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These events show the dynamism, diversity and artistic difference of Cairo. Le Caire mon amour evolves and grows by responding to a cultural, oneiric need for an innovative art platform and freedom of expression.


<ul><li><p>nom artiste ou titre page</p><p>Le Caire mon amour</p><p># 213-16-20</p><p>November 2011</p><p>reopening 4th December</p></li><li><p> The foreigner holds within him another culture, another language, he often brings in the society which welcomes him his own practices and representations, which is often seen as a problem of integration. A figure conceived as strange and extraordinary, he can be used as a positive image, even potentially prophetic. </p><p>Source: Wikipdia</p></li><li><p>Who ?Le Caire mon amour is an initiative of the artist Anne du Boistesselin.</p><p>Isabelle Klaus, visual artist, integrates later on the project. Together they organize and conceive Le Caire mon amours various editions, they produce as well their own pieces of art.</p><p>To gather foreign artists whose experience of Cairo has strongly inspired their creation poses the question of an emerging global artistic culture and its exhibition possibilities.</p><p>What ?These events show the dynamism, diversity and artistic difference of Cairo. Le Caire mon amour evolves and grows by responding to a cultural, oneiric need for an innovative art platform and freedom of expression.</p><p>Le Caire mon amour is an address with three locations : an apartment and two street windows.</p><p>One of the windows is reserved to video screenings from all over the world.</p><p>During Le Caire mon amour #2 &amp; #3, Yasmina Benari (Visual artist) selected innovative reports and documentaries of various length by young artists from Europe. Most films are focused on the Arab world.</p><p>The other window is a small exhibition boutique : le SHOP , open during all three openings of the exhibitions. It offers a selection of original creations and editions by artists.</p><p>Apart from opening days, Le SHOP becomes an exhibition window by installing and showcasing an original creation by an artist, which can be seen day and night.</p><p>When ?The exhibit takes place along three openings.</p><p>The exhibit is then visible upon personal appointment during the following week.</p><p>Le Caire mon amour # 2 : 13, 16 and 20th November 2011.</p><p>We have moved the last opening day to the 4th of December due to the throw out of tear gas in downtown.</p><p>Upcoming :</p><p>- February 2012.</p><p>Where ?The building La Viennoise, in an apartment of 300 m2 and two windows opened on the street :</p><p>7 Champollion Street, Downtown, Cairo.</p></li><li><p>Visual artQuy Buidine (LAO)</p><p>Salom Bumlin (CHE)</p><p>Anne du Boistesselin (FRA)</p><p>Anonymous (THA)</p><p>Mohamed Al-Huraish (YEM)</p><p>Isabelle Klaus (CHE)</p><p>Franois Perez (FRA/AUS)</p><p>Barbara Ambruster (DEU)</p><p>Yasmina Benari (FRA)</p><p>VideoSam Albaric (FRA)</p><p>Lasse Lau (DNK)</p><p>Hind Meddeb (FRA/TUN)</p><p>MusicLucie Bonnard (FRA)</p><p>Sweet &amp; salty tastingChantal Rohr (FRA)</p></li><li><p>Quy Buidine</p><p>Empreintes</p><p>Vernis ongles, bristols plastique numrots de 1 269.21 x 30 cm</p><p>Les empreintes de mains font parties intgrantes de la vie au Caire.</p><p>Ici elles sont excutes par lartiste de faon mcanique. La rapidit dexcution donne voir dautres signes, avant que les empreintes ne sestompent et finalement ne disparaissent.</p><p>Ainsi les mains transforment les ides, les mots et les phrases.</p></li><li><p>Salom Bumlin</p><p>over and over </p><p>201198 x 200 cm laine| kelim1/2</p><p>la chambre arrire</p><p>201160 x 60 cm fotomontage 1/3 | plexi</p><p>roulette</p><p>201160 x 60 cm fotomontage 1/3 | plexi</p><p>Interrupteurs made in Egypt.</p><p>A la recherche de pattern contemporains.</p></li><li><p>Anne du Boistesselin</p><p>pop-up bout du rouleau</p><p>3,95 m x 3,60 mTapis et tissus dameublement, toile, plastique, peinture la colle, mdf, vinyl, gouache, gravures de mode, mannequin, foulards.