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    Location: i t:;; i ".y .*.v/r. Each group will continue to pursue its own in=iividua! activifces. TheCoalition has conducted several joint investigations and issued final rep>ns. Numerousother projects, including a major initiative for investigation of UFO abduchon cases, arein the planning stage1TUFOK - 4/liWj

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    MASS SIGHTINGS IN ARIZONAby William F. HamiltonField Investigator for MUFON

    I arch 13th started like any other day.I had an incoming message in mye-mail box. The message was fromJoe Trainor in the U.K. He had been retreiv-ing messages from a man named Steve wholives in Awahatukee, Arizona just south ofPhoenix and behind South Mountain. Stevereported that starting on March 10th, he andhis family had noticed and were videotapingstrange orange lights over the Gila RiverIndian Reservation. After I made contactwith Steve and obtained directions to hishouse I met with Tom King according to aprior arrangement and asked him to join methat night.

    When we arrived at Steve's house wesaw at least a dozen of Steve's neighborstraipsing in and out of the house, Steve metus cordially at the door and introduced us tohis wife and children. The first words afterthat were "you're too late, they were hereand gone again." He proceeded to show usvideo segments he had taken that night andfrom previous nights. We asked him toshow us his observation point which was asecond-floor balcony off the master bed-room facing south. All of us went up thestairway and out to the balcony. Steve hadreported that he had been seeing the lightsbetween 9 and 10 P.M. That night we wentup to the balcony at about 9:30 P.M. Steveand his neighbors pointed to the southwestin the direction of the Estrella Mountains onthe reservation where they had most of theirsightings, Shortly before 10 P.M. one ofthese brilliant lights just turned on. Within aminute we saw six globes or orbs of yellow-orange lights appearing near and in front ofthe Estrellas. They were extremely brightand formed a straight line at a slight slant.The light on the left of the formation wasdivided into two parts (or orbs). I personallyobserved these lights through a Celestron500mm spotting scope. My videocam bat-tery failed, but Tom King managed to tapeover four minutes as we watched these orbsgradually extinguish one by one in the re-verse sequence which was from right to left.Little did we know at that time that a pri-mary object was sighted earlier that eveningfrom various cities in the state, that, accord-

    ing to the time sequence of the sightings,moved from north to south down the state.

    A man in Paulden, Arizona, called theDaily Courier and said he saw five dia-mond-shaped objects with wispy tails. Thatwas around 8 P.M. Shortly after, callspoured into the National UFO ReportingCenter from Prescott, Prescott Valley, andDewey before reaching the Phoenix metro-politan area around 8:23 P.M. that night.The witnesses described the object as"huge," sporting five or six lights in a trian-gular formation and traveling at "blimpspeed" according to several witnesses. Thistriangular formation was seen to accelerateand slow to a hover on several occasionsand passed very low over the cities ofScottsdale, Tempe, and Chandler where wit-nesses observed some structure to the trian-gular object. Around 8:45 P.M. the objectwas sighted in the Tucson area. One of thelights attached to the front of the objectwould detach from the object and fly offand return.

    Some mysterious military source sug-gested that the strange lights over Phoenixwere explained as an anti-aircraft experi-ment in a military operating area over 50miles from Phoenix. This experiment in-volved flares descending on parachutes. Weare not sure how the flare story got started,but two witnesses we interviewed were de-molition experts for the military and theystated that what they saw were not flares.

    As we started collecting reports as theypoured into MUFON Arizona field investi-gators, we learned that the "orb" lights wereseen as early as March 7th. One of our MU-FON members, Herb Moran, reported hehad a sighting between 9:10 P.M. and 9:30P.M. on March 7th on a road which runsparallel to the Goodyear Airport. He ob-served at some distance directly ahead ofhim a large light the color of an ambersodium vapor lamp but with the intensity oflanding lights on a heavy jet aircraft. Thelight was on a line of sight which wouldhave placed it approximately five to eightmiles south of the Palo Verde NuclearGenerating Station which is 45 miles westat 250 degrees from Phoenix Sky Harbor

    A man in



    called the

    Daily Courier

    and said he

    saw five dia-

    mond-shapedobjects with

    wispy tails.Shortly after,

    calls poured

    into the

    National UFO


    Center from



    Valley, and

    Dewey beforereaching the

    Phoenix met-



    May1997Number 349Page3


    Frame of a

    video taken

    of black heli-

    copters by

    Tom King

    during a UFO


    Frame cap-

    ture courtesy

    of John


    May1997Number 349Page 4

    Airport. Puzzled by this light, different fromany Herb had seen after 48 years as a pri-vate pilot and an aviation industry worker,he began to scan the sky just as the lightblinked out. Unknown to Herb and the restof us was the fact that a young man namedScott Montgomery was videotaping thesestrange lights in the same location and heand his wife came forth with some of theirvideo on the Channel 10 local news afterthe reports of the March 13th sightings.

    At about 8:35 P.M. a resident of Phoenixwas walking near 42nd Street and Ray Roadwhen he glanced towards the northern skiesand was surprised to see a group of lights ina triangular pattern. He estimated the num-ber of lights as between five and seven. Atfirst, he thought this was a solid triangularobject much like a flying wing. He wasnearly underneath' the flight path which wasfrom north to south. As he looked closely hesaw relative movement between the lightsas if moving toward and away from eachother. The object(s) emitted no noise what-soever. As it flew ahead, the lights appearedto get dimmer and dimmer. Strangely, theselights would disappear one by one un t i l allthe lights disappeared. As it Hew above thiswitness, he could barely distinguish a trian-gular l