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    Faisal Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-SabahDeputy Managing Director, Relations & IT

    I would like to congratulate you on the advent of the holy month of

    Ramadan; in addition to dispatching cables of congratulations to HH the

    Amir and HH Crown Prince, imploring Allah, the Almighty, to protect

    our beloved Kuwait from any misfortune.

    We look forward to resuming our hard work during the holy month of

    Ramadan hoping this holy month to bolster the spirit of teamwork which

    requires adopting self-denial principle that is considered a positive step

    towards spiritual integration.

    The spirit of devotion at work makes us feel the humbleness of our effort

    compared to our great goals which are aimed to develop the Kuwaiti

    oil industry and underpin its international status in the various oil

    fields particularly refining industry. You might feel the significance of

    integration in performance which is achieved by the spirit of teamwork.

    This is the spirit which we have inherited from forefathers and ancestors

    who exerted tremendous efforts to reach the current high status which

    the State of Kuwait has occupied.

    As the spirit of teamwork is the resource of our power, we should preferably

    utilize this holy month to work hard and support communication among

    each other to surmount the difficulties which we confront and fulfill the

    hopes and ambitions of our nation.





  • Welcome Ramadan

    Issue 150ContentsContents July 2014July 2014

    KPC News Team:Public & Media Relations Dept.

    Press & Publications Section Ext. 4785 - 4789 - 4769

    Fax: 24994991Email:

    By Al-Khat Printing Press

    It is the pleasure of KPC News staff to extend their heartfelt gratitute to all colleagues who contributed to KPC News past issues. We will be more than happy to receive even more of your contributions and ideas which will further bolster con-structive cooperation and con-tinuous progress.

    For your Opinions & Suggestions

    MissionKuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) is a

    corporation of economic character, run on

    a commercial basis and fully owned by the

    State. It is one of the worlds major oil &

    gas companies and its activities are focused

    on petroleum exploration and production,

    refining, marketing, petrochemicals, and

    transport. KPCs mission is to manage and

    operate these integrated activities worldwide

    in the most efficient and professional manner,

    in addition to growing shareholder value

    whilst ensuring the optimum exploitation of

    Kuwait hydrocarbon resources.

    ValuesKPC future vision is based on the following


    Motivating Environment

    Customer Satisfaction



    Commitment to HSE

    Honesty, Integrity and Transparency

    Quality and Excellence

    Innovation/ Responsiveness

    VisionKPC seeks diligently to accomplish a number

    of values as follows:

    Be a highly profitable and performance

    driven company.

    Contribute significantly to the support and

    development of the Kuwaiti economy.

    Strengthen the world class reputation of all

    KPC operations.

    Encourage continuous learning in all areas

    related to KPCs business.

    Become a regional leader in HSE

    performance and apply the latest and the

    most appropriate technologies in KPCs


    Oil Minister visits EuroPort Refinery in Rotterdam and Tango petrol stationin The Hague

    Nabil Bouresli: Achievements of oil sector are fruit of teamwork spirit

    Welcome Ramadan

    Winners of Graish celebration

    a comm

    State. It

    gas com

    on petr




    in the m

    in addi


    ValueVKPC futK









    VisionVKPC seeksK

    of values a

    Be a h

    driven com




    KPC oper




    most app



    E v e n t s

    His Excellency Minister of Oil, State

    Minister for Parliament Affairs,

    Chairman of KPC board of directors

    Dr. Ali Saleh Al-Omair paid a visit

    recently to the Kingdom of Nether-


    The 3-day visit included field visits

    to Kuwaits Europort Refinery and its

    departments and section, centers of

    control, research and technology and

    other installations in Rotterdam. The

    minister also met with top officials

    among them Dutch Foreign Affairs

    Minister Fanz Teamer Manz, and

    Minister of Economy Hank Camp.

    Al-Omair extended appreciation to

    the employees of the refinery for

    their devotion and sincerity at work,

    urging them to keep working hard for

    the good of Kuwait and its name.

    He further paid a visit to the Europe-

    an headquarters of Kuwait Petroleum

    International (KPI) which runs 163

    petrol stations in Netherland among

    which Tango station which is located

    in The Hague.