</p><p>Le vide et la poussire que lon voit dans les anciennes boutiques de tissu au Caire, nous assurent de leurs disparitions.</p></li><li><p>Anonymous</p><p>La lumire stridente des boutiques du Caire la nuit est loppos des ambiances feutres de la Thalande. Ce choc la fois visuel, motif et violent est dcal et recentr culturellement par la forme de la fleur.</p><p>Ampoule fleur VENUS : 30cm, 70 watt day light, cluba E27, 220-240 walt, 50/60 Hz, 500 mA, 30/9/2008, to 30/9/2010, made in chn - c</p></li><li><p>Mohamed Al-Huraish</p><p>Collages numriques40 x 50 cm.</p><p>Le Caire est aussi, bien tudier la chronologie de ldification de la ville, de Babylone la mgalopole daujourdhui, la combinaison de collages culturels, religieux, artistiques qui la rend organise et brouillon la fois, suscitant chez ses visiteurs une raction semblable celle damateurs dart dans une exposition, les uns remportant sous le bras la toile magique qui les a fait rver, les autres fuyant avec horreur limpression cre par un tableau bigarr qui ne leur correspond dcidment pas. Mohamed AL-HURAISH fait partie de ces jeunes crateurs arabes dont lexpression libre trouve une de ses inspirations dans les reprsentations du Caire, linstar de Luc-Olivier Merson, dont il a interprt le clbre Repos en Egypte (1879) en le replaant Midan Tahrir, o le sphinx tient entre ses ptes, lEgypte renaissante.</p><p>You are my hero </p><p>Omar Al-Shireef </p><p>Omar Al-Shireef Repos en Egypte </p><p>Money OGM</p><p>Om Khalthom </p></li><li><p>Isabelle Klaus</p><p>Blindness est un travail sur le regard et les a priori culturels troublants sa perception.</p><p>Blindness</p><p>Installation, 2011, dimension variable. Tirages photographiques numriques, verres dpolis.</p></li><li><p>Franois Perez</p><p>Acrylique, pastel et papier holograme sur papier Canson, 21 x 29.7 cm</p><p>Sounds of Cairo</p><p>18 A4 panels using textured coulours and collages of hologram papers. I love using material that are seen as popular or even vulgar as the hologram papers. They are often seen in the streets of Cairo on the local vendors stalls or in decorarion for taxis and trucks. In this way the work reflects the visual sensations of walking around Cairo and the corresponding noises one can hear constantly. Shrill, harsh, sweet, bright, dark, loud, a cacophony of sounds of many colours which have no order or intention of harmony, creating a multicoloured and energetic background to ones life Cairo. It can be done with any numbers of panels and set in any order...</p><p>Faces of Future Past</p><p>A series of imagined portraits, discovered in a far way future looking back at a fantasy past. Iconic, combining pharaonic mood with racial mixity... Androgynous queens, princes and fools.</p></li><li><p>Barbara Ambruster</p><p>Conceptual Design for a Wallpainting</p><p>Oil on canvas, 40 x 50 cm</p><p>Wallpainting</p><p>Wallpainting, acryl, 257 x 190 cm, size variable.</p><p>She switched on the Lights</p><p>Colour photograph, 85 x 125 cm, Ed.3</p><p>Mess #2</p><p>Colour photograph, 85 x 125 cm, Ed.3 </p><p>BYourself 2011</p><p>Once when I walked in the streets of Cairo I discovered this word embedded in a Grafiti on a house wall. This word became the starting point for the concept and installation BYourself combining photography, wallpainting, painting and drawings. The two photographs stand for two contrary situations of todays life. In one photograph one sees the artist the stair in a very luxurious villa climbing down. The other photograph shows in high piles or dirty dishes, pots and vessels. The two photographs are connected by the wallpainting where the draught on canvas is as well presented in the installation. The wallpainting takes up the beam auf light which penetrates the window pane located between both photographs light as an essential part of life. Light plays a role in both photographs. The light in Cairo influenced my sensitivities and work with the same intensity.</p><p>Stuttgart, Cairo, 2012 July</p></li><li><p>Yasmina Benari</p><p>In the waiting room</p><p>Photography/video installation, 2011.21 photo series of 3, 8 and 20 pictures.Color, filmstrips, photographic paper. (31x15 cm, 75x15cm, 2m10x25 cm)Video, 1050, Colour, PAL, 2011.