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  1. 1. INTRODUCTION - MY FUTURE CITY PROPOSAL AIM of the city : To save the refugees and provide working careers for the migrants. Daasu City is a large and permanent human settlement. Cities generally have complex systems for sanitation, utilities, land usage, housing, and transportation. The concentration of development greatly facilitates interaction between people and businesses, benefiting both parties in the process, but it also presents challenges to managing urban growth. If the right investments are made in energy, transportation and green buildings, the cities of the future could look very different than the cities of today. Our communities could be cleaner and more sustainable. Our quality of life could be better. What: Future City Proposal When: Year 2020 Where: Near Damai Beach Resort, Kuching, Malaysia Why: To help the refugees because they deserve citizenship and also create a career city for migrants. Population: 100K Concept: Structure like turtle and city float on water.
  2. 2. Refugee Counselling Centre Gain a fresh perspective on current circumstances. Cope with emotional crisis, such as anxiety, stress, depression or bereavement. Address and resolve specific problems, such as relationship issues, inner conflict, obsessive thoughts, inappropriate anger, lack of confidence or addiction. Telecommunication tower/ Lighthouse: The telecommunication tower receives and sends signals to the nearby ships and boat for a better contact. Then, it also acts as a lighthouse which shows the landmark for the people from the sea. Security 1. Scanner machines are set up after the shipping & port to distinguish my people and outsiders. (Chips are injected in my people) 2. Sea patrol police are implemented to keep my city safe from the unwanted refugees. Business building : It is either to be a working office/ company or commercial building ( shopping mall). Condominiums & Flats : Provide place for refugees and migrants to live. Schools : Provide for refugees because they deserve the human right to learn.