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Overview of Unibanco

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Overview of Unibanco. Highlights. Shareholders’ Structure. 76.1% of Unibanco's capital are floating shares negotiated in the form of Units + GDS. Units and GDSs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Slide 1Investor Relations *
Shareholders’ Structure
76.1% of Unibanco's capital are floating shares negotiated in the form of Units + GDS
Investor Relations *
(1) Based on 30-day moving average of trading volume
Liquidity has increased consistently over the last two years leading to the inclusion of the Unit in the Ibovespa index as of May 2005
Additionally, in the Ibovespa’s new portfolio, released on September 1st, the Unit significantly increased its weight in the index, from 0.984% to 1.264% (28% increase)
Investor Relations *
Investor Relations *
Over 80 years of history to become one of the leading full service banks in Brazil
Unibanco is the bank that grew its assets the most
over the last 15 years.
Investor Relations *
…foster cross-selling opportunities across our expanding client base
Investor Relations *
Universal Bank
Investor Relations *
… maintaining the leadership in the consumer finance segment.
Universal Bank
Investor Relations *
Consumer Finance
Fininvest: aggressive growth plan
Cross Selling focus: Credit Cards, Banking Accounts, Capitalization, Insurance and Extended Warranty
Leading Consumer Finance Platform
Link individual variable compensation at branch level to Core Deposits
Focus on cash management services, such as Payroll and Collection
Investor Relations *
Cost Reduction
Establishment of a single corporate communication area;
Outsourcing of non-core functions;
motivation rate.
Investor Relations *
focused on consumer finance and SMEs
Investor Relations *
Client base evolution driven by both acquisitions and organic growth
Client Base
Investor Relations *
(Effective Income Tax Rate)
(-) Profit Sharing/ Minority Interest
Investor Relations *
Credit Ratios
Investor Relations *
Financial Margin
Investor Relations *
Technical Reserves
R$ million
Unibanco has paid semi-annual dividends for more than 3 decades
In 2005, it started to pay quarterly dividends
Investor Relations *
Annex III:
Coupon: 8.70% p.a.
Investors: approximately 875 investors, specially from Asia and private banks. Roadshow: Singapore, Hong Kong, Geneva and London.
100% of the investors visited during the road show were part of the book
The issuance of perpetual securities, if consolidated in June, 2005,
would have made the BIS ratio to increase to approximately 18%.
Investor Relations *
Investor Relations *