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  • 1. Treatment Charlie, Libby and Sophie

2. Chosen Song The song we have chosen to create a music video for is Ah yeah, by Will sparks. We chose this song as it relates to social currency and the upcoming relevance of the genre house music. The song also allowed us to take a completely new approach to the concept and style of video as there is no existent music video for the song. 3. The interpretation of the bass and beat of the song will allows us to experiment with editing, lighting and digital effects. Acquired to the taste of a younger generation , who is our target audience. 4. Target audience Our target audience is our peer group and above. Ranging from the ages of 16 to 30 The party themed video will appeal to both male and females as house music is not aimed at a particular gender In order to attract an audience we want to create a relatable scenario. However to shock and entertain the audience we are including weird and unconventional imagery, to create immediate gratification. 5. We dont want the audience to be distracted by the narrative of the video, instead we want them to enjoy the experience The content in our video would be aimed at 16+ as it will contain more adult themes, like drugs, alcohol , contraband and relationships All the themes in our video would appeal to our target audience. They are all current and typical to scenarios you would see at a party. How will we attract/address them? 6. Influential music videos Music videos that have inspired our concept are Vampire Weekends- Diana Young and Lady Gagas- Just Dance Both include over exaggerated themes and characters and have taken the conventions of a party and played around with them 7. Concept The concept of our video is the presentation of a crazy, unconventional party through the use of costume, lighting and effects. The experience is unrealistic but we hope to entertain and thrill the audience. 8. Where ? We wanted to create as much of a realistic video as we could , therefore we chose a stereotypical location. The pool house will allow us to easily transition inside and outside shots together and the location will look exciting, modern and allow for many angles and shots to be explored. The lighting in the pool house will also work with the night time vibe as the lighting is low and subtle 9. Aspects In order to make our music video stand out from the stereotypical clichd party, we propose to add abnormal and unconventional aspects Although there is no real narrative behind out video, it will be a new experience for the audience and we hope to entertain them 10. Props Above are some props we propose to use in order to create the unconventional and special effects within our music video.