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  • 1.Online Education @ TU Delft

2. 2012: 3. Online and Campus Education Learning Activities & Course Materials Free Enrolled students only, massive numbers Bachelors Level Certificate of CompletionMassive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)Open Course Ware (OCW)Campus Education On-campus Education Top-class education and research facilities World famous university library Active student societies Great opportunities to participate in special student projectsOnline Distance Education Course Materials Free Big Exposure, Worldwide audience Both Bachelor and Master level No interaction with faculty No accredited certificateLearning Activities & Course Materials Paid enrollment Enrolled students only, limited numbers Master level Accredited Course Certificate Full Master Degree 4. OpenCourseWareSince 2006: 110 + courses 5. DelftX Courses September 201326.00052.000 February 2014 Prof Jacco Hoekstra - Aerospace Engineering Introduction video Prof Margot Weijnen Critical Infrastructures 6. Blended learning 2 projects: Bended BSc Technische Bestuurskunde Blended digitale doorstroomminor WerktuigbouwkundeStimulate study success: activating students studying regularly increase motivation http://www.whatislms.com/using-blended-learning-to-enhance-education 7. Pilots Online Master Courses (offered since September 2013)3 pilots:Aerospace Engineering, 6 courses, 13 online participants Water management, whole master (25 courses), 10 online participants Engineering & Policy Analysis, 6 courses, 31 campus participants 8. Why? Motives to start with ODE Strong international orientation Strong growth market for ODE:Professionals/Alumni(update knowledge, side step into another field, career), Upgrade from Bachelors degree, People unable to study face-to-face, and students who cannot come to class high ranked non-profit universities have started investing substantially in online education as well. Impact on quality on campus education Enhance flexibility for in-house students 9. How?NewMedia Center Central project manager Project divisions: Teaching Model Course Development Administration/Organization ICT Infrastructure Marketing Strategy Legal / Quality Assurance Business Model Educational advisors1-1, workshops, course Faculty Project manager Lecturers TAs 10. UTQ course Designing and teaching an online course Plus link 11. General Teaching Model Activating students assignments, formative testing Social and academic integration motivation High quality learning materials Constructive Alignment Structure deadlines, live events etc.. Feedback 12. Example: How does this look like in Blackboard? Link 13. Example: questions 14. Example: Assessment 15. Organisational Students apply at TU Delft Payment per course ( 200 per EC) or per year (regular tuition fee) Succesful completion course: TU Delft certificate MSc degree can consist of series of certificates Student Service Desk online education 16. Deliverables 36 online courses Steps for producing a video Test protocols Registration procedure Teaching model UTQ course teaching an online course Example course in Blackboard Service desk online educationExample of a knowledge clip Example of an introduction video 17. Future developments. the back office Plans for the next three years are in progress! 18. Questions? Website: TU Delft Study - Online Sofia Dopper (project manager): [email protected]