</p><p>In the waiting room gathers 21 photo series of 3, 8 and 20 pictures. Edited as film stripes, the series are set in one location and focused on specific characters as they physically occupy a fixed space.</p><p>These series and their display mode aim at illustrating the general feeling of disempowerment and disillusion following January 25th and the fall of Mubaraks regime in Egypt. The wait became visible in the streets and public spaces, here portrayed as a form of resistance to the return of blind everyday life.</p><p>The installation occupies four walls, three painted in white, one in black. On the right wall the projection facing the photo series. On the left, the 10 </p><p>series of 8, facing the entrance, the 10 series of 3. Below the projection sit the 20 pictures series. The series are attached to aluminum strings tight firmly against the wall in straight lines. Small electric lamps with long black lace enable the observer to take a closer look. The experimental video projected in the room is an edit of images taken in Cairo slums. The objects are a metaphor for the millions of Egyptians living under poverty line, forgotten by the state and their fellow wealthier citizens.</p><p>People were invited to sit and experience the waiting room, thus becoming themselves part of the installation.</p></li><li><p>Anne du Boistesselin</p><p>Bey w Pacha</p><p>Peinture la colle sur toile. 25 x 25 cm</p><p>Cette srie de portraits raliss en 2004 pour pop- up en pices , reprsen-tent les photographies en noir et blanc poses en vidence sur les bureaux. Elles montrent leur appartenance une caste suprieure, celle des beys et des pachas.</p></li><li><p>Isabelle Klaus</p><p>295844 N, 310802 E</p><p>Installation, 2011, dimension variableTirage argentique sur papier baryte, calendrier annot, cadres en bois, impressions laser A3, colle damidon, nons.</p><p>Ce travail est issu de linstallation Kan maktab ralise au Caire en mai 2011. Il met en doute lauteur de la pice par la prsence du tampon du bureau de dtective priv. Le titre situe le lieu exact o se sont drouls les faits relats dans le compte rendu qui accompagne cette installation.</p></li><li><p>Lucie Bonnard</p><p>Au bord de leau - Faure</p><p>Beau soir - Debussy</p><p>Laschia chio pianga - Handel</p><p>Voi che sapete - Mozart</p><p>Lusinghe piu Care - Handel</p><p>Mein glaubiges Herze - Bach</p><p>Die Nacht - Strauss</p><p>Ave Maria - Caccini</p><p>When I am laid in earth - Purcell</p><p>17 sacs de sables, cierges, dimension variableConception et ralisation: du Boistesselin / Klaus</p><p>Pour Le Caire mon amour#2, Lucie chante son rpertoire dans une pice dans laquelle sont installs de longs cierges allums.</p><p>Ainsi disposs, ils reprsentent lancien drapeau gyptien avec le croissant et les 3 toiles.</p></li><li><p>Video</p><p>Gaza, Souvenirs</p><p>by Sam Albaric</p><p>46, video, 2007</p><p> In order to discover a city, it helps to know how one works, loves and dies there Albert Camus.</p><p>The film is a succession of phone calls between a young Palestinian Wissam and Sam the director. They share common memories and their souvenirs of a fantasy Gaza where bakers seduce young women and vegetable shop owners take us on a journey to the fabulous world of Djinns. Safety teams on the beach remind us of the other Gaza, the one too often depicted in TV news where pain and death take the main place.</p><p>Pine Nuts </p><p>de Lasse Lau</p><p>20, 16mm, 2008</p><p>Electro Chaabi </p><p>de Hind Meddeb </p><p>1526, video, 2011A short about the then upcoming movement of electro music in Egypt throughout different social classes.</p><p>A series of short and long videos focused on the Arab world and its social, political and cultural transitions and recent changes.</p><p>Made by young filmmakers from France, Denmark and Europe, it is set to give a modern standpoint on the region and its recent transformations.