    It is worth mentioning that Al-Omair

    was accompanied by Kuwaits am-

    bassador to Netherland Mr. Hafeez

    Al-Ajmi, the Embassys Advisor Ali

    Al-Zaidi, Chief Executive Officer

    of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

    (KPC) Mr. Nizar Al-Adsani, CEO of

    KPI Mr. Bakhit Al-Rashidi, Deputy

    Oil Minister visits EuroPort Refinery in Rotterdam and Tango petrol station in The Hague

    CEO of Europe Operations in KPI

    Mr. Khalid Al-Mushaileeh, and Man-

    ager of Commercial Affairs at KPI

    Mr. Adnan Al-Qallaf.

  • KPC NEWS 3

    Minister of Oil receives ambassadors in his office

    His Excellency Minister of Oil, State Minister for Parlia-

    ment Affairs, and Chairman of KPC board of directors Dr.

    Ali Saleh Al-Omair received in his office on Monday June

    23, 2014 His Excellency Abu Baker Kouti, ambassador of

    Burkina Faso to Kuwait, HE George Omar Antonio Beja,

    Ambassador of Argentina to Kuwait, HE Noureldeen Al-

    Rai, Ambassador of Tunisia to Kuwait, and HE Moham-

    med Saad Oro Sama, Ambassador of Togo to Kuwait.

    They exchanged cordial talks and discussed issues of mu-

    tual concern particularly in the oil industry field.

    Kuwait Transparency Society an-

    nounced in a celebration held under

    the patronage of HH Prime Minister

    Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad

    Al-Sabah who deputized Deputy

    Premier, Minister of Defense Sheikh

    Khalid Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah to attend

    the celebration on Wednesday June

    25, 2014, that KPC won Leadership

    Interview Award.

    The award is among the results of

    Reform Index in the public authori-

    ties in 2014 which included 53 gov-

    ernment authorities. These authori-

    ties are put in order in terms of a

    number of criteria among which

    transparency, honesty, justice and

    equality of opportunities, respecting

    and complying with law, strategic

    planning and leadership.

    The award is evidence on the com-

    mitment of KPCs top officials to

    byelaws and regulations; besides

    their keenness on achieving devot-

    edly the corporations objectives on

    top of which developing manpower.

    It is noteworthy that Managing Di-

    rector of Relations and Information

    Technology (IT) Mr. Ali Al-Obaid

    received the award.

    Kuwait Transparency Society grants KPC Leadership Interview Award


    E v e n t s

    Kuwait Petroleum Corporation or-

    ganized its open annual meeting for

    the top officials of the Kuwaiti oil

    sector on Wednesday June 4, 2014

    in Jumeirah Hotel.

    In his keynote speech in the forum,

    Deputy CEO, Mr. Nabil Bouresli

    said KPC has accomplished ostensi-

    ble achievements and profits which

    has underlined the importance of

    integration in the activities of KPC

    and its subsidiaries.

    He added, Achievements cannot

    be attributed to a person, as they are

    a result of diligent and group effort

    During open annual meeting for oil sectors top officials

    Nabil Bouresli: Achievements of oil sector are fruit of teamwork spirit

  • KPC NEWS 5

    put forth by the various sectors of

    KPC and its subsidiaries. These

    achievements are results of practical

    steps taken to implement the 2030

    strategic plan of the oil sector.

    He further clarified that KPC has

    various ambitions in the coming

    phase among which developing

    manpower and improving the ef-

    ficiency of the national person-

    nel to fulfill a better future for the

    Kuwaiti oil sector, as manpower

    element is considered a strategic

    option to achieve excellence and



    E v e n t s

    A 20-member delegation from Brit-

    ish Royal Defense Academy Team

    paid a visit to Kuwait Petroleum

    Corporation on Thursday June 5,


    The visiting delegation was received

    by Mr. Nabil Bouresli, Acting Chief

    Executive Officer of Kuwait Petro-

    leum Corporation (KPC), Mr. Mo-

    hammed Al-Farhoud, Managing

    Director of Planning Sector, along

    with a number of officials from the


    Mr. Nawaf Al-Sharhan, from Strate-

    gic Planning Department, c