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PowerPoint การใช้งานโปรแกรม Microsoft Access

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Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access


Microsoft Access (table) (Field) (Record) (queries) (form)

Microsoft Access ()

(report) (macro) (module) VBA (Visual Basic for Application)

Microsoft Access 2010

2 1. (Blank database)

2. (Sample templates)




Microsoft Access 2010

Tab File Access 2010 Quick Access Toolbar (Title Bar) (Ribbon) Home, Create, External Data, Database Tools, Fields, Tables (Navigation Pane) Table, Query, Form, Report Document Window

(Ribbon)1. Tab Home

View: Clipboard: Sort & Filter: Record: Find: Text Formatting:

2. Tab Create

Tables: Queries: Forms: Reports: Macro & Module: Macro Module

3. Tab External Data

Import & Link: Microsoft Access Microsoft Excel Export: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, HTML Collect Data: E-mail Microsoft Outlook

4. Tab Database Tools

Tools: Macro: Macro Macro Visual BasicRelationships: Analyze: Move Data: Access SQL ServerAdd-Ins: Access

.mdb .accdbAccess Database .accdb (Access2007)Access 2002-2003 Database .mdbAccess 2000 Database .mdb