 9uarantee at the tie o# #inal award "ythe success#ul "idder.

    (ii) The di##erence o# $arnest oney (2% o# total cost involved in the wor&) will "e deposited throu'h heue or 

     .. at the tie o# #inal award "y the success#ul "idder.



    =ast 9ate of Recei'in% /ealed



    $po 9.** p'

    Office of the ;edical /u)erintendent,

    /1/1 Hos)ital, BHU

    O)enin% of +echnical Bid To 2e infor'ed


    Committee Room of the

    Administrati'e Bloc? of /1/1 Hos)ital,

    BHU, Varanasi -223 445 U1:1

    T&e Deail! of &e Tender 1ill 2e aaila2le on 1e2!ie www." 7" 


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    Anne,$re ; OR? @ :IRST 7HASE

     8asic essential #acilities in #irst phase

    31 /u))l$in% installation of et Riser /$stem and ard H$drant /$stem .



    De!cripion %. Uni

    43 :ro'idin% 0iDin% of hose reel all mountin% sin%in% t$)e

    fitted ith 24mm dia 4 mtr1 lon% hi%h )ressure hose to */

    532 ith 5mm outlet // no""le ith shut off 'al'e */1F-

    3G6G all fittin% %ate 'al'e */* mar? of standard brand 2F Each

    42 :ro'idin% 0iDin% of // =andin% 'al'e ith 6mm dia

    instantaneous female cou)lin% on the outlet com)lete ith

    flan%es ,ca) and chain */* ;ar? of standard brand 2F Each

    4 (a) :ro'idin% 0iDin% of 6 mm dia 35 mtr1 lon%

    rubberi"ed fabric lined hose includin% // male-female

    instantaneous t$)e cou)lin% ound ith 7* ire

    com)lete in all res)ects1 Hose conform to */166 t$)e 2

    such as :RO :RO+EC+ or e(ui'alent and cou)lin%

    to */ G4 ith */* certification +o )er h$drant ISI


    F Each

    (2) :ro'idin% 0iDin% of 6 mm dia 4 mtr1 =on%

    rubberi"ed fabric lined hose includin% // male-female

    instantaneous t$)e cou)lin% ound ith 7* ire

    com)lete in all res)ects1 Hose conform to */166 t$)e 2such as :RO :RO+EC+ or e(ui'alent and cou)lin%

    to */ G4 ith */* certification

    32 Each

    4F :ro'idin% 0iDin% of 6 mm dia // Branch )i)e ordinar$

    ith // no""le 36mm dia outlet ISI mar? 6 Each

    45 :ro'idin% 0iDin% of 0ire hose cabinet fabricated from 36

    %au%e ;1/ sheet of full$ elded construction ith loc?in%

    arran%ement and )artiall$ %la"ed ith Fmm thic? %lass

    suitable to hose )i)e and branch )i)e as )er site re(uirement

    includin% )aintin% etc as re(uired 6 Each

    46 :ro'idin% 0iDin% of ard h$drant 6 mm dia 'al'e

    instantaneous female cou)lin% on the outlet com)lete ith

    flan%es ,ca) and chain ISI mar? 32 Each

    4 :ro'idin% 0iDin% of ;/ )i)es ER class C confirmin% to

    */.32G ith )aintin% includin% all fittin% li?e short bend,

    elbo, tees etc1 elded or screed @oints as re(uired, cuttin%

    holes and chases in bric? or RCC alls and ma?in% %ood

    com)lete Iindal &+ata&J/+ ma?e or e(ui'alent brand1

    a 25 mm dia

     b 4 mm dia

    c 344 diad 354 mm dia

    32 mtr 

    34 K

    44 KF44 K




  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    Anne,$re ;

  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    F /u))l$ of /)rin?ler /tandard Re)resentation, /tandard

    Con'ersion, :endent +em)erature G 9e% Centi%rade, L 0actor 

    , End Connection K N:+ 0inish Chromium 0inish1

    F Nos1

    5 Air release Val'e 3K dia */* mar? 3

    6 Alarm Val'e ;odel-A 0lan%e to AN/* B3613 Class 325 U=

    listed 354 mm dia */* mar? 


    Constant :ressure +rim for Alarm Val'e ;odel-A */* mar? 3

    ater ;otor 7on% Bell ;odel 7A +$)e-A U= =isted */* mar? 3

    21 Construction and )ro'ision of a under%round ater tan? ith a )um) house ha'in% one

    electrical and one diesel o)erated liftin% )um)s 224 ltr&m and 34 ltr&m ca)acit$ @oc?e$

     )um) as follos .

    •   RCC under%round ater tan? of 3,44,444 ltr1 ca)acit$ as )er NBC norms1 < * o2

    •   6ain elecrical p$'p @

    Com)lete ith electrical )anel :CC com)lete ith suitable si"e of armored cable of 313

    LV %rade Lirlos?ar or e(ui'alentSR.NO. DESCRI7TION TY. UNIT

    AP :ro'idin% erectin% )um)in% set ha'in%

    9B&4&26 ca)acit$ of 4 ; head1

    +he )um) ill be as )er +1A1C1 and

    ha'in% Bron"e im)eller Bron"e fitted

    +he )um) ill be directl$ cou)led to F5 LC

    2G44 R1:1;1 /:9: motor1 3 /et

    BP :ro'idin% erectin% necessar$ 244 mm

    9ia1 ;1/1 suction )i)e fittin%s 3 ;trs1

    CP :ro'idin% erectin% 244 mm slui'e 'al'e 3 No1

    9P :ro'idin% and erectin% 354 mm 9ia1 'al'e

    in deli'er$ line of )um) 3 No1

    EP :ro'idin% and erectin% 354 mm 9ia1 non-

    return 'al'e in deli'er$ line of )um) 3 No1

    0P :ro'idin% and erectin% 354 mm 9ia1 ;1/1

     )i)e and fittin%s for deli'er$ line 2 ;trs1

    7P :ro'idin% erectin% )ressure %au%e 2 Nos1

    HP :ro'idin% and erectin% 54 mm 9ia1 sto)

    'al'e for b$ )ass 3 No1

    *P :ro'idin% and erectin% 54 mm 9ia1 ;1/1

     )i)e fittin%s for b$ )ass 5 ;tr1IP :ro'idin% electric control for h$drant

     )um) set com)risin% of .

