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  • 1. Location: POD 60Phone: (416) 979 5177Email: career@ryerson.caHours: Mon Thu 8:30 am 6:30 pm/Fri 8:30 am 4:30 pm
  • 2. Career Development Workshops Get Ready Get Set GO Know yourself and what you Present yourself with style Make your move want Discover Your Career The Wow Factor: Resumes Job Search Strategies that Passion & Cover Letters that stand Maximize Results out Pinpointing Resources for Interview Techniques that Leveraging Social Media for Career Planning Land the Job Your Job Search Grad School Application LinkedIn: Developing Career Essentials Connections & Effective Profiles Keep It Pro: Business Make it a Breeze: Etiquette & Dress Transitioning from School to Work Dont Slurp the Soup! Tips for Dining Etiquette Success Showing Achievements: Crafting an Engaging Portfolio
  • 3. Agenda1. Introduction2. LinkedIn Profile Complete Profile Requirements Profile Enhancers3. Networking 3 Degrees of Separation Building Connections4. Job Search5. Summary
  • 4. IntroductionWhat is LinkedIn?
  • 5. IntroductionLinkedIn facts and statistics: Over 200 million members in 200+ countries and 170+ industries 6+ million Canadian usersFastest growing sector of users?
  • 6. IntroductionLinkedIn facts and statistics: Users include influencers and key decision- makers Executives from every Fortune 500 company use LinkedIn 86 of the Fortune 100 companies have used LinkedIn as a hiring resource
  • 7. IntroductionWhy do professionals use LinkedIn?a) To connect with colleagues and industry trendsb) To network and exchange ideas with other professionalsc) To create a personal brandd) All of the abovee) a & b
  • 8. IntroductionWill LinkedIn get you a job? NO
  • 9. LinkedIn Profile8 components to a 100% complete profile: 1. Photo 2. Industry & Postal Code 3. Summary 4. Current Position & Description 5. Two Previous Positions 6. Skills & Expertise (5+) 7. Education 8. Minimum 50 Connections
  • 10. LinkedIn ProfileProfile enhancers: Headline Groups Status Updates Contact Preferences Website Link Twitter Public Profile URL Additional Sections Endorsements Recommendations
  • 11. LinkedIn ProfileAdditional Tips: Remember your personal brand Use industry keywords and skills Keep your profile fresh, update frequently Reposition sections of your profile (as needed) Change settings to accept InMail Change privacy settings to Public
  • 12. NetworkingLinkedIn uses the concept of 3 degrees ofseparation: Your friend and direct connection A friend of a friend A friend of a friend of a friend!
  • 13. NetworkingBuild your network on LinkedIn: Add connections People search LinkedIn Groups School networks Be LinkedIn, or be left out!
  • 14. NetworkingAdditional Tip: XCustomize your messages when connecting with new contacts!
  • 15. Job SearchUsing LinkedIn for job search: LinkedIn Jobs Skills & Expertise Follow companies People search & people Signal
  • 16. SummaryLinkedIn is the #1 professional social network,and it is an effective tool that can help you: Create a personal brand Increase online visibility to recruiters/ employers Facilitate new connections
  • 17. Connect With Us! Contact Location: POD Phone: (416) 979 5177 Email: Hours: Mon. Thur. 8:30 am 6:30 pm Fri. 8:30 am 4:30 pm LinkedIn Profile Advisors