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  1. 1. Digi-Pack Analysis:Album: My Own way.Artist: Jay Sean.Year:2008This cover immediately appeals thetarget audience which mainly consist ofyoungsters and teenage especially of the girlgender.The cover has a close up of the artist, JaySean, dressed in smart attire which not only tellsus about the personality of the artist himself butalso hints at the genre the CD has to offer. Themusic is likely to be stylish, sleek and suave but itsubverts form the usual RnB music covers as itshows no element of bling which allows thisalbum, to hold something unique for itself. Theimage shows direct eye contact which givesroom for directly addressing the target audienceto purchase and listen to this CD. Direct eyecontact succeeds in connecting the artist to theirfans. The typography uses sans serif font whichadds no extra fancy-ness that is not required andthe lower case reflects his chilled mood andgenre of music and gives a sense of informalappeal. Inside The Digi-Pack:Inside, along with the CDyou also have several images taken from the individualsingles and lyrics of the respective songs which allowslisteners to sin along and fell more a part of it whilstlistening. This not only provides us with more info but alsoenhances our enjoyment. The idea of having a booklet fullof images give the whole product a better value formoney as it provides something more than just songs thatyou can download as an mp3.
  2. 2. Single Releases:Before the release of the whole album, My Own Way, he released several singles that are nowincluded in the whole album and each were accepted and turned out to be highly popular. Each of thesingle covers, as shown above ^^ have him on the front making him the main image and in each he isimmaculately dressed and high in style which is what males aspire to be like. This use of starconstruction and celebrity representation will attract and appeal to females and will build up his fanfollowing.By releasing singles initially allows audience to grow with each of the individual tracks and thereforewhen it comes to releasing a whole album, many will already be familiar with some of the tuneswhich increase the number of CDs purchased and will also make the listeners seem like they arealready aware of some of the content as well been given something new to hear.Besides owning each of the severalsingles, many fans will continuepurchasing the whole album as it notonly contains other songs that werenot previously released individuallybut it also includes a whole generalfeel of the product the Jay Sean hasto offer which provides us listenerswith a full package rather than justsongs.I purchased this CD when I went tomeet him at the album launch in H&Vin 2008 and got my Digi-Pakautographed.