    a /uitable *C+: sitch unit to recei'e the

      main cable to be arran%ed b$ $ou1

     b Automatic star delta starter 

    c Voltmeter ith selector sitch to

    the 'olta%e across to )hase

    d Ammeter to indicate the load motor 

    e =am)s indictin% )oer on

    f =am) indicatin% )um) on 3 No1


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    • oc-e% 7$'p @

    Com)lete ith electrical )anel :CC com)lete ith suitable si"e of armored cable of

    313 LV %rade -SR.NO. DESCRI7TION TY. UNIT

    QA :ro'idin% erectin% )um)in% set ha'in%

    ca)acit$ of =&/ at 4 ; head1 +he

     )um) ill be as )er +1A1C and ha'in%

    Bron"e im)eller Bron"e fitted

    +he )um) ill be directl$ cou)led to 34

    H1:1 2G44 R1:1;1 /:9: motor1 3 /et

    QB :ro'idin% erectin% necessar$ 4 mm

    9ia1 ;1/1 suction )i)e fittin%s 2 ;trs1

    QC :ro'idin% erectin% 4 mm sluice 'al'e 3 No1

    Q9 :ro'idin% and erectin% 54 mm 9ia1 'al'e

    in deli'er$ line of )um) 3 No1QE :ro'idin% and erectin% 54 mm 9ia1 non-

    return 'al'e in deli'er$ line of )um) 3 No1

    Q0 :ro'idin% and erectin% 54 mm 9ia1 ;1/1

     )i)e and fittin%s for deli'er$ line 5 ;trs1

    Q7 :ro'idin% erectin% )ressure %au%e 3 No1

    QH :ro'idin% erectin% )ressure sitch Nos1

    Q* :ro'idin% electric control )anel for Ioc?e$

     )um) set com)risin% of .

    a Automatic star delta starter 

     b Am)1 meter to indicate the load motor c =am) indicatin% )um) on 3 No1

    • Die!el En/ine @ 9ri'en )um) com)lete ith electrical )anel :CC com)lete ith

    suitable si"e of armored cable of 313 LV %rade

  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY(Established by Parliament Notification No. 225 of 1916)


    VARANASI 833 **

    UNDERTA?ING :OR CHEC? +ISTi. :rinted co)ies of the Catalo%ue & :rice =ist of the )roducts1

    ii. Attested )hotoco)$ of current manufacturin% license, for res)ecti'e items, issued b$

    com)etent authorit$1

    iii. =ist of or%ani"ations here the firm is on rate contract or has been su))l$in% the items,

    alon%ith their )erformance certificates if a'ailable and attested )hotoco)ies of rate


    iv. +he enclosed certificates and )roforma dul$ filled in and si%ned1

    v.  Documentary evidence for the turnover of last three consecutive years alon!ith co"y of the

    audited balance sheet of both the manufacturer as !ell as authori#ed dealer se"arately. $

    minimum turnover for consumables +.00 lac % non&consumables 1+.00 lac is essential 

     for manufacturin and authori#ed dealer se"arately.

    vi. 9emand 9raft of ` +00:- +ender 9ocument 0ee in fa'our of ;The Re'istrar 8H

  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated



     A. Introduction. $alificaion crieriaF Eli/i2le Bidder!

    313 +his *n'itation for Bids is o)en to all manufacturers their dealers authori"ed to (uote in res)onse to this N*+1

    312 Co)ies of 'alid Central&/tate sales taD re%istration certificate, *ncome taD clearance certificate, )roof of manufacturin%unit&dealershi) %eneral order su))liers and co)ies of to ma@or su))l$ orders 'aluin% more than Rs1 24444&- eDecuted durin% the

     )recedin% to $ears for 7o't1 de)ts1 &:/Us and Central Autonomous bodies ha'e to be submitted1

    3. Co! of Biddin/

    213 +he Bidder shall bear all costs associated ith the )re)aration and submission of its bid, and Sthe :urchaserS, ill in no case be

    res)onsible or liable for these costs, re%ardless of the conduct or outcome of the biddin% )rocess1

    B. The Bidding Documents

    9. Co! of Biddin/ Doc$'en!

    *nterested eli%ible bidders ma$ )urchase the biddin% documents on )a$ment of the cost of biddin% documents as indicated in the

    in'itation for bids1 +he cost of biddin% documents should be submitted in the form of a 9emand 9raft in fa'our of the Re%istrar,BHU )a$able at Varanasi14. Conen of Biddin/ Doc$'en!

    F13 +he %oods re(uired, biddin% )rocedures and contract terms are )rescribed in the biddin% documents1 *n addition to the *n'itationfor Bids, the biddin% documents include.

    a *nstruction to Bidders *+BM

    b 7eneral Conditions of Contract 7CCM

    c /chedule of re(uirementsM

    d +ender form technical bid1

    e +ender form financial bidF12 +he Bidder is eD)ected to eDamine all instructions, forms, terms, and s)ecifications in the biddin% documents1 0ailure to furnish

    all information re(uired b$ the biddin% documents or submission of a bid not substantiall$ res)onsi'e to the biddin% documents in

    e'er$ res)ect ill be at the BidderTs ris? and ma$ result in re@ection of its bid1. A'end'en of Biddin/ Doc$'en!

    513 At an$ time )rior to the deadline for submission of bids, the :urchaser ma$, for an$ reason, hether at its on initiati'e or in

    res)onse to a clarification re(uested b$ a )ros)ecti'e bidder, modif$ the biddin% documents b$ amendment1512 All )ros)ecti'e bidders ho ha'e recei'ed the biddin% documents ill be notified of the amendment in ritin%, hich ill be

     bindin% on them1

    51 *n order to allo )ros)ecti'e bidders reasonable time ithin hich to ta?e the amendment into account in )re)arin% their bids,

    the :urchaser, at its discretion, ma$ eDtend the deadline for the submission of bids1

    C. Preparation of Bids. +an/$a/e of Bid

    613 +he bid )re)ared b$ the Bidder, as ell as all corres)ondence and documents relatin% to the bid eDchan%ed b$ the Bidder and the

    :urchaser, shall be ritten in En%lish lan%ua%e1. Doc$'en! Co'pri!in/ &e Bid

    13 Tec&no co''ercial $npriced 2id and priced Bid!@ +he bids are to be submitted in to )arts in se)arate sealed en'elo)es i1e1

    +echno commercial un)riced bid and )riced Bids1

    a +echno commercial un)riced bid alon% ith Earnest ;one$ 9e)osit E;9 as shon in in'itation to bids ma$ be submittedeither throu%h Ban? 7uarantee 'alid for the duration of contract as )er enclosure to the biddin% documents or b$ a demand draft of 

