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  • 1. Riverstone Eco Resort15-16 April 2013FNBE

2. First reached there 3. Exploring our siteView from our site 4. Few samples 5. Timeline 7.00 am- gather at Taylors LakesideUniversity 8.30 am- depart from Taylors 10.15 am- reached destination 10.30 am- choose site and start exploring 12.00pm-rest 12.30pm- lunch(curry and tauge) 1.45pm- continue exploration 4.00pm- rest(play by the clean and coolingmountain river) 6.00pm- tea time 6.30pm- discussion with group 7.30pm-dinner(soy sauce chicken and longbeans) 8.20pm- collect plants to do our logo 8.45pm- present our logo on stage 10.00pm- rest 10.45pm- supper(bubuchacha) 11.00pm- discussion about ENBE andICI(tutorial) 12.30am- lights off 6. Rest time 7. Continue site survey 8. Pictures from Day 2 9. Timeline Day 2: 6.30am- wake up 7.35am- breakfast(bihun andsausage) 8.30am- games(rempuhhalangan) 9.30am- continue to collectingdata 11.30am- rest 12.00pm- lunch(fish balls,sweet and sour chicken,cabbage) 12.50pm- rest/ waiting for bus 1.00pm- aboard bus 3.00pm- reached Taylors 10. 5 sensesWhat can I...See- trees, river(clean and dirty part), fallen leaves, bamboo, lotus, mimosa,butterflies, dragonflies, small insects, fireflies(at night), birds flying around,fishermensSmell- the smell of fresh air that is very different from the cityHear- insects sound, fishes splashing water,Feel- very relax, feels like im having a get away from city vacation, slightly coldbecause of the fresh breezy airTaste- the river water,the food provided was very scrumptious, tummy-filling 11. Insects(What does butterfly feedon?) 12. Plants(reproduction of ferns) 13. Planning of infographic 14. Pictures of our infograpic 15. Group infographic 16. Video Sketch 17. Video Sketch 18. Video Link 19. Group Photo