Shine on LinkedIn - Learn What the Experts Put on Their LinkedIn Profiles

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1. LEARN WHAT THE EXPERTS PUT ON THEIR LINKEDIN PROFILES MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 1 2. STEP 1: REVISIT YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE Is your profile current? Have you tweaked it for maximum effectiveness at getting new clients? Did you skip any steps in the initial setup? MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 2 3. LINKEDIN PROFILE TIPS Make your profile visible to everyone Create your unique URL vanity Go to Settings & Edit your URL Create a profile badge to put on your website Use a professional profile headshot photo MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 3 4. DECIDE ON YOUR MAIN LINKEDIN GOAL Who are you trying to attract? What do you want them to notice? What do you want them to do? What do you want your profile to do for you? What do they need to know about you? What do you want it to say? Why is this relevant to them? Who do you want them to see? MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 4 5. STEP 2: CONNECTING WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE Treat your network connections as treasure Do not add connections that bear no relevance to your main goal Be ruthless when deciding whether to add people to your network MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 5 6. CONNECTING WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE Start with People You May Know Click on See More This displays many ways to connect with people Decide who you want to connect with before you search Adding peers in related professions or experts / role models will help you meet prospective clients MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 6 7. IMPORTANT TIP! Do NOT hit the Connect button!! Hitting that link will send an impersonal invitation to connect Instead, click on the persons name This opens up their profile for further reading Allows you to personalize a form letter for a more professional introduction MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 7 8. MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 8 9. OTHER WAYS TO SEARCH FOR PEOPLE Alumni from your university Different category listings Search company names & look for their top executives profiles Find current employees & past employees Take notes of the top executive profiles What bores you? What makes you want to click through & read more? MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 9 10. OTHER WAYS TO SEARCH FOR PEOPLE Search particular groups, to join but also for potential clients Use keywords to search for people or groups Notice those people who have the coveted 500+ Connections notation on their profile Study experts & top executives profiles & actions on LinkedIn MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 10 11. WHAT THE EXPERTS PUT ON THEIR PROFILES Mission statement or philosophy A statement about whats important to you A summation of what they love about their job Biography What they do & how they do it What they can help you achieve Short summaries MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 11 12. USE ADVANCED SEARCH TO FIND LEADS MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 12 13. STEP 3: APPLY WHAT YOUVE LEARNED Update your profile (again) Drop mind-numbing, repetitive or weak phrases Start with an active statement Avoid cliche phrases Include best keywords in your description, tagline & summary first sentence Avoid writing in the third person Write short, concise paragraphs Write summaries in the first person Be creative MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 13 14. LINKEDIN TIPS Your profile is NOT for telling your life history Its to convince your new connections that you are the perfect person to connect with After you add new connections, filter them by company, location or other personalized tags Keep your Summaries & Specialties separate MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 14 15. STEP 4: GENERATING CLIENT OPPORTUNITIES Let people know landing clients is your main focus Start your profile summary with your experience Join relevant groups with a specific focus When joining groups, start with an introduction Listen, answer questions, give feedback, listen Share resources, create resources when theres a need, place strong calls to action on your landing pages MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 15 16. GENERATING CLIENT OPPORTUNITIES Let people know landing clients is your main focus Look for better suggested keywords Add different media types to your summary Portfolio images, videos, slide shows What best represents your work? Use a custom background MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 16 17. GENERATING CLIENT OPPORTUNITIES Let people know landing clients is your main focus Ask to be recommended MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 17 18. GENERATING CLIENT OPPORTUNITIES Let people know landing clients is your main focus Share your profile Put badge on your website Add to relevant Facebook pages Share when you update with relevant content Share profile via .PDF MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 18 19. GENERATING CLIENT OPPORTUNITIES Let people know landing clients is your main focus Check your network updates Visit home page daily Note who has viewed your profile in 90 days Check the People You May Know Ads that may be of interest to you Posts & updates that may be useful Check out LinkedIn Pulse where you find top industry influencers MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 19 20. STEP 5: SHOULD YOU GET THE PAID VERSION? Analyze the cost Will you get enough returns to justify the monthly cost? Paid version does offer information not easily accessible in the free version Paid version has a one month trial Paid plans vary depending on what your business goal is MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 20 21. IN CONCLUSION Join LinkedIn centered groups & other targeted groups LinkedIn for Journalists, LinkedIn Mobile, etc Check groups regularly Keep profile updated & fresh Respond to requests quickly MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 21 22. IN CONCLUSION Share your LinkedIn posts on Twitter Make your profile public so others find you easily when searching Use relevant keywords in your titles & descriptions Download my LinkedIn Template >> MULTIPLYPROSPERITY.COM 22