     Nationalised Ban? in fa'our of the Re%istrar, BHU )a$able at Varanasi1 *f the E;9 is not recei'ed alon% ith the technical bid,

    such bid ill not be considered1 +he sam)les of all the items shon in the schedule of re(uirements of each tender should also

    accom)an$ the techno commercial un)riced bid in a se)arate sealed en'elo)e

    b :riced bid1

    12 Tec&no co''ercial $npriced 2id@ +he +echno commercial un)riced bid )re)ared b$ the bidder shall be )ro'ided in thefolloin% ;odel Res)onse format .6odel Re!pon!e for'a

    a /tandin% of each Bidder ;anufacturer&9ealer and )ast eD)erience in su))l$ of the material certificates to be enclosed, )roof of

    manufacturin% Unit&9ealershi) letter and %eneral order su))lier1

    b =ist of other 7o't1 9e)artments , :ublic /ector units and Central Autonomous Bodies for hich the bidder is su))l$in% materialor ha'in% the similar t$)e of contracts and a certificate re%ardin% the satisfactor$ )erformance of the contract1

    c Co)$ of the audited balance sheet of the 'endor for the )re'ious financial $ear indicatin% the turno'er in su))l$ of the material1d 9etails of :ermanent Account Number and latest income taD clearance certificate1

    e 9etails of /1+1 No1 alon% ith a co)$ of certificate to be attached1


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    f /ubmission of sam)les if re(uired, for all items indicated in the schedule of re(uirements1 +he ma?e of items )ro)osed to be

    su))lied should be indicated in the format of the schedule of re(uirements and submitted alon% ith the techno commercial un )riced

     bid ithout indicatin% the )ricin% com)onents1

    % illin%ness to eDecute all orders hich are )laced to meet emer%enc$ re(uirement on )riorit$ basis1 +he Bidder shall note that

    standards for or?manshi), material and e(ui)ment, and references to brand names desi%nated b$ the :urchaser in the schedule ofre(uirements are intended to be descri)ti'e onl$ and not restricti'e1 +he Bidder ma$ substitute alternati'e standards, brand names

    and&or catalo%ue numbers in his bid, )ro'ided that it demonstrates to the :urchaserTs satisfaction that the substitutions ensure

    substantial e(ui'alence to those desi%nated in the +echnical /)ecifications1.9 7riced Bid

    +he )riced bid shall com)rise the techno commercial bid alon% ith the )rice com)onent indicatin% the Unit )rices for each and

    e'er$ item indicated in the schedule of re(uirements1a +he )rices (uoted must be net )er unit as shon in the /chedule and must include all char%es for deli'er$ at the desi%nated stores1

    b +he rate must be stated for each item se)aratel$ both in ords and fi%ures1 *f there is a discre)anc$ beteen the )rice (uoted in

    ord and fi%ures the hi%her )rice (uoted ill be treated as final1

    c +he )rice (uoted b$ the tenderers should be eDclusi'e of EDcise 9ut$ /ales +aD1 Hoe'er, the EDcise 9ut$ /ales +aD

     )a$able should be (uoted se)aratel$ in the schedule enclosed1

    d Juoted )rices should be firm and inclusi'e of octroi, frei%ht and forardin% char%es, handlin% char%es, loadin% and unloadin%char%es, insurance char%es etc1

    e +he )rices once acce)ted b$ the Uni'ersit$ shall remain 'alid till the successful eDecution of the order and till su))lies are full$

    effected and acce)ted or 32 months from the date of acce)tance of tender hiche'er is later1 +he Uni'ersit$ shall not entertain an$

    increase in the rates durin% the )eriod1 Hoe'er, in the e'ent there is a reduction or increase in 7o'ernment le'$&duties durin% the

     )eriod of eDecution of the order, the rates shall be suitabl$ ad@usted ith effect from the date notif$in% the said reduction or increasein the 7o'ernment le'$&eDcise dut$1 +he (uantit$ %i'en in the schedule is a))roD annual re(uirement, hich can be reduced orincreased b$ 54>1




    TENDER 1


    . Bid 7rice!

    13 +he Bidder shall indicate on the /chedule of re(uirements, the unit )rices of the %oods it )ro)oses to su))l$ under the Contract

    and enclose it ith the )riced bid1

    12 :rices indicated on the :rice /chedule shall be entered se)aratel$ in the folloin% manner.i the )rices (uoted must be net )er unit as shon in the schedule of re(uirements and must be include all char%es for deli'er$ at the

    desi%nated stores1

    ii an$ *ndian duties, sales and other taDes hich ill be )a$able on the %oods if this Contract is aardedM

    1 :rices (uoted b$ the Bidder shall be fiDed durin% the BidderTs )erformance of the Contract and not sub@ect to 'ariation on an$

    account15. Bid C$rrencie!

    G13 :rices shall be (uoted in *ndian Ru)ees onl$1 *n case of direct im)ort the )rices ma$ be indicated in the forei%n currenc$1 +he

    Uni'ersit$ ma$, at its discretion, arri'e at a))roDimate Ru)ee e(ui'alent on the basis of eDchan%e rate on the date of o)enin% of )rice

     bid1*. 7eriod of Validi% of Bid!

    3413 Bids shall remain 'alid for G4 da$s after the date of bid o)enin% )rescribed b$ the :urchaser1 A bid 'alid for a shorter )eriodshall be re@ected b$ the :urchaser as non-res)onsi'e1

    3412 *n eDce)tional circumstances, the :urchaser ma$ solicit the BidderTs consent to an eDtension of the )eriod of 'alidit$1 +he

    re(uest and the res)onses thereto shall be made in ritin%1 A Bidder ma$ refuse the re(uest ithout forfeitin% its E;91 A Bidder

    %rantin% the re(uest ill not be re(uired nor )ermitted to modif$ the bid1

    341 Bid e'aluation ill be based on the bid )rices ithout ta?in% into consideration the abo'e modifications1

    D. Submission of Bids. Sealin/ and 6ar-in/ of Bid!

    3313 +he outer en'elo)e containin% +echno commercial un)riced bid alon% ith E;9 sam)les, if re(uired, and )riced bid shall be

    addressed to The >edical 4uperintendent 4ir 4underlal Hospital 8anaras Hindu

  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    331 *f the outer en'elo)e is not sealed and mar?ed as re(uired, the :urchaser ill assume no res)onsibilit$ for the bidTs

    mis)lacement or )remature o)enin%13. Deadline for S$2'i!!ion of Bid!

    3213 Bids must be recei'ed b$ the :urchaser at the address s)ecified not later than the time and date s)ecified in the *n'itation for

    Bids1 *n the e'ent of the s)ecified date for the submission of Bids bein% declared a holida$ for the :urchaser, the Bids ill berecei'ed u)to the a))ointed time on the

    neDt or?in% da$1

    3212 +he :urchaser ma$, at his discretion, eDtend this deadline for submission of bids b$ amendin% the bid documents in hich caseall ri%hts and obli%ations of the :urchaser and Bidders )re'iousl$ sub@ect to the deadline ill thereafter be sub@ect to the deadline as

    eDtended19. +aeFDela%ed Bid!

