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  • Wedding Invitation

    Project: Wedding InvitationProcess: Kami and I sat down at the beginning of the design process to discuss what she wanted for her wedding invite. We decided to create one piece that had all the info instead of using inserts.Design: It is important to me that the invitation speaks you. By creating a piece that is beautiful, I know it will still be a memory in years to come.

  • Wedding Invitation

    Project: Wedding InvitationProcess: This design was a long process because it was for my own wedding. There are so many options that I had a hard time narrowing exactly what I wanted.Design: I wanted my colors to be a part of my design and so I included them in the flowers. I also did not want any inserts so I included all my information on the invite.

  • Project: Holiday CardDesign: I always try to design something personal that speaks to YOU. I love being able to use great fonts, colors, and images to wish all a happy holiday.Holiday Cards

  • Birthday/Shower Invitation

    Project: Variety of InvitesDesign: I love being able to design and print fun invitations that make the client happy. That is what I am about.

  • Project: MonogramDesign: Every invitation will include a personalized monogram that will be used not only on the invitation but will be given in a digital format for your own use.Monograms

    &KIM & JOSH


    KAYLA & ROBBYJune 15, 2010

    ASHLEY ANDREW&04.23.10

    GJuly 8, 2010




  • Pricing & Quotes

    Custom design is an opportunity to express yourself in a way no one else will be able to duplicate.

    CONTACT:Email: [email protected]: 480.216.3315 Facebook: Dani YardleyTwitter: Twitter/Daniyardley

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    There is a variety of sizes and pricing options. Below are the 3 types of invitations I print. After our first consultation I should be able to give you a quote.

    Price will be between $1-2 dollars an invitation. Inserts and color on the back may be included at an additional cost.

    The invitations usually take 1 weeks to print. Rush orders possible.

    Invitation price will include:

    Color front Blw back Envelopes with return

    addresses printed Unlimited photos Personalized monogram