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Getting 'Free Press' for Free Letters to the Editor Op Eds Press release Working with the Media Q&A “For a politician to complain about the press is like a ship's captain complaining about the sea”

Getting 'Free Press' for Free

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  • 1. Getting 'Free Press' for Free
    • Letters to the Editor
    • Op Eds
    • Press release
    • Working withthe Media
    • Q&A
    For a politician to complain about the pressis like a ship's captain complaining about the sea Enoch Powell

2. Libertarian Communications Failure #1

  • Throwing the Book at Them

3. Libertarian Communications Failure #2

  • Felony Label Grabbing

4. Libertarian Communications Failure #3

  • Insulting Your Audience

5. Libertarian Communications Failure #4

  • Not Knowing the Issues

6. Libertarian Communications Failure #5

  • Not Listening

7. Letters to the Editor

  • Most effective tool to promote libertarian ideas
    • Most read part of newspaper
    • No filter, VFR direct to readers
  • Research newspapers guidelines &stick to them .
  • Do not useboilerplateor form letters.
  • Weeklys welcome fresh views & articles

8. Technical Points

  • Use website or email (letter in body)
  • Do notsend handwritten letters. Type them: 2X or 3x space, 1 side, 1page
  • Include name, address, day-time phone number
  • Hand delivery, meet staff

9. How to Write

  • Be positive . Don't get personal, attack. That's what Republicans & Democrats do
  • Focuson ways America will be better with small government dont dwell on wrongs
  • Sell liberty . Appeal to self-interest. Don't preach & expect sudden conversion

10. Identify & Focus

  • Identifywith social goals of issue show how those goals can never be achieved by government, but will be well served in a free society.
  • Keep returning to thecentralpoint: how much better off the individual will be in a free society.
  • Givepracticalexamples. Show me.

11. What to Write About

  • Replyto editorials & op eds
  • Best use: discuss alocalissue.
  • Pick issue important to you dont be afraid of passion
  • If refuting article do itnow

12. LTE Style

  • State argument you're rebutting or responding to as briefly as possible
  • Stick to a single subject
  • Don't be shrill or abusive
  • Logical organization: Define issue, give your argument, present evidence. Close
  • Use facts, figures and expert testimony

13. LTE Final Thoughts

  • Proofread carefully for spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Sit on it 24 hours
  • View letter from reader's perspective.
  • Be persistent
  • Write

14. Op Eds

  • Expanded LTE
  • Rebuttal op ed
  • 500-800 words
  • Same guidelines LTE
  • Credentials help
  • Discuss with editor

15. Press Releases

  • Notcollege paper, thesis or speech
  • A press release is a resume
  • Source of information or news tip
  • Be prepared for reporters questions
  • Newspaper, TV & radio need different things

16. Press Release Format

  • Inverted pyramid
  • Use newspaper style
  • Slug
  • Strong lead
  • 5 Ws&H
  • 400-500 words
  • For more information information

17. Press Release Writing Tips

  • Key points first
  • Use quotes
  • Use clear, concise, vivid language
  • Short sentences & paragraphs
  • Check grammar, spelling, punctuation
  • Be timely, meet deadlines

18. Working with the Media

  • Be not afraid
  • Nothing's "off the record"
  • Dont feel obligated to accept reporters facts and figures
  • Dont answer hypotheticals
  • Dont be afraid to ask a reporter to repeat a question
  • Answer question reporterdoes notask

19. Working with the Media

  • Be friendly
  • Interview is opportunity to educate
  • Make your answer relevant
  • Be honest, straightforward
  • Use colorful language, clear examples
  • Dont be badgered or harassed
  • Beware of buzz words. Dont let reporter put words in your mouth

20. Summary

  • LTEs most effective way to communicate libertarian ideas
  • Op eds are expanded LTEs
  • Press releases are resumes
  • Avoiding reporters does not communicate libertarian ideas
  • Feed the media
  • Be not afraid

21. Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter - Thomas Jefferson