    313 An$ bid recei'ed b$ the :urchaser after the deadline for submission of bids )rescribed b$ the :urchaser, )ursuant to Clause 5 of

    in'itation of bids ill be re@ected and&or returned uno)ened to the Bidder14. 6odificaion! and >i&dra1al of Bid!

    3F13 +he Bidder ma$ modif$ or ithdra its bid after the bidTs submission, )ro'ided that ritten notice of the modification or

    ithdraal is recei'ed b$ the :urchaser )rior to the deadline )rescribed for submission of bids1

    3F12 +he BidderTs modification or ithdraal notice shall be )re)ared, mar?ed and dis)atched in a sealed en'elo)e1 A ithdraalnotice ma$ also be sent b$ teleD or cable or faD but folloed b$ a si%ned confirmation co)$, )ost mar?ed not later than the deadline

    for submission of bids1

    3F1 No bid ma$ be modified subse(uent to the deadline for submission of bids1

    3F1F No bid ma$ be ithdran in the inter'al beteen the deadline for submission of bids and the eD)ir$ of the )eriod of bid 'alidit$

    s)ecified b$ the Bidder on the bid form1 ithdraal of a bid durin% this inter'al ma$ result in the BidderTs forfeiture of its E;91

    E. Bid Opening and Evauation of Bids. Openin/ of Tec&no co''ercial $npriced Bid!

    3513 +he )urchaser ill o)en all techno commercial un)riced bids in the first instance1. Clarificaion of Bid!

    3613 9urin% e'aluation of the bids, the )urchaser ma$, at its discretion, as? the Bidder for clarification of its bid1 +he re(uest for

    clarification and the res)onse shall be in ritin% and no chan%e in )rice or substance of the bid shall be sou%ht, offered or )ermitted1

    3612 No Bidder shall contact the )urchaser on an$ matter relatin% to its bid from the time of the bid o)enin% to the time the contract isaarded1 *f the Bidder ishes to brin% additional information to the notice of the Uni'ersit$ it should be done in ritin%1

    361 An$ effort b$ a Bidder to influence the )urchaser in its decisions on bid e'aluation, bid com)arison or contract aard decisions

    ma$ result in re@ection of the Bidder#s bid1. Eal$aion of Tec&no co''ercial $npriced Bid

    313 :rior to the detailed technical e'aluation, the )urchaser ill determine the substantial res)onsi'eness of each bid1 A substantiall$res)onsi'e bid is one, hich conforms to all the terms and conditions of the Biddin% 9ocuments ithout material de'iations1

    312 +he )urchaser ill re@ect a bid determined as not substantiall$ res)onsi'e1

    31 +he bidders ma$ be called for discussion and ma$ be alloed to modif$ their technical bids to suit the or%ani"ation#s

    re(uirement1 +he idea is to arri'e at a threshold le'el of acce)tabilit$ abo'e hich all the bidders shall be treated on )ar1 +hose hose

    technical s)ecifications do not reach the threshold le'el of acce)tabilit$ shall be re@ected as technicall$ unsuitable11 +he )rice bids of

    the bidders ho finall$ emer%e as technicall$ acce)table shall be o)ened, e'aluated and the contract aarded to the loest e'aluated bidder1

    31F+he bidders short-listed b$ the )urchaser based on e'aluation of their technical bids ma$ be called for detailed discussions ith a

    team selected for the )ur)ose, at a s)ecified date, time and 'enue, if needed1.Openin/ of 7riced Bid!

    313 +he :urchaser ill o)en the :riced Bids of onl$ those bidders hose techno commercial bids ha'e been found to be

    substantiall$ res)onsi'e1312 +he )riced Bids of the technicall$ (ualified bidders shall be o)ened b$ the tender committee15. Eal$aion and Co'pari!on of priced Bid!

    3G13 Arithmetical errors ill be rectified on the folloin% basis. *f there is a discre)anc$ beteen ords and fi%ures, hiche'er is

    the hi%her of the to shall be ta?en as bid )rice1 *f the Vendor does not acce)t the correction of errors, its bid ill be re@ected3G12 Bidders shall state their bid )rice for the )a$ment schedule outlined in the Clause3F of 7eneral Conditions of Contract1 Bids ill

     be e'aluated on the basis of this base )rice. Bidders are, hoe'er, )ermitted to state an alternati'e )a$ment schedule and indicate the

    reduction in bid )rice the$ ish to offer for such alternati'e )a$ment schedule1 +he )urchaser ma$ consider the alternati'e )a$ment

    schedule offered b$ the selected Bidder but it ma$ not be bindin% on the )urchaser .

    3G1 +he )urchaser, at its o)tion ma$ as? some more bidders to match the rates of the loest bidder for creatin% )arallel su))liers13*. 7$rc&a!er! ri/& o accep an% 2id and o reec an% 2id or all 2id!

    2413 +he :urchaser reser'es the ri%ht to acce)t or re@ect an$ bid, and to annul the biddin% )rocess and re@ect all bids at an$ time )rior

    to aard of Contract, ithout thereb$ incurrin% an$ liabilit$ to the affected Bidder or bidders or an$ obli%ation to inform the affected

    Bidder or bidders of the %rounds for the :urchaserTs action13 A1ard Crieria

    2313 /ub@ect to Clause 3G, the )urchaser ill aard the Contract to the successful Bidder hose bid has been determined to besubstantiall$ res)onsi'e and has been determined as the best e'aluated bid )ro'ided further that the Bidder is determined to be(ualified to )erform the Contract satisfactoril$1


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    33. Noificaion of A1ard

    2213 :rior to the eD)iration of the )eriod 'alidit$, the )urchaser ill notif$ the successful Bidder in ritin% b$ letter or b$ faD, to be

    confirmed in ritin% b$ s)eed )ost or hand deli'ered letter, that its bid has been acce)ted139. :acor! Affecin/ &e A1ard of S$ppl%

    213 +he bidder should ha'e its on Contract su))ort facilities1 +he su))ort facilities should be full$ oned and mana%ed b$ the bidder1

    212Conformit$ ith the Re(uest for Bid&+ender re(uired and conditions1

    21+he assessment based on the res)onse to ;odel Res)onse Outline121F+he assessment of the ca)abilit$ of the bidder to meet the terms and conditions1

    215 +he bidders must ha'e eDecuted similar orders, for hich the bidder is (uotin%, as indicated in clause3 for 7o't1&/emi-

    7o't1&Autonomous Or%ani"ations1216 +he cost and the discount offered, if an$134. :all cla$!e

