Public Opinion and Political Socialization Chapter 6.

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<ul><li><p>Public Opinion and Political SocializationChapter 6</p></li><li><p>Public OpinionAttitudes or beliefs shared by some portion of the populationHow do people express their opinion?Power of Public Opinion - Bush / LBJ / NixonWhat PO tells us?PO plays a major role in Elections / image</p></li><li><p>Public Opinion Consensus v Divisive (p 128) When political leaders adopt a position it is usually based on public opinion</p></li><li><p>Political SocializationProcess by which people acquire political beliefs &amp; attitudesHow do people form public opinion?Agents of Political SocializationFamilyMedia (tv / internet) - opinion leaders Friends / co-workers - peer groups </p></li><li><p>Political Socialization (continue)*Today, many contend that the medias influence on public opinion is equal to that of the families</p></li><li><p>Political Socialization (continue)4) EducationThe more education a person receives the more likely to participate in politics5) Personal experience, beliefs or opinion - Great Depression / Watergate</p></li><li><p>Political Socialization (continue)6) Income</p><p>Other factors: race, religion, gender, geographic region</p></li><li><p>Public Opinion PollsHow do they work? - questioning a small sample of people who are representative of the population - most important principle in sampling is randomness - random sample- every person has an equal chance of being selected</p></li><li><p>Public Opinion Polls (continue)Do they work?Do they error? </p></li><li><p>The Media &amp; PoliticsMedia- channels of mass communicationTraditional way: Print Media &amp; Radio - fire side chatsNew media: Television &amp; internet - 24 hr news</p></li><li><p>The Media &amp; Politics (continue)1) reporting the news</p><p>2) identifying public problems </p><p>3) Socialization of new generation 4) Provides public participation</p><p>5) Making Profits</p></li><li><p>discussionWhy is media important?Does public opinion strongly influence what government does?How might a public opinion poll affect the Presidents next move?At Issue- Internet Campaigns? (p 148)Bias media? (p 152)</p><p>How does education help form public opinion?</p><p>(p 197)(p 205)</p></li></ul>


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