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Showing JoMC faculty, staff, and students how to use Facebook and Twitter for professional and personal purposes.

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  • 1. Twitter & the News
    Stephanie Willen Brown
    JoMC Librarian 919.843.8300
    IM: JoMCParkLib (buddy list)

2. What is Social Networking?
3. Facebook
Connect with family, friends
Co-workers, students, alumni
Their friends, family, co-workers, etc.
Professional: fan pages, groups
All: sharing information
Life updates
Photos, videos
Fun, informative web sites
4. You & Facebook
5. Fan Pages
You can create accounts for your group, band, cause, event
People who join can find other people with similar interests
You can message your fans with updates and information about your group
6. Facebook Causes
7. You & Twitter
Public? (
Public! (
Be careful: your data could be in the Twitterverseforever
8. Twitter Conventions

  • @JoMCParkLib@ is a reply from someone else to the jomcparklib account

RT @AnnCurryRT means re-tweeting a tweet from Ann Curry (user @AnnCurry)
#iranelection# is a hashtag to note a comment in an ongoing conversation
9. Advanced Twitter
10. Twitter for Journalists