    2F13 +he )rice (uoted b$ the su))lier should not be hi%her than the maDimum retail )rice, if an$, for the stores and the same shall

    not be hi%her than the )rice usuall$ char%ed b$ the su))lier for stores of the same nature, class or descri)tion to an$ other )urchaser1

    2F12 +he )rice char%ed for the stores su))lied under the contract b$ the su))lier shall in no e'ent eDceed the loest )rice at hich the

    su))lier sells the stores of identical descri)tion to an$ other )erson durin% the )eriod till )erformance of all su))l$ orders )laceddurin% the currenc$ of the contract is com)leted1 *f at an$ time durin% the )eriod the su))lier reduces the sale )rice of such stores or

    sells such stores to an$ other )erson includin% his dealers at a )rice loer than the )rice char%eable under the contract, he shall

    forthith notif$ such reduction or sale to the )urchaser and the )rice )a$able under the contract for these items of stores su))lied

    after the date of comin% into force of such reduction or sale shall stand corres)ondin%l$ reduced1

    2F1 *f it is disco'ered that the su))lier has contra'ened the abo'e conditions, then ithout )re@udice to an$ other action hich mi%ht be ta?en a%ainst him, it shall be laful for the )urchaser to a re'ise the )rice at an$ sta%e so as to brin% it in conformit$ ith sub-clausei abo'e, or b to terminate the contract and )urchase the items of stores at the ris? and cost of the su))lier and in that e'ent

    the )ro'isions of Clause 2 of 7eneral Conditions of Contract shall, as far as )ossible, be a))licable or reco'er the loss13. Sa'ple!

    2513 All su))liers are re(uested to submit sam)les of items indicated in the schedule of re(uirements for each tender se)aratel$ in a

    se)arate en'elo)e alon% ith the technical bid here e'er a))licable1



  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    1 /hould an$ ins)ected or tested 7oods fail to conform to the s)ecifications, the :urchaser ma$ re@ect the %oods and the /u))lier

    shall either re)lace the re@ected 7oods or ma?e alterations necessar$ to meet s)ecification re(uirements free of cost to the :urchaser1

    1F +he :urchaserTs ri%ht to ins)ect, test and, here necessar$, re@ect the 7oods after the 7oodsT arri'al at :ro@ect /ite shall in no a$

     be limited or ai'ed b$ reason of the 7oods ha'in% )re'iousl$ been ins)ected, tested and )assed b$ the :urchaser or its

    re)resentati'e )rior to the 7oods shi)ment1

    15 Nothin% in 7CC Clause shall in an$ a$ release the /u))lier from an$ arrant$ or other obli%ations under this Contract1

    . Con!e#$ence! of reecion

    13 *f in the e'ent the stores are re@ected b$ the )urchaser at the destination and the su))lier fails to ma?e satisfactor$ su))lies ithin

    the sti)ulated )eriod of deli'er$, the )urchaser ill be at libert$ to .

    (a) Allo the su))lier to resubmit the stores in re)lacement of those re@ected, ithin a s)ecified time ithout an$ eDtra cost to the

     )urchaser or 

    (2) Re@ect the material, hich shall be final and bindin% on the contractor1

    (c) :rocure the re@ected materials of com)arable (ualit$ from the o)en mar?et&7o't1 stores and the su))lier shall be liable to )a$ the

    difference in )rice o'er the RC )rices or %et the amount ad@usted from the outstandin% bills of the su))lier, if an$ or E;91

    5. 7ac-in/

    G13 +he /u))lier shall )ro'ide such )ac?in% of the 7oods as is re(uired to )re'ent their dama%e or deterioration durin% transit to their 

    final destination as indicated in the Contract1 +he )ac?in% shall be sufficient to ithstand, ithout limitation, rou%h handlin% durin%

    transit and eD)osure to eDtreme tem)eratures, salt and )reci)itation durin% transit and o)en stora%e1 :ac?in% case si"e and ei%hts

    shall ta?e into consideration, here a))ro)riate, the remoteness of the 7oodsT final destination and the absence of hea'$ handlin%

    facilities at all )oints in transit1

    G12 +he )ac?in%, mar?in% and documentation ithin and outside the )ac?a%es shall com)l$ strictl$ ith such s)ecial re(uirements as

    shall be )ro'ided for in the Contract includin% additional re(uirements, in an$ subse(uent instructions ordered b$ the :urchaser1

    *. Delier% and Doc$'en!

    3413 +he /u))lier shall ma?e deli'er$ of the 7oods ithin 32 da$s from the )lacement of )urchase order in )ursuance of the

    notification of aard1 +he )urchase order ould be )laced after assessin% the re(uirements on (uarterl$ basis1 Hoe'er, the su))lier

    shall also arran%e to eDecute all orders on )riorit$ basis hich ould be )laced to meet an$ emer%ent re(uirements1

    3412 *n case the )urchaser decides to conclude )arallel rate contracts, then the re(uirements ould be s)lit on different firms on

    e(uitable basis as )er the discretion of the )urchaser1

    341 +he deli'er$ of /tores shall be affected at the )remises of the Uni'ersit$ free of all deli'er$ char%es and ithin the sti)ulated

    time and as ma$ be elucidated in the confirmed order, accom)anied b$ a deli'er$ challan1 No eDtension of time for deli'er$ of /tores

    shall normall$ be accorded1

    Ti'e and dae of delier% ; &e e!!ence of &e conrac@ +he time for and the date of deli'er$ of the stores sti)ulated shall be

    deemed to be of the essence of the contract and deli'er$ must be com)leted not later than the dates s)ecified1

    . In!$rance

    3313 +he 7oods su))lied under the Contract shall be full$ insured in *ndian Ru)ees a%ainst loss or dama%e incidental to manufacture

    or ac(uisition, trans)ortation, stora%e and deli'er$1 +he insurance shall be obtained b$ the su))liers in an amount e(ual to 334> of

    the 'alue of the %oods from arehouse to arehouseK final destinations on all ris?sK basis includin% ar ris?s and stri?es1

    3. Tran!poraion

    3213 here the /u))lier is re(uired under the Contract to trans)ort the 7oods ithin *ndia defined as :ro@ect site, trans)ort to such

     )lace of destination in *ndia includin% insurance, as shall be s)ecified in the Contract, shall be arran%ed b$ the /u))lier, and the

    related cost shall be included in the ontract :rice1

    9. >arran%

    313 +he /u))lier arrants that the 7oods su))lied under this Contract are ne, unused, of the most recent or current models and

    that the$ incor)orate all recent im)ro'ements in desi%n and materials unless )ro'ided otherise in the Contract1 +he /u))lier further


