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  1. 1. will certainly evoke a sense of.:1 vou ARE HERE4 A OBSERVATION AREA hlIn the Bird Park of Kuala Other residents of this Lnmpur Bul Bul Land housesaviary include the Asian .Bul Bu] Land is located a primarily medium-sized .Fairy Bluebird Silver ;next to the Flamingo perching song birds Pheasant and the Golden- Pond breasted Starling. _ _ r
  2. 2. The five senses help us to experince the beauty and wonder of nature inthe world. We could hear the birds chirping and singing,the fishes swimming through the water,the sound of the waterfall and the leaves rustling against each other as the wind blows. II was quite difficult to taste things as it can be dangerous to eat things in the wild However,we tasted the pond water and the grains used to feed thesmell wet grass.fragrant flowers,cut grass.a fishy smell and the thick air. We could see a net covering the whole site,variety of plants,birds and trees, a _oncl filled with ishes,a waterfall.pavements,fish food and a DIIU stand. We felt the slimy Tish,solt bird leathers,muddy ground,wet grass,hard pavement,pond water.grain as am;loud and fish food
  3. 3. ECOLOGYlN THE BIRD PARK.KUALA LUMPURRelationships between ani ls and plants.as well as the physical environmentthat surrounds them.BIOTIC
  4. 4. Asian Fairy-BluebirdM IN THE BIRD PARK.KUALA LUMPUR 'Fruit eaters!Favourite?Fig The oungare ed by parents._ _ 1.0n_lyfemales' Specifically in:bmld nests-Moist mu .2-. :il. =2:. ?:ail: n forests grown and grey lowland blotches and evergreen forest,01' at deep forest Cl0WllSADAPTATIONS1.1-ligh Nests 2.Camouflage3.Powerfu1,Deep, Notched bill
  5. 5. BIRDS IN BULBUL LANDIN THE BIRD PARK,KUALA LUMPURGrey bellied DulbulSuperb StarlingWhite HeadedRed-crested MumlapochardBlack crested bulbul