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Poole Heart Support Group magazine, Spring 2014

Text of PHSG Spring 2014

  • Spring 2014Spring 2014

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  • POOLE HEART SUPPORT GROUP MAGAZINEPoole Community Health Centre Shaftesbury Road, Poole BH15 2NT

    Telephone: 01202 683363 ext. 133Telephone manned Mondays and Thursdays: 1:30-3:30pm

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    Please send magazine articles and photos to:Editor, 10 Hill View Road, Ferndown, Dorset BH22 9QY or bye-mail to; Tel. 01202 855001Magazines are published 1st March, 1st June, 1st September and 1st December.Last date for articles to Editor is 10th day of month before publication.


    PHSG COMMITTEEKEITH MATTHEWS Chairman 01202 855001DAVID ANDERSON Secretary 01202 697376RITA HOLMES Treasurer 01202 743960GEORGE LLEWELLYN Monthly Meets 01202 605455JAN MESHER Office 01202 250108JOHN OFFER Member 01202 386674DEREK POPE Database 01202 889070ROBIN PRINGLE Exercise Coord 01202 884250ROGER RIDOUT Purbeck 01929 423079GEORGE WILKINSON Member 01202 740374PAM BAILEY BHF Rep. 01202 574944

    If you know a member who is ill, please tell us by contactingMavis Terry, Welfare Support, on 01202 874760

    OTHER CONTACTSJOHN DEFTY Chat Stops 01202 760350CYRIL MARTIN Walking Group 01202 733956DAVID ANDERSON Website 01202 687376JIM WAINE Founder and VP 01202 871532

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    Chairmans Letter


    Cardiac rehab at the Hospital seems to be inturmoil and last year PHSG had a high levelmeeting with Hospital staff to discuss it.The rehabilitation team have been told thattheir use of the Hospital Gymnasium will nolonger be possible as it is required for othertherapy sessions. A very unsatisfactory roomwas provided instead, although extrafacilities were added after some complaints.Almost immediately after our meeting, thesefacilities were removed by hospital buildingservices! They were put back again quicklyenough but it still tells me that there is anundercurrent here.

    The team feel that it is necessary to have the early rehab classes within theHospital building as it is always better to keep a close watch in those firstweeks, but the team are being pressed to hold these now at Dolphin Sports inPoole and this regime starts soon.PHSG have approached the manager of the Hospital gymnasium but she hasstated firmly that it is fully occupied, although I must say that on the fewoccasions I have had opportunity to look down the corridor at the Gym it hasbeen empty.Meanwhile, Linda of the rehab team is leaving and there are changes plannedin this part of the organisation. Poole NHS Trust have always been in theforefront of cardiac rehabilitation, and they must be sure to remain so. PHSGprefers to express its opinions in a friendly helpful way, but must not be afraidto express its concern.As well as this we have been informed by the Postgraduate Centre that theymust now charge us for the room for our evening meetings there and the ratesquoted are quite unaffordable. The evening meetings had in fact already beenunder discussion by us. The difficulties of access to the Postgraduate Centre,the lack of parking, and the problems of new members finding it were onlymade acceptable by the fact that we had free access. So the Hospital has in factmade our decision for us. David Anderson our secretary has found us analternative venue. Read more about this on page nine..Finally on the centre pages, we all say a fond farewell to LindaEverett who leaves in February.

  • PHSG Magazine 4

    Dear Friends,Well here we are in the midst of winter with thefestive season over and the spring and summer tolook forward to.As you all know the merger with the RoyalBournemouth Hospital is now not going ahead sowe are working hard to consolidate our services andfinances as a standalone Hospital. Morale is good and we received thenext to top category by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for care andstandards which were excellent.There is much going on within cardiology as we move to ensure weremain at the top of our game in quality and care. The new build is nowwell under way with the roof and walls in place and on schedule to becompleted in March. This will allow for more clinical space fordiagnostics and to see patients, plus a new seminar room for meetings andteaching sessions, no more spilling into the corridor when attending alecture!Our two new cardiologists have bolstered the clinical team and we havea new acting Sister on CCU Sister Emma Beaves whom you willremember from previous articles was the specialist cardiac nurse withinCCU. Sadly we will be saying goodbye to Linda Everett the cardiacrehabilitation sister who is leaving the Hospital to take up new challengesin counselling. Linda has been with the Hospital for 15 years and lead forcardiac rehabilitation for 12, she has been an excellent support for me andan outstanding leader of the service taking it forward into the communityand commencing the heart failure exercise programme. I am sure you willall join with me in wishing her well for her future career.With Linda leaving and the cardiac rehabilitation team moving officesinto the new build in cardiology when completed to keep all the teamstogether under one roof, it has given us a chance to look at redesigningour services. I will keep you informed of the process and what we havedone in my next article when all will be fully functioning.

    from Poole Hospital NHS Foundation TrustMedicine and Cardiology News

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    I had an enjoyable visit to Norwich University in November to give alecture on the Medical Investigations Unit and that was well received bythe faculty and those who attended. I have also been asked to deliver aMaster class on the Medical Investigations Unit, leading the way in nurseled services at a conference run by the Florence Nightingale Foundation.This is a National conference run annually in London over 2 days at theQueen Elizabeth Conference centre, entitled innovation and solutions.There are well over 400 delegates from all over the UK attending as wellas senior nurses at National level and officials from the Department ofHealth. It is a show case for nursing regarding best practice and newservices and ideas which can be spread to others; I am very much lookingforward to it.So lots happening and exciting times ahead. I look forward to keepingyou updated as these changes take place and our services move forward,until next time take care.Geoffrey Walker OBE JP MA RGNMatron Cardiology and Medicine.Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

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    Impressions of Canford

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    Angie Jenkins was a stalwart helper inour office and a great supporter of PHSGfor many years. We offer our sincerecondolences to her husband Peter.

    Obituary - Angie Jenkins

    We acknowledge with thanks acontribution of 70.30 raised by theWalking Group at their Christmas Lunch.

    Chat Stop Carol Service in Decemberhad thirty people attending and raised6.20.Twenty people attended the Januarymeeting

    Chat Stop Meetings

    Airwaves are Trading Standards Approved

    Walking Group Christmas

  • PHSG Magazine 8

    Im sure many of you will agree that MembershipMatters but membership of what? We are allmembers of Poole Heart Support Group, but didyou ever stop to think about the number of thingsfor which you can consider yourself to be amember?Im a member of PHSG. Presently Im also amember of the committee; Im a member of theold age pensioner group; the bus pass holdergroup; the group of people who live in CockerellClose; those with a Wimborne address; those whopay council tax to Poole; those who live in Dorset;who were born in the Midlands; the list goes on.I once watched a program in which Tony Bennrecited a list of memberships to which he belonged and it was far moreextensive than mine, but I suspect he had given a lot of thought to the subjectin the past.So, I have a question. Are you a member of that huge group of people whodidnt make a Will yet? Obviously, Im not asking you to give me an answer,as it is absolutely none of my business. But I think you should answer thequestion, to yourself and those you care about, and if the answer YES thenmaybe its time to act. It was while I was a member of the group who watchHeir Hunters that I thought about this and decided it was worth a few linesin the magazine, as many of the most deserving people get nothing from theestate of someone who thought they would be entitled. The rules simplychop the estate between the heirs as defined by the family tree. If there is nofamily it ends up in the governments coffers. If family is found then it isshared according t