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    arrants that all 7oods su))lied under this Contract shall ha'e no defect arisin% from desi%n, materials or or?manshi) or from an$

    act or omission of the /u))lier, that ma$ de'elo) under normal use of the su))lied 7oods in the conditions )re'ailin% in *ndia1

    312 +his arrant$ shall remain 'alid for 32 months after the 7oods or an$ )ortion thereof as the case ma$ be, ha'e been deli'ered to

    and acce)ted at the final destination indicated in the Contract, unless s)ecified otherise1

    31 +he :urchaser shall )rom)tl$ notif$ the /u))lier in ritin% of an$ claims arisin% under this arrant$1

    31F U)on recei)t of such notice, the /u))lier shall ith all reasonable s)eed, re)air or re)lace the defecti'e 7oods or )arts thereof,

    ithout an$ eDtra cost to the :urchaser1

    315 *f the /u))lier, ha'in% been notified, fails to remed$ the defects ithin a reasonable )eriod, the :urchaser ma$ )roceed to ta?e

    such remedial action as ma$ be necessar$, at the /u))lierTs ris? and eD)ense and ithout )re@udice to an$ other ri%hts hich the

    :urchaser ma$ ha'e a%ainst the /u))lier under the Contract1

    4. 7a%'en

    3F13+he )a$ment shall be made after ins)ection of the materials and satisfactor$ )erformance1

    3F12 +he /u))lierTs re(uests for )a$ment shall be made to the :urchaser in ritin%, accom)anied b$ an in'oice describin%, as

    a))ro)riate, the 7oods deli'ered and the /er'ices )erformed, and b$ documents, submitted )ursuant to 7CC Clause 34, and u)on

    fulfillment of other obli%ations sti)ulated in the contract1

    . 7rice!

    3513 :rices char%ed b$ the /u))lier for 7oods deli'ered and /er'ices )erformed under the Contract shall not 'ar$ from the )rices

    (uoted b$ the /u))lier in his bid1

    . C&an/e Order!

    3613 +he :urchaser ma$ at an$ time, b$ ritten order %i'en to the /u))lier, ma?e chan%es ithin the %eneral sco)e of the Contract in

    an$ one or more of the folloin%.

    a 9rain%s, desi%ns, or s)ecifications, here 7oods to be furnished under the Contract are to be s)ecificall$ manufactured for the


    b +he method of shi))in% or )ac?in%M

    c +he )lace of deli'er$M and&or 

    d +he ser'ices to be )ro'ided b$ the /u))lier1

    3612 *f an$ such chan%e causes an increase or decrease in the cost of, or the time re(uired for, the /u))lierTs )erformance of an$

     )ro'isions under the Contract, an e(uitable ad@ustment shall be made in the Contract :rice or deli'er$ schedule, or both, and the

    Contract shall accordin%l$ be amended1 An$ claims b$ the /u))lier for ad@ustment under this clause must be asserted ithin thirt$

    4 da$s from the date of the /u))lierTs recei)t of the :urchaserTs chan%e order1

    . Conrac A'end'en!

    313 /ub@ect to 7CC Clause 36, no 'ariation in or modification of the terms of the Contract shall be made eDce)t b$ ritten

    amendment si%ned b$ the )arties1

    . A!!i/n'en

    313 +he /u))lier shall not assi%n, in hole or in )art, its obli%ations to )erform under the Contract, eDce)t ith the :urchaserTs )rior 

    ritten consent1

    5. S$2conrac!

    3G13 +he /u))lier shall notif$ the :urchaser in ritin% of all subcontracts aarded under this Contract if not alread$ s)ecified in the

     bid1 /uch notification, in his ori%inal bid or later, shall not relie'e the /u))lier from an$ liabilit$ or obli%ation under the Contract1

    3*. Dela%! in &e S$pplierJ! 7erfor'ance

    2413 9eli'er$ of the 7oods and )erformance of the /er'ices shall be made b$ the /u))lier in accordance ith the time schedule

    s)ecified b$ the :urchaser as )er 7CC clause 341

    2412 *f at an$ time durin% )erformance of the Contract, the /u))lier or its sub-contractors should encounter conditions im)edin%

    timel$ deli'er$ of the 7oods and )erformance of /er'ices, the /u))lier shall )rom)tl$ notif$ the :urchaser in ritin% of the fact of

    the dela$, its li?el$ duration and its causes1 As soon as )racticable after recei)t of the /u))lier#s notice, the :urchaser shall e'aluate


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    the situation and ma$, at its discretion, eDtend the /u))lier#s time for )erformance ith or ithout li(uidated dama%es, in hich case

    the eDtension shall be ratified b$ the )arties b$ amendment of the Contract1

    241 EDce)t as )ro'ided under 7CC Clause 2, a dela$ b$ the /u))lier in the )erformance of its deli'er$ obli%ations shall render the

    /u))lier liable to the im)osition of )enalt$ )ursuant to 7CC Clause 23, unless an eDtension of time is a%reed u)on )ursuant to 7CC

    Clause 2412 ithout the a))lication of li(uidated dama%es1

    3. 7enal%

    2313 /ub@ect to 7CC Clause 2, if the /u))lier fails to deli'er an$ or all of the 7oods or to )erform the /er'ices ithin the )eriods

    s)ecified in the Contract, the :urchaser shall, ithout )re@udice to its other remedies under the Contract, deduct from the Contract

    :rice, as )enalt$, a sum e(ui'alent to3> )er ee? and the maDimum deduction is 34> of the contract )rice of the deli'ered )rice of

    the dela$ed 7oods or un)erformed /er'ices for each ee? or )art thereof of dela$ until actual deli'er$ or )erformance1 Once the

    maDimum is reached, the :urchaser ma$ consider termination of the Contract )ursuant to 7CC Clause 221

    33. Ter'inaion for Defa$l

    2213 +he :urchaser ma$, ithout )re@udice to an$ other remed$ for breach of contract, b$ ritten notice of default sent to the

    /u))lier, terminate the Contract in hole or )art.

    a *f the /u))lier fails to deli'er an$ or all of the 7oods ithin the )eriods s)ecified in the )urchase order, or ithin an$ eDtension

    thereof %ranted b$ the :urchaser )ursuant to 7CC Clause 24M or 

    b *f the /u))lier fails to )erform an$ other obli%ations under the Contract1

    c *f the /u))lier, in the @ud%ment of the :urchaser has en%a%ed in corru)t or fraudulent )ractices in com)etin% for or in eDecutin%

    the Contract1

    !0or the )ur)ose of this Clause.

