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Introduction to Programming

Introduction to PSM I and some lessons learnedNTT Data VietnamLe Duy AnJuly 2016


AgendaV chng ch PSMThi gianng k thiPh tn Mt s kinh nghim Chun b tt Xy dng thi quen Vic hc thi ni chung thi tht


About presenter10 nm kinh nghim lm offshore cho JP market3 nm chuyn su v Quality assurance v Quality processKinh nghim reviewed khong 20 Quality reports trc Customer deliveryQun l team 30 ngi lc peak times. JPLT Level 1, TOEIC 910, PMP and PSM I credentials holder


Chng ch PSM l g? People with PSM demonstrate an intermediate understanding of the Scrum framework. They exhibit a dedication to continued professional development, and a high level of commitment to their field of practice. Achieving PSM I is the minimum demonstration of knowledge any Professional Scrum Master should be able to make

4Ngi t chng ch cho thy h c hiu bit tng i tt v Scrum framework, l mc ti thiu cn thit mi Scrum Master cn t c

Yu cu v khKhng cn tham d kha hc trc khi thiBi test PSM I da phn ln vo The Scrum Guide, ti liu chnh thc ca ScrumBi test PSM I tng i khCn hiu v suy ngh trn c s The Scrum Guide, hoc i khi t p dng kinh nghim bn thn


Yu cu v khCh cn lm bi test onlineTr li cc cu hi trc nghim single choice/multiple choices80 cu trong 60 phtPass score = 85% tr li ngMua 1 password ch c test 1 ln


Thi gianKhng p lc: 2 thng l cc cun The Scrum Guide hng ngy, mi ngy 15-25 pht trong vng 2 tunc khong 2 cun sch h tr (v.d. Scrum Primer, Scrum and XP from the trenches)Lm bi mock test: cho n khi t 100% correct answers trong 8 minute (thng lm khong n ln th 7th l OK)


ng k: kh n ginRegister mt ti khon trn: Scrum.orgLu tn khi ng k ti khon s l tn trn Invoice v CertificateMua assessment ticket: theo hng dn support email t Scrum.orgThi xong chng ta s ch nhn c Online Certificate


Tin mng l chng ta khng phi tn 1000 USD

Thp nht 3.5 millions VND Exam fee: 150 USD Cao hn 7 millions VND plus Course fee: + 3.6 millions (

Ph tn?


Chun b ttPreparation is paramount

Every Battle Is Won Before It Is Ever Fought. Sun Tzu

Vic tin hnh rt tuyt, tuy nhin vic ln k hoch --- v cc nghin cu chun b cho vic ln k hoch --- l ti quan trng.

10iu ti quan trng

Xy dng thi quen (the hardest part) B cng hc tp

Chin thut ca ti c hng ngy Vic g lm hng ngy th kh s thnh d v ngy cng hiu qu We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Aristotle

Dng thit b di ng tng exposure T note li keywords trong qu trnh c


thi tht Tin tt Nu b cng hc cn thn, bn c th chc chn t mc 80% ngTuy nhin tht kh hn mock i hi suy ngh nhiu hn vi chc chn t hn (guesswork/ experience based)Thi gian khng thoi mi nh ta tng So vi tht, mock qu d (c c k sch l c cu tr li) v c qu t




Thank you for your attentions


Back up: Know your brain Efficiency Textual (read/write) Auditory Visual (right brained) Experimental Concentration limitchunking Feel stuck? study/study balance study/entertain balance