</p></li><li><p>Chantal Rohr</p><p>1er Menu : Kleptocratie</p><p>Mashrabeya Punch Rhum aux fruits.Pour ces belles fentres quon voit plus et do on ny voit rien.Alameya makaroneya Verrine spaghetti noirs, mousse fromage blanc, coulis de tomate.Noir pour loppression, blanc lavenir, rouge la rvolution en sus.Shorbeya Verrine Mousse de lentilles.La soupe populaire, cest bon mais avec de la Eshta cest mieux.Gargireya Verrine mousse de Gargir pour la lgende des dessous de matelas et Basterma, qui a tendance a laisser quelques traces odorantes...Tahameya Canap de Felafel la tomate pimente.Il faut bien sassoir sur quelque chose!Koshareya Verrine riz au lait ppites chocolat, grenade, coulis de fraise.Frichti sauveur de la faim, mais avec douceur cette fois.</p><p>2me Menu : Archicratie</p><p>Apro Ismaelien Aida Jus de citron, caramel et menthe.En hommage a la modernit et a lancien opra brul.Cassoulet Napolonien Verrine foul au poulet.Parfait mlange de cultures.Caviar Naserien Poutargue au yaourt avec btonnets de carotte et concombre.Semence qui coute cher.Burger Sadatien Mini boulettes pices au cumin.Ca devrait convenir tous les palais.Hotdog Moubarakien Feuillet la saucisse.LAmrique pour certains.Tiramisu Osmanien Verrine biscuit et mousse de datte.Tirer vers le paradis, mais comment descendre du palmier ?</p><p>3me Menu : Chariatie</p><p>Bien bourr Cocktail de fruits et Vodka Pour tre dans tous ses tats Bien cach Mini cakes aux lgumesPas sauts ceux l et bien cachs pour enfin les mangerBien ferm Samosa la viandePlusieurs couches feuilletes pour dissimuler le meilleurBien roul Feuilles de vigne au bl et oliveCigare pharaonique sans riz chinoisBien dup Saucisson de chocolatTout est bon dans ce cochon de chocolat!Bien aim Babana et lycheePour les fruits dfendus et dshabills</p><p>Lanne prochaine je ferai de la Gynocratie </p></li><li><p>Shop le Shop</p><p>Vente de crations et ditions dartistes</p><p>Franois Perez - Kali, tirage numerique de 10 exemplaires sur bche, 50cm x 70cm, signs, non numerots.</p><p>Barbara Armbruster - Byourself, #3/1, Serigraphy, 21 x 29,7 cm, Ed. 5.- Byourself, #3/2, Serigraphy, 25 x 35 cm, Ed. 15.- Byourself, #3/3, Serigraphy, 24 x 32 cm, Ed. 12.</p><p>Anne du Boistesselin - Le Caire, loporello en toile rouge aux motifs chinois. Peinture noire et blanche la colle et collages, 20 x 28 cm. 2011. Pice unique.</p><p>Jacqueline Benz - Avec lui, devant elle, contre eux, sans elles, chez eux, pour vous, dition de 12 cartes postales dans pochette cartonne, 2008. - Tout est possible / everythings possible, dition de cartes postales, 2008.</p></li><li><p>BioQuy Buidine (LAO)</p><p>ETUDES ET DIPLOMES 1983, 1987, 1988, 1999Diplmes Ecole Nationale Suprieure des Beaux Arts - Arts Plastiques - Sculpture - mention Bien. Gravure en Mdailles - mention Trs Bien - Flicitations du Jury. Peinture - mention Bien. Sculpture Pierres Prcieuses.</p><p>EXPOSITIONS2011, 1991-1992, 1990, 1988, 1987, 1986, 1985.Le Caire mon amour #2, Le Caire. Galerie Demie-Lune, Munich. Squatt, Francfort &amp; Budapest. Architecture de Paris - La Seine, Paris. Galerie des Beaux Arts de Paris, Paris. Abbaye de Hambye, Manche. Salon des Artistes Franais, Paris. Maison des Beaux-Arts, Paris.</p><p>Salom Bumlin (CHE)</p><p>www.ovra-archives.comSalom Bumlin, born 1980, lives and works in Berne, Switzerland. She works in many media, including objects, textiles, graphics, photo-graphy, drawing, installation and perfor-mances. She also works as stage and costume desinger for informal theater. She earned her Diploma in Stage Design (2001) at the S11 in Solothurn, Switzerland.</p><p>She studied fine arts at the Art University of Berne, Switzerland between 2002 and 2005. From 2005 she has held solo and group shows in Switzerland, Germany and Egypt. From 2007, she has accomplished several residences in Morocco and developed several works, looking into the Arab World. From March to August 2011, she was an artist-in-residence in Cairo.</p><p>Anne du Boistesselin (FRA)</p><p>www.artmajeur.com/anneD.S.A.P (diplme suprieur dart plastique) de l E.N.S.B.A (Ecole Nationale Suprieure des Beaux-Arts...</p></li></ul>