Russians Adapt Byzantine Culture

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Russians Adapt Byzantine Culture. Ch 11.2. Both Slavic and Greek. Midway through the 9 th century the Slavs – the people from the forests north of the Black Sea – began trading with Constantinople. As the traded, they began absorbing Greek Byzantine ideas. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Russians Adapt Byzantine Culture

  • Russians Adapt Byzantine CultureCh 11.2

  • Both Slavic and GreekMidway through the 9th century the Slavs the people from the forests north of the Black Sea began trading with Constantinople.

    As the traded, they began absorbing Greek Byzantine ideas.

    Russian culture grew out of this blending of Slavic and Greek traditions.

  • The Land of Russias BirthRussias first unified territory originated west of the Ural Mountains in the region that runs from the Black Sea to the Baltic.

    Three great rivers, the Dnieper, the Don, and the Volga, run from the heart of the forests to the Black Sea or Caspian Sea.

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  • Slavs and VikingsAround 880, a nobleman from Novgorod named Oleg moved south to Kiev, a city on the Dnieper River.

    From Kiev, the Vikings could sail by river and sea to Constantinople. There they could trade for the products from distant lands.

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  • Slavs and VikingsThe merchandise they brought to Constantinople included timber, fur, wax, honey, and their Slavic subjects whom they sold as slaves.

  • Kiev Becomes OrthodoxIn 957, a member of the Kievan nobility paid a visit to Constantinople and publicly converted to Christianity.

    Her name was princess Olga. From 945 to 955, she governed Kiev until her son was old enough to rule.

  • Kiev Becomes OrthodoxHer son resisted Christianity.

    However, soon after Olgas grandson Vladimir came to the throne in 980, he considered conversion to Christianity.

    Vladimir sent out teams to observe the major religions of the times.

    Three of the teams returned with lukewarm accounts of Islam, Judaism, and Western Christianity.

  • How did Vladimir convert the population?In 989, a baptism of all the citizens of Kiev was held in the Dnieper River. Kiev looked to Constantinople for religious guidance; Imported teachers to instruct the new faith

  • Kievs Power and DeclineThe rise of Kiev marks the appearance of Russias first important unified territory

  • Byzantine Art and Architecture

  • Essential QuestionsWhy was the Hagia Sophia so important to the Byzantine Empire?Describe what the Hippodrome was used for.What were mosaics?What were icons typically depicting?

  • The Hagia Sophia

  • Built by Justinian.

    Orthodox Church

    Largest dome in world at time.

    Showed glory of God.

    Built with government money.

  • Lots of light and open space.

    Colors reflect light, produce warmth.

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  • Hagia Sophia convinced Vladimir (Kiev) to convert to Christianity.

    Vladimir thought Byzantine God must be powerful!

  • HippodromeHeld 60,000 spectators

    Wild chariot races and circus acts

  • Hippodrome comes from Greek words meaning horse and racecourse

  • MosaicsDesigns made by pieces of stone, glass, etc.Covered floors, walls, ceilings.Usually religious or natural themes.Figures appear stiff (not real).Calm faces try to inspire reverence.

  • Justinian Theodora

  • IconsSmall religious picture used to help focus prayer.

    Depict Jesus, Mary, Saints, Angels

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