OLD TENSIONS CREATE A COLD WAR Chapter 18: Sections 1-2 & 4

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Text of OLD TENSIONS CREATE A COLD WAR Chapter 18: Sections 1-2 & 4

  • OLD TENSIONS CREATE A COLD WARChapter 18: Sections 1-2 & 4

  • WWII Conferences Refresher Yalta Conf. Germ. into 4 sectors; Berlin into 4 sectionsFree elections in E. Euro if S.U. gets E. PolandUnited Nations created = new international peacekeeping org.Distrust between U.S. & S.U. growingPotsdamTruman doesnt tell Stalin about a-bombStalin makes more land demands

  • MIND MAPCreate a mind map (graphic organizer) of what you remember/know about the Cold War (buzz words, leaders, events)The Cold War

  • Major C.W. EventsArms RaceBerlin AirliftKorean WarCuban Missile CrisisBerlin WallSpace RaceVietnam War

  • Gen. Characteristics of Cold WarU.S. & S.U. = superpowers @ end of WWIIIdeological world domination RIVALRYLeads to regional wars & tech. competition2 countries never physically fight each other

    U.N. looks to U.S. for help on many occasions = angers S.U.U.S. = history of being world police for demo. & self-determin.1945 1991 (ends w/ breakup of S.U.)

  • Arms RaceCompetition for most advanced weaponsS.U. tests 1st a-bomb 1947U.S. tests 1st h-bomb 1952** FYI: H-bomb = 67 times the power of Little Boy; force of 1 mil. tons of TNT

    S.U. tests 1st h-bomb 1953ICBMs = Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles 1957 Nuclear missiles

    Space Race

  • East-West Split(a.k.a. Iron Curtain)U.S. (West)New foreign policy = Containment= prevent spread of Comm. 1946Truman Doctrine = U.S. will support self determ. for nations - 1947

    S.U. (East)Stalin refused free elections & created 7 new Commie. nations - 1946Cominform = build commie. states (a.k.a. satellite nations)

  • Marshall PlanPart of Tru. Doc.Provide $$ & aid to Euro. nations - 1947Help rebuild,poverty,econ.Sent $13 bil. - by 1952Reduced commie appeal

  • Berlin Crisis & Airlft Part 1G.B., Fr. & U.S. combine sectors of Germ. & Berlin created West Germ. - 1948to boost econ. of war-torn Germ. Stalin paranoid Allies will invade S.U. sector & part of Berlin - creates East Germ. - 1948S.U. blocks all supplies to Berlin Held city hostageTried to get Allies to back down

  • cont.U.S.-led airlift of supplies to hostage-held Berliners = Berlin Airlift Aug. 1948 May 1949 (327 days)13,000 lbs. of food/fuel/meds. per dayU.S. image = good; S.U. = bad end blockade

  • New Tech. = New Strats.Gov. expands w/NSA = Nat. Security Act 1947CIA & NASA created1955 CIA began spy flight missions over S.U.Reduced army & navy; expanded air force by 1953

    Brinkmanship = use of all force, including nuclear weapons, against any aggressor nationC.W. became moral crusade against S.U.

  • Summarize & HighlightRecap what you have learned about the beginnings of the Cold War and the main ideas of the slides.

    Highlight slide titles, key people, key terms, causes/effects of events

    *Uneasy alliance during WWII. Stalin does not withdraw troops from Soviet occupied nations after WWII.

    *Marshall Plan created in 1947 providing economic aid to Western Europe nations & weakens appeal of communism.

    Containment Policy = U.S. foreign policy towards communism; Truman Doctrine in 1947 will work against Cominform to contain the spread of communism & allow the people of Europe to have self-determination.

    USSR establishes Cominform in 1947 to help organize and build communist states around the world primarily in 3rd world countries; Warsaw Pact in 1955 aligns USSR & other communist nations in Eastern Europe in a military alliance.