Our Brainstorm

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Our initial idea for our practical work

Text of Our Brainstorm

Our Brainstorm

Our Brainstorm

Danielle, Amber and Royann

The brief we chose is to make a short film.

Our idea is about a mother and daughter reading when a power cut occurs.

The mother goes to investigate but doesnt come back and the child sees and intruder the child hides in their close.

The child manages to escape.

The police come.

Our Idea

We chose this brief because there is a lot of freedom for creativity.

It would also be challenging.

Why did we pick it?

Our AS brief was to film an opening sequence.

This differs from our current brief because we will have to show the audience the whole story rather than just a part of it.

It also differs because it must last longer.

How does it differ from AS?

We want our piece to be in a large house.

With a childrens bedroom and sizeable hallway.


From childs perspective.

It will start out cheerful.

It will have a creepy theme.


It will include a child and two adult actors (one female one male).

We will need a book, a bed, a cupboard, a costume for the intruder and a torch.


Scene 1: child and mother reading in child's bedroom

2: power cut happens mother goes to look what happened

3: intruder comes into childs bedroom child runs away

4: police arrive find mother


Teens and young adults

They like the thrill and to be on the edge of their seats.

Its creepy so wouldnt be suitable for younger viewers.

Adults and teens would get into/understand and enjoy the story more.

Target Audience

We got some inspiration from this clip from Taken.


Our Inspiration