    Corru)t )racticeK means the offerin%, %i'in%, recei'in% or solicitin% of an$ thin% of 'alue to influence the action of a )ublic official

    in the )rocurement )rocess or in contract eDecution1

    0raudulent )ractice. a misre)resentation of facts in order to influence a )rocurement )rocess or the eDecution of a contract to the

    detriment of the Borroer, and includes collusi'e )ractice amon% Bidders )rior to or after bid submission desi%ned to establish bid

     )rices at artificial non-com)etiti'e le'els and to de)ri'e the Borroer of the benefits of free and o)en com)etitionMK

    2212 *n the e'ent the :urchaser terminates the Contract in hole or in )art, )ursuant to 7CC Clause 2213, the :urchaser ma$ )rocure,

    u)on such terms and in such manner as it deems a))ro)riate, 7oods or /er'ices similar to those undeli'ered, and the /u))lier shall

     be liable to the :urchaser for an$ eDcess costs for such similar 7oods or /er'ices1 Hoe'er, the /u))lier shall continue the

     )erformance of the Contract to the eDtent not terminated1

    39. :orce 6ae$re

    213 Notithstandin% the )ro'isions of 7CC Clauses 24 23, the /u))lier shall not be liable for im)osition of li(uidated dama%es

    or termination for default, if and to the eDtent that, its dela$ in )erformance or other failure to )erform its obli%ations under the

    Contract is the result of an e'ent of 0orce ;a@eure1

    212 0or )ur)oses of this Clause, S0orce ;a@eureS means an e'ent be$ond the control of the /u))lier and not in'ol'in% the /u))lierTs

    fault or ne%li%ence and not foreseeable1 /uch e'ents ma$ include, but are not limited to, acts of the :urchaser either in its so'erei%n

    or contractual ca)acit$, ars or re'olutions, fires, floods, e)idemics, (uarantine restrictions and frei%ht embar%oes1

    21 *f a 0orce ;a@eure situation arises, the /u))lier shall )rom)tl$ notif$ the :urchaser in ritin% of such conditions and the cause

    thereof1 Unless otherise directed b$ the :urchaser in ritin%, the /u))lier shall continue to )erform its obli%ations under the

    Contract as far as is reasonabl$ )ractical, and shall see? all reasonable alternati'e means for )erformance not )re'ented b$ the 0orce

    ;a@eure e'ent1

    34. Ter'inaion for In!olenc%

    2F13 +he :urchaser ma$ at an$ time terminate the Contract b$ %i'in% ritten notice to the /u))lier, if the /u))lier becomes ban?ru)t

    or otherise insol'ent1 *n this e'ent, termination ill be ithout com)ensation to the /u))lier, )ro'ided that such termination ill

    not )re@udice or affect an$ ri%ht of action or remed$, hich has accrued or ill accrue thereafter to the :urchaser1


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  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated



      i' 5> a%ainst :roforma *n'oice at site ordocuments throu%h Ban? and 25> after recei)t

      of materials in %ood condition, installation andsatisfactor$ re)ort1 . 11


      ' G4> )a$ment a%ainst :roforma *n'oice at siteor documents throu%h ban? and 34> after recei)t

    of materials in %ood condition, installation and

    satisfactor$ re)ort Onl$ under s)ecial

    Circumstances1 . 1

    . hether an$ EDcise 9ut$ is )a$able on the items1 . E/ & NO

    *f $es, indicate the amount & )ercenta%e1 . 111>

    5. hether an$ installation char%es are )a$able eDtra1 . E/ & NO*f $es, amount to be s)ecified1 .

    *. hether an$ discount for educational institution .

    offered on the )rinted )rice list of the manufacturer1 . E/ & NO

    :lease mention the amount & )ercenta%e1 . 1

    . hether the )roduct is on 97/ 9&91*1 Rate contract1*f $es, )lease enclose a )hotoco)$ of the same1 . E/ & NO

    3. hether the )roduct bears *1/1*1 ;ar?1 E/ & NO

    *f $es, )lease mention the *1/1*1 =icense no1 .

    9. a hether the firm is /ales +aD )a$er1 . E/ & NO  *f $es, )lease mention the /ales +aD Numbers1 .

      b hether the =ocal 9ealers is & are /ales +aD

     )a$ers . E/ & NO

      *f $es, )lease mention the /ales +aD numbers of each . 11

    4. hether )rinted & authenticated )rice list of the 0irm#s

    :roducts and Catalo%ue etc1 enclosed1 . E/ & NO

    /i%nature of the Authorised Official ith /eal


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated



    (Tec&no co''ercial $npriced Bid)

    On the letter head of the firm submittin% the bid

    +ender No1 //H&33-32&013A&c1&4 9ated 2313212433+he YYYYYYYYYYYYYY 



    9ear /ir,

    31 *&e hereb$ offer to su))l$ the items as listed in the schedule to this tender hereto&)ortion

    thereof as $ou ma$ s)ecif$ in the acce)tance of +ender at the )rice %i'en in the said /chedule and

    a%ree to hold this offer o)en for a )eriod of G4 da$s from the date of o)enin% of the tender1 *&e shall

     be bound b$ a communication of acce)tance issued b$ $ou1

    21 *&e ha'e understood the *nstruction to bidders and Conditions of Contract in the form as

    enclosed ith the in'itation to the tender and ha'e thorou%hl$ eDamined the s)ecifications (uoted inthe /chedule here to and am&are full$ aare of the nature of the %oods re(uired and m$&our offer is to

    su))l$ the %oods strictl$ in accordance ith the s)ecifications and re(uirements1

    1 A crossed Ban? 9raft in fa'our of the Re%istrar, BHU for Rs1

    Ru)ees1onl$ as Earnest ;one$ is enclosed1 +he 9raft is dran on

    11Ban? )a$able at Varanasi

    F1 +he folloin% ha'e been added to form )art of this tender1

    a /am)les of items (uoted for, as )er instructions )ro'ided in the schedule of re(uirement1

    b /chedule of re(uirements, (uotin% the ma?e onl$ dul$ si%ned and stam)ed1ithout indicatin%


    c *ncome +aD clearance certificate1

    d Co)$ of last audited balance sheet1

    e Co)$ of Valid Central&/tate sales taD re%istration certificate1

    f Co)$ of rele'ant ma@or )urchase orders 'aluin% mare than Rs1 24444&- eDecuted durin% last

    to $ears for 7o't1 9e)tts1, :/Us Central Autonomous bodies11

    % :roof of manufacturin% Unit, dealershi) certificate&%eneral order su))liers 1

    h /tatement of de'iations from financial terms conditions, if an$1

    i An$ other enclosure1 :lease %i'e details

    51 e underta?e to eDecute all orders hich ha'e been )laced to meet emer%ent re(uirements on

     )riorit$ basis1

    61 Certified that the bidder is.A sole )ro)rietorshi) firm and the )erson si%nin% the bid document is the sole

     )ro)rietor&constituted attorne$ of the sole )ro)rietor,


    A )artnershi) firm, and the )erson si%nin% the bid document is a )artner of the firm and he

    has authorit$ to refer to arbitration dis)utes concernin% the business of the )artnershi) b$ 'irtue of the

     )artnershi) a%reement&b$ 'irtue of %eneral )oer of attorne$1


    A com)an$ and the )erson si%nin% the document is the constituted attorne$1

    NO+E. 9elete hate'er is not a))licable1 All corrections&deletions should in'ariable be dul$ attested

     b$ the )erson authori"ed to si%n the bid document1

    1 e do hereb$ underta?e, that, until a formal notification of aard, this bid, to%ether ith $our 

    ritten acce)tance thereof shall constitute a bindin% contract beteen us1ours faithfull$,

    /i%nature of bidder


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    9ated this da$ of YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 





    Com)an$ seal

    Tender :or'

    :riced Bid

    On the letter head of the firm submittin% the bid document+he YYYYYYYYYYYYY 


    Ref. +ender No //H&013A&c1&2433-32&4 9ated 2313212433


    Ha'in% eDamined the biddin% documents and ha'in% submitted the techno commercial

    un)riced bid for the same, e, the undersi%ned, hereb$ submit the )riced bid for su))l$ of %oods and

    ser'ices as )er the schedule of re(uirements and in conformit$ ith the said biddin% documents1

    e hereb$ offer to su))l$ the 7oods&/er'ices at the )rices and rates mentioned in theenclosed schedule of re(uirement1

    e do hereb$ underta?e, that, in the e'ent of acce)tance of our bid, the su))l$ of

    7oods&/er'ices shall be made as sti)ulated in the schedule of re(uirement and that e shall )erform

    all the incidental ser'ices1

    +he )rices (uoted are inclusi'e of all char%es net 01O1R Uni'ersit$1 e enclose hereith the

    com)lete 0inancial Bid as re(uired b$ $ou1 +his includes.

    :rice /chedule as )er schedule of re(uirement1

    /tatement of de'iations from financial terms and conditions1

    e a%ree to abide b$ our offer for a )eriod of G4 da$s from the date fiDed for o)enin% of the bid documents and that e shall remain bound b$ a communication of acce)tance ithin that time1

    e ha'e carefull$ read and understood the terms and conditions of the bid document and e

    do hereb$ underta?e to su))l$ as )er these terms and conditions1 +he 0inancial 9e'iations are onl$

    those mentioned in the statement of de'iations from financial terms and conditions1

    Certified that the bidder is.

    A sole )ro)rietorshi) firm and the )erson si%nin% the bid document is the sole )ro)rietor& constituted

    attorne$ of sole )ro)rietor,


    A )artnershi) firm, and the )erson si%nin% the bid document is a )artner of the firm and he

    has authorit$ to refer to arbitration dis)utes concernin% the business of the )artnershi) b$ 'irtue of the

     )artnershi) a%reement&b$ 'irtue of %eneral )oer of attorne$,


    A com)an$ and the )erson si%nin% the bid document is the constituted attorne$1

    NO+E. 9elete hate'er is not a))licable1 All corrections&deletions should in'ariabl$ be dul$ attested

     b$ the )erson authorised to si%n the bid document1

    e do hereb$ underta?e, that, until a formal notification of aard, this bid, to%ether ith $our 

    ritten acce)tance thereof, shall constitute a bindin% contract beteen us1

    9ated this da$ ofYYYYYYYYY

    /i%nature of Bidder 9etails of enclosures

     0ull Address.


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated


    +ele)hone No1

    0aD No1


    CO;:AN /EA=


  • 8/9/2019 Firefighting System Dated



     31 +his %uarantee should be furnished b$ a Nationalised Ban? & scheduled Ban?, authorised b$ RB* to issue aBan? 7uarantee1

    21 +his ban? %uarantee should be furnished on stam) )a)er of Rs1 344&-

     1 +he stam) )a)er should ha'e been )urchased in the Name of the Ban? eDecutin% the 7uarantee1

    4. In &e ca!e of forei/n 2idder &e B.G 'a% 2e f$rni!&ed 2% an inernaional rep$ed

    2an- accepa2le o &e 7URCHASER co$ner!i/ned 2% an% Naionali!ed F

    Sc&ed$led Ban- in India a$&ori!ed 2% Re!ere Ban- of India.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Ref .11


    Banaras Hindu Uni'ersit$Varanasi

      9ear /irs,*n accordance ith $our !*n'itation to BidK under $our +ender No.111 ;&/.

    herein after called the Contractor&su))lier, ith the folloin%9irectors on their Board of 9irectors & )artners of the firm1

    3111 2111111 F111a%rees for the contract&su))lies1

    As an irre'ocable Ban? 7uarantee for an amount of Rs11in ords and fi%ures 'alid for  da$s from is re(uired to be submitted b$ the Contractor&/u))lier hichamount is liable to be forfeited b$ the )urchaser in the e'ent of 3 the ithdraal or re'ision of the offer b$ the

    Bidder as a condition ithin the 'alidit$ )eriod1 2 non-acce)tance of the =etter of *ntent & )urchase order b$the bidder hen issued ithin the 'alidit$ )eriod1 failure to furnish the 'alid contract )erformance %uarantee b$ the bidder ithin one month from the recei)t of the )urchase order and F on the ha))enin% of an$contin%encies mentioned in the bid documents such as   e, the 11 Ban? at1 ha'in% our Head office at11=ocal address 7uarantee and underta?e to )a$ immediatel$ on first demand b$

    Banaras Hindu Uni'ersit$ the amount

    of11 in fi%ure and ords ithoutan$ reser'ation1, )rotest, demur and recourse1 An$ such demand made b$ the :urchaser shall beconclusi'e and bindin% on the Ban? irres)ecti'e of an$ dis)ute or difference raised b$ the )urchaser1

    +he %uarantee shall be irre'ocable and shall remain 'alid u) to 1111 +his date should be 6 months after eDecution of the order1 *f an$

    further eDtension of this %uarantee is re(uired the same shall be eDtended to such re(uired )eriod not eDceedin%one $ear on recei'in% instruction from ;&s11onhose behalf this %uarantee is issued1

    *n itness hereof the Ban?, throu%h its authorised officer has set its hand and stam) on this11 da$ of 1 at 1

    itness /i%nature


    si%nature Name in Bloc? letters9esi%nation /taff Code No1Ban?#s common /ealOfficial address.Attorne$ as )er )oer